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A línothy ilebale look pliuv in UM sorrntr on the 12th on the fliiuiuKil prol.loni. Mr. Vanee declared thut t oould notbedemonetizad, and that the tlMmpl lo depri claU1 it was one of the grandes conspiracies ever een. The nomlnatinn ot ('onrad N. Jordán aa Unltpd State Treasun-r was ennnrnied. In the Houw Mr. Caldwuü reported favurably the Hoar Prpsidrntlnl Suocasalon Mli. ín a debaie on the President" nessage Mr. Reagan advoeaunl the doublé Itandard ol valué, oppotted ttie uipenaion of cmnpulnory ellver ouiaac ¦ anct proposed lo ehartei no more Natioual bank. Amono the bilis introduced lo tlic Senate onthe 13th waíoneby Mr. Wllson (lowa to prevent the publicatton of lottery advertisement. Tlie Houso amendments to tho bilí lejalizin the Territorial LrjDsIatnre of Wyomlrxr were eonearred 1n. TheMIl for thc wl'intstiou ot Uakota carne p. and Mr. Hnrrion saín it would be ImpoMlble to conslder t.hat blll under the flve mínate rule, nd at hl sumrestion It went OTer. ín exeeutive seoslon alarbe number of Presidcntlnl noininatlona were oonBrmed. amone tlicm being tlmt of P6tai-er Judd, of Coao . . Ín I lio House, t halante bul to lecmHie the elootlon ol the TerHtorial Assrmbly of Wjomlnf; was paased. Mr. Curtm dnolined t'nr filiairmanhlp of the Comraittoe on Hankini; '¦" Curreney, and was vxcuatxl from sci vine. Ir. PlaTi preíented a netition In the Senate on the lttli from coninini'.ial Iravelérs, praylnffor leettilatton to release Micin lioni bnníonKOTne hííaríon. Rlll wire introduced : By Mr. Voorhees, to araend the pension laws; by Mr. Wilson (lowa', to flx (lie rnXr ot postaire 011 fourib oUiis inaiter t two oenta rar each ounce or fractlonal parí thcrcol : liv Mr EdmundH. prov MlnK for '¦' collivtion tiy tho Bnrranof Sttiiioof fachitoiiohlnRinniT nur and dlvorce. The Rilver qutini hh dlscnjpcil. Ailjourned totheiSth. Iu tho Houso a lonjr diRcuBSlon took place on the Presidentlal-SurceRlon bilí. It wa resolved ti) hold Friday niKht seabions for the consideratlon of p nilón bil Ík. Senatk not in seosion on Uip loiii In the House the Prealdentlál-Succeffion bilí wus passed- 183 to 77- orecisely as it carne f rom theSenate. The blll provides that in oase of the deatb, reinoval. reslgnatlon or inabllity to aerv of boih the Prenden! "'1 'lce-Presldnut thc oflloe sholl devolve iipon the Seoretary of State, nd tneo npou the íecrotary of the l"reíniry, fecretRiy ot War, AttorneyOenntil, ï'uMinnter-(ienrirHl. Secrolary of the Navy di Secretary ot t.he Interior, in order nain'ud, slionld furthor vacanoy oceur. Mr. BinnH iutrgduced n tlll repe'ilmj; so much of th Hot of June , m.u ¦ prnvidp for tho exchangre atid r-lrmitim ori4uiniriivy eoiu. A rule forbidding' tlie sale or i;irltuous Uuoi-b In the House rextiiurant wm ailopteu. A1.iouru to the lütli. DOMESTIC. From vanous porta on the Atlantic coast reports on the 12th were nuraeroug ot marine disasters which included the loss of lires as well as property. The sulterings of narly all the shipwrecked sailors were mch as to tax human enduranee to lts utmost. The residence of Mrs. Miles, noar Union City, Tenn., was destroyed by flre early a few mornings ago, and her daughtcr and a negro woman peiíshed in the Mames. Dtucrs of the family were badly burued. Train'sob the Baltimore & Ohio Road ?olliled on the 13th at Alida, Ind., killing fciur emoloves. MtsKEti highwaymen in the vicinity of Fort Robinson, Neb., on the liJth robbed a stage of 15,000 in gold consigned to tile payBUMter of the army. Ar tbc Schuyler (Neb.) jail the other inniiiinï a prisoner named Latoür killed Sheriff John Degman, who had held office hut flve days, by striking hlm on the head with n pieoe of scantling. A hiïc.e storehouse in Boston was destroyed by fire on the 13th, the total loss heilig in exeess of $300,000. In Haine. New Hnmpsbiie and Vermont the temperatura on the 12th ranged frora tn to twenty-flve below zero, and in portions of New York thirty degrees below was rnnorted. The Continental warehouse in Chicago was completely destroyed by lire on the Utb, involving a loss of nearly $200,000. In a jealous rage George Seiners shot his wife and himseU at tic. Louis on the 12th. There were slight hopee of the recovery of the woman. Turbe men were killed on the Missouri Pacifir track, ner St. Louis, on the l'itli. by a passenger train. Tuk Department of State at Washington mi iho l.'ith received official information from the United States Consul at Apia, Snnma. of ttap seizure of the Bamoan Islands bv ttie Gemían Government, Twm.vft men were buried by the cavingin of an ore mine near Alburtls, Pa., on the 13th Thre bodieshad been recovered. H. W. Schöschke, of Elmira, N. Y., reeently brought an old pistol from Scotland, which he playfully snapped twice at bis bride, alfhough she begged him to desist. The second shot took effect in her abdomen, and caused her death. A sunsTAyWAL ;e bridge was formed on the 13th in Niágara River, below the falls Font stores and several dwellings at Dover, N. H., were burned on the I3th, causing a loss of f75,000. The thermometer registered twenty-flre degrees below zero. The explosión of a boiler on the 13th in St. Mary's Catholic Church at Fort Wayne, Ind., resulted in a fire which destroyed $65,000 worth of property. One man and a chitd were killed. KKP0RT3 öf the 13th from Indian Territory state that numbers of cattle perished during the recent severe cold weather. In the South the weather was moderat ing on the I3th. At Mobile, Ala., the bay was eovered tor miles with ice, but it was grow'ing weak. [ The loss of cattle in Indian Territory in 'consequence of the recent storms was on the 13th said to be extremely heavy. v John Mowrt and his brotber, from Booneville, Mo., recently paid $800 in New 'York for a sacbel fnü of counterfeit money ;to be shipped to Pittsburgh, Pa., at which place they found only a bowlder in the gripsmck. Trhriblb destitution prevailed on the 13th among the idle miners in the coal-fields near Franklin, Pa., and levend families were reported to be starving. A war in passenger rates between New York and Chicago was lnaugurated by the Baltimore & Ohio Road on the 13th. Norman H. Camp, assayer of the assay office at Boise City, Idaho, was on the 13th convicted of embezzling $12,500. Jacob Ueel, a wealthy farmer of Bellbrook, O, banged himself in his parloron the 13th because of the arrest of his eldest son for bomicide. Lapour, who recently murdered Sheriff Degman at Schuyler, Neb., was taken from jail by a mob on the 13tu and hanged. Th steainer Old Dominion ws itv-hnund in the James River below Richmond, Va., on the Hth. Navigation in the river was entirely stopped by an ice blockade. The Qloucester flshing-schooner Mabel Dillaway, which sailed December 20, was on the Mth given up as lost. She carried m crew of sixten men. A FASaaKsm train at Miamisburg, O., ron over and killed Mrs James Deglin re cently, and threw her hnaband and ehild fai nough from th track to sav their lives. It was estimatod on tbe Uth that the re cent frosts in Florida destroyed 5O0.0OC boxes of oranj, worth $1,000,000. A colobid woman at Pond HUI, Coun., thinking to keep her baby warm while out visiting a few days ago, lett it in the oven of the kitchen stove. The husband return ing firet rtlif the flre and unconsciously roasted the child to a crisp. Th foor children from Newark, N. J., who were sent to Pari for treatment by M. Pasteur f r hydrophobis, reached home oc the Hth in safety and good health. SlZ of the convicta who reeently tunneled out of theCoal Hill (Ark.) mine wer brought back on the Uth by an old farmei named James Jobnson, who captured the AMperadoes while they were sleeping in a hV-stack. KSpObts of the 14th nnouace that igoieen lires were lost during the recent storm and coM weather in Kansas, and over a doeen other panoni ere missing. The loss of cattle was olso very heavy. The bark Julis A. Brown. from Perth Amboy, N. J., witb crew f ten men, ws lost 011 tbc l.vii. Emii.y BniWftMi a repiitable colored woman of Anderson Connty, S. C, froxe to death witb two young children in the recent storm. Thirtfbn men were instantly killed On the 15th by an explosión of flre-damp in o mine at Alm)-, Wy. T. A train of thirteen care going iiito the mine was broken into fragments, and the corpse of a passenger was blown seven hundred feet. FiKTnKii advices of the 15th state tfaat twenty-four persons perished in Kansas by the recent blizzard, and others were misssing. The remains of four men who had been frozen to death were found near Benkelman, Neb., and in the district of Akron, Col., several persons also perUhed by the storm. The carriage factory of Hiram W. Davil ft Co., in Cincinuati, was on the 15tb damaged by Cre to the amount of $150,000, and the car-works and foundry at Beaver Falls, Pa., -worth $175,000, were also burned. The miners and coke drawers at the Standard works in the Connellsville región of Pennsylvania demanded an advance of ten per cent. on the 15th and threw down their tools. Fourteen prominent citizensof Redfleld, D. T., were arrested on the 15th for participation in the Ashton County-seat war. Geokoe McCake, who was reputed to hare perished at the hands of his llfth wife in Dakota, after having poinoned severa! of bis other wives, is now a resident of Chicago, and denied all the chai ges on the lñtb. Advices of the 15th from Accommae County, Va., report droailfiil ravages in that section by high lides. Nenrly all the región thatfrontson Poecomoke Sound was inundated, and many lives were lost. Tiikke was Rieat exoiteinent at Charleston, W. Va., on the 15th over the reported discovery that some of the most protnfaent citi.ens in the town hád for yesrs pist been organizerl into a society for the destruction of property by flre. Several arresls had been made. Advicbs of the 15tb to Braditreet's from landing business places tbroughout the country reported general trading as quiet, but a speedy improvement was expected. Over nine huudred rigar-makers in New York City were on a strike on the 15th for higher wages. Executions for murder took place aa follows on the 15th: Nonti uu-rimnn, at Belleville, 111. ; Charles Wilson, at e. Louis, Mo. ; Heury M. Stair, at Nevada, Mo. ; William Reorge (colored), at Lke Providence, La. ; William Madison (colored), at Beaumont, Tex., and José Maria Hendióla, at Cotulla, Tex. A texement house at King's Monntain, N. C, was destroyed by tire on the 15th, and three colored persons perished in the flamee. Four persons were killed 011 the 15th by a collision of traitis near Millville, Va. Tin: business failures thioughout the country during the seven dayi ended on the 15th were XV!, of whlch Iwenty-Hve wero in Canada, against a total of IÍ30 for the wopk precedinp PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. GovnRNfiï Mi'hrat, of Utnh, in his message to the Legislatnre on tUo l'Jth asks that body to subrait tn tlierequiiemente of Congress, and to frame a code of laws in harmony with Cougressional legislation instead of in deflance of it. Colokbl En RICBARD8OS, one of the largéat cötton "planters in the world, who was President of the World's Bxposition at New Orleans, Ml doad of paralysts in the stroets of Ja'-Uson, Miss., on the 12th. TfiE Legislanne of Wyoming organized on the 12th with twenty-eigUt members, and would adjourn from day to day until Congress legal ized their election or repudiated their claims. The nine Democratie members from Hamilton County in the Obio House were unseated on the 12th and the Republican successors sworn in. Thr House of Representatives of theOhio Legislature adopted a resolution on the 13th appointing a committee to investígate charges made against tour members of tile present House to the effect that they accepted bi ihes to vote for Henry B. Payne for United States Senator while members of the previous General Assembly. The North Dakota Convention, which met on the 13th at Fargo, is largely opposed to the admission of the southern sectioö as a State. Hon. Johü SirenMAN was re-elected United States Senator by the Ohio Legislature on the 13th, receiving eighty-four votes, to slxty-two cast for Judge Thnrman. Senator Shekman arrived in Columbus, O., on the 14th, and was escorted to the capítol. In retnrning thanks for his re-alection he alluded to the necessity of preventing fraudulent voting, and also urged legislation to prevent the evils growing out of the liauor trfBc. JAMES UDT3HAUK, ÏUH tart r?xr6SentAtlV6 stage-driver in Ohfo, who for half a century was employedon the route f rom Zanesville to Chillicothe, (lied on the Uth at Lancaster, aged eighty-seven years. The National Law and Order League has issued a cnll for a convention at Cincinnati February 23 next. Goverxor Larbabke was inducted into office at Des Moines, Ia., on the 14th. In hls message the Governor recommends a strict enforceinent of the Liquor law, and pledges himself to unhesitatingly use his authority in the matter; favore a eonstitutional convention to revise the constitution ; more stringent laws for stamping out contagious diseasos among cattle and gwine ; the pensioning of all Union soldiers, and the creation of a State Board of Arbitration to settle ditrerences between labor and capita'. Govkrnok í.owby, of Mississippi, was inaugurated at Jackson on th 4th for his second term. The death of William McCoy, or 'Uncle Billy," as he was familiarly called by all who knew him, occurred recently at Monteable, Tenn. He was 105 years of age, and wu the flrst settler in the Cumberland Mountains. His wife, who survives him, is ninety-nine years old. Tm Lower House of the New York Legi8lature on the Hth passed the bilí iñcorporating the Grant Monument Association, and empowering it to hold (7,000,000 worth of propOitj (ree of baxniion. The military guard at General Grant's tomb in New York was removed onthelSth. The city pólice will hereaftef have charg of Rlverside Park nud the tomb. Prof. Fowler, the well-known phrenologi8t, was arrested at Buífalo, N. Y., on the 15th on a charge of practicing medicina without a liceuse. FOREIGN. Hion water at Montreal was doing great damage on the lith. The thermometer registered twenty degrees beíow ero and the water froze as it flooded the streeta in the poorest quarter of the city. Great misry existed. The new British Farliamsnt begau iti session on the 12th. A fire in Montreal on the 13th destroyeé sereral manufucturing establishment, the loas being over $200,000. Thb Maritza, the principal river in Ronmelia, overflowed its banks on the 13th, flooding the sun'ounding countiy. Bridge were swept away and a number of villagei destroyed. Many persons perished. Fiftken persons perished on tbe 12th ín a burning spiiining-inill at Aix-la-Chapelle, France. Nearly thirty flve thousand Canadian Indians were on the 12th reported to b preparing for a revolt ngainst the preseuce of militia oud DiountoH rxiHn. TU Fowtnrs dtt the 13th summonsd Hervía, Sulgaria snd Greeco to disarm, promising bm tbt Turkey would follow their eximple. Mr. Bradlaush was sworn in as memter of the Britlsh Parliament on the 13tb. He took the ordinary oath and kissed the Bihle, despit the fact that he is an avowed infidel. A CTCVOW passed orer the middle counties of England on h Uth, doing considerable damage to rooft and trees and killing Beveral persons. ElfPmon Wii.mum, in oponing the Prusslandieton the 14. exprcssffclTjis gratitude for the loTe and fidelity of his subjccts. An amnesty has been granted hy BC. Grerjr, President of the Frenen Kepublic, to persons convicted of politleal offensei ince 1870. Eleven Mexican offlcera and nineteen soldier were killed by a recent railway accident at ValdiTia Mail adrices fi-om Panama say that the Spanish city of Amatitlan had experienced 1S1 sbocks of earthquake in two days, which wrecked many houses, but no lives wère repörted lost. Eakl. Carkautoií and an Irish High Sheriff asserted on the ISth that a familie wm approaehing in Ireland, and with it would come acts of lawlessness. Thï Chamber of Commerce of Bel f ast on the ISth adoptad resolutions expressing loyalty to the Queen and denouncing home rule. M. 8aola, a banker of Calais, France, ha"mnpen(led paymetrt of obligations aggregating 8,000,O0O. John Maoee, convictedof writing threatening lettere to the Prince of Wales, was on the 15th soatenced to 6ven yers' penal servittfde. Au important change ha been made in the formation of tho Japunese Government. A rtspönsible Cabinet has been orgnnized and the general make-up of the executive department now correspouds closely with that of the United 8tates. LATER NEWS. The exohanges at twenty-six Ieading clearing housés in the United Statos during Hm wwk (niei on the lfith aggregated t29,S22,ltB, agaínst $852,29,288 thepreviouf week. Tn residence of John Conlon, at Wallingford, Conn., waa burned on the lftth, and Mrs. Conlon perished in the Humes. Dr. Thomas W. Keene, member from Danville, foll dead in the Virginia House of Delegates on the afternoon of the 16th. He was about siity-five years of age. DwiOHT L. Moodt, the noted evangelist commenced a six dayB' revival service in CïiKgo on the 17th. TH starch and barrel factory of W. E. Plumbef & Son, at Buffalo, N. Y., was burned on the 16th, causing a loss of $250,000. Six fireinen were bnried In the ruins, and were probably fatally injured. Jamis W. Mubrat. editor of the ja Journal and one of the brightest younglawyers at the AÍlegheny Connty bar, died in jall atPitteburgh Pa., on the 17th. of delirium tremens. The ukase issued recently ordoring the expulsión from Russia of all persons not naluialized applies to one hundred thousand persons. Employers are given eiglit months to leave, workmen six ïnonth nnd peasants six weeks. A 8NOW-8LIPE the other day at Ouray, Col., carrted away a cabiM containing six men. Two of them were found dead and the other received sevore injuries. Bpmrr thermometers at Fort Keogh on the 19th indicated a temperatura of fortyeight degrees below eero. The geven day's type-setting in Chicago for the championshlp came to an end on the 17th, Barnes, of New York, winning by ¦ score of 9,2-J,")i ems, MoCann, the former Champion, Betting 37.805K ems. During the contest McCann set 3,150 in one hour and Barnes 2,093 ems, thusbeating all previous records for an hour's work. Hollï Epps (colored), who murdered his employer, Farmer Dobson, in Greene Connty, Ind., was taken from jail at Vincennés on the 17th and lynched by a mob. Thi National Baee-Ball League will Iw composed of eight clubs next season, as f olio wk : St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit and Cincinnati, in the West, and New York, Philadelphia, Washington and Boston, in the Kast. Mis Kathkrihb Lrï Batahd. a;ed twenty-nine years, eldest daughter of the Becretary of Btate, died suddenly at Washington on the afternoon of the 16th, of heart-disease. It was announced on the 16th that 8,850" bilis had been already introduced in the House at Washington, and itwas estimated that this nnmber would be inoreased to 12,000 by the ind of the term. In the Sonate more bilis lmd been introdneed than wero offered during the whole of (he fijst síssirn of the Forty eitr'ith Pongvw


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