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i " ÍmsT" i - ¦ "' MOST f ERFECrWBII Proparod with nporial renard to health. No Amranníi, I.inic r .Tlnm. PRICE BAKIHt POWDER C0.. CHICACO. ST. LOUIS. p .SPÉCIAL JJ Hextracts MOST PERFECT MADE Purest and ntronifot Nntuml FViilt Flurnr. Vuwlll, I,i-m.n, Onuise, Almond, F;v, eto-, 8Tor na dolicato'T Tirl unturally &m thefniit. tuiCAJOu PricsBakingPowderCo. T. WUS. Invalids HoteliSurgical Institute BUFFALO, "5T. Organized wílh a full sian of cicateen Expcrienced nd Kklllful PhjrsJclans and Hnpgeont for the rratment off all Chronlc DlieaKs. OUR FIELD OF SUCCESS. Chronic Nasal Catarrh, Tnroat and I.miK Diseaaes, I.ivi-r and Kidnrj Diseases, Bladdor DlncaKii, Dtseases of Womni, Blood Sisease and IVervou Affectlona. rurcd herc or at home, w ith or without seeing tho patiënt. Come aii'l un, or nd U'n oenu ín 8tainp íor our ¦¦InvalidH' Gulde Book," wliicb rtíycs all particulars. _____ NervonsDcbUitriInipoI n_. I teney, Norturnal Losse, LICATE I and all Morbld Condillons I "¦"""'" I lused by ïonthfnl FolIflIQritr? Ilion and Pernlcious Soli UlOLflOCa. tary Praotlccs are spcrdily ¦¦¦ nnd pormanontly cured by our Spocialista. Book, post-paid, 10 ets. in Btanips. _______ Kupturc, or Itrcuch, radi¦ _ cally cnired without the knifo, I HlIPTIlBF I without triiKws, without pain, I nuriwnt. an(1 withOut dantrer. Core ¦¦ Gnaranteed, Ilook wnt for ten oonte in stAimw. PILE TIJIORS and STRICTITRES troated under tnarantoe to eure. Book Bont for ten centó in (rtamps. Address Wori-o'r Dispknkary Medical Association, 663 Main Stroet, Buffalo, N. Y. -aM. The treatment of many !!,„.„_„ .- thousands of casos of those UISEáSES OF lisea peculiar to Wnuru wroMEN nUWLH. ttt thc invalida' Hotel and m ¦¦'¦¦ Sunrical Instituto, has afforded larfro experience in adapting remedies for their cure, and IK. PIERCE'S Favorite Prescription is the rcsult of this vast experience. It is a powerful Rentorative Tonlc and Nerviue, imparts vtror and Rtrrntttli to the systeui, and cures, as if by mairic. Leuorrliea, or "whites," cxcewire (lowiui, painful meiistruation, nunutural supprcssioiiH, prolapsus or falliug of the uterua, neak back, anteversion, rotrovorsion, hearliiKdown seiiHatloim, chrouic couelioii, inflammation and iileeratlon of the Homh, liiflammation, paiu aud tenderncHS in ovarios, interna! beat, aud "female weakticsx. It promptly relievea and cures Nausea and WcakiioaN of Moma, h, Indiajestlon, BIoatiiiK, Nerous Prostratlon, and Sleeplessness, in oither sex. PRICE $1.00, ??6rs.Ss. Send ten centa in stamps for Dr. Piercc'a latiré Treatise on Discases of Women, illustrated. Wírld's Dispensary Medical Association, 663 Maia Street, BUFFALO. U.T. % SICK-HEADACHE, wPï'fcjL Kilious Ileadarhe, B 'Vbs.. nizz'.ness, ('(inutipn- tlon. Indigestión, '5W nfcv d HilioiiN Altak, -V Tm Èffié tTAinpth cured by Dr. unwpl Plerce's Fleanonl ' li Wr Purgativo Pellet. ir' '!S. cents a vial, by Drugirists. could expres the agoní I endnred from Kiici:r..r. tísm, and it wms all I could do to endure it. I pled, notable to walk orsleíji, I toolt two-thinl of ¦ bottle of ATHLOPHORO8 and in a few days u a.n T. E. CBiTTIilJ), 366 12th Avenu, Milwauke, Wit Buch a the nnlTereal ¦TUI nDUnDftC mony of all hi have used Al nLUrnUnUO which is tho onlj remedj for rbeumatism that ht enr had a uucMful aale ; and it aulla becauau it U a Bure, safe, peedy cure. AthlOphorO conUins no opium or other danferotu or injurióos ingrediënt, It is absollitely safo, and is so pronounced by leading phjsicians of the country who prescribe it regularly for neuralgia and rheumatism. If you hareany doubt aa to its merit, write to the manuiACturers for ñames of parties in your own State who han beon cured of rheumstilim aad neutiikjia by its us. .1 k4- #S Askjrourdruggistfor AthlOphOrOS. Hyouoannot set it of him we-wül seödit expresa paid on receipt of regular price- SI. OO per bottle. We prefer that you buy it from your druggist. but if he hasn't it do not be persuaded to try something sise, Öttt order at once from us as directed. ÍTHLOPHOROS CO., 113 WU ST., HEW YORK. iRMUNlTYfromANNOYANCE Lj V5' ""i" llalla"' V ar j-f W'2O isW iÍr5 95) :L tyjfg ziitéiSisv sB W lpat.Oot3Oth.l883. I 3Iade only of the flnest and bpfttqnality of .luss for wltbNtanding heat. Every good thing Ís Oounterfelted, and oonsumers aro CAUTIONED against IMITATIONS of these Chimneys made of VERY POOR QL AS3. See that the exact label is on each ohlmney as above. The Pearl Top ia alwaya olear and bri&ht Q-lasa. MamafttCtnred ü.VLT by GEO.A.MACBETH&CO. Pit Mbnrgh Lead Olnss Work. FOR SALE BY DBALEB8.


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