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onxriirsr sao &?$ philadelphia simger Sfi, IocludliiK Tucker, lintficr. L" Ha box of 4 Hfiiiniers. and BlndHr, and anual outfit o( twelvp _.- 5-"?t piecea. Wirraoted 3 ycire. ÜPi15 DAYS'fl'A'i -. LJ ffl1 hon-f brluro JOU 11 UT V? jCT VeBlSBM one cent. Kn oOift snitne TM KaffTi ¦"¦¦- innnufartm-nr in Ihi Vf AffM Dnííl Staí dora to na 5J1 w- nffrr. Th e y ure tumdlW ¦¦aafjflA iftTip ilurxhlt', &n1 liRlitVji müxl .Bruniiin. Simt lt other cttld Mnle ckargt lra 4 10 $50. Parchaae from uu nnd nvf #10. Sond fw circular and 1 C. A. WOOD & CO.. testimonial. } 1T M. Ttatfc l, PhIUd'a, Fa. jm UTTCI MGHAL M m I II Tl wuiSTLEjK f I The londCBt nIaooiAn J ¦ whtailc made. CanHB BMtm1 be heard from one toB IBlt tlqm'l two miles. ËxactflHH BïoV ¦ " elze of E EÉfikJ ' ' ¦ brp centre firaH mufmr tt om carlridgflb a Br 8 vattr. B HÍK t"n rtiI :. i i .- r man iftd f ïtn " .VuHH p??1 lirmc llMid IriM c. : v I ]: P Í5"1 "ti by ¦¦¦30" ' ' riln ¦T stmpv V?. e iv, mtyl&3 ft"1 cp: ' t of TT7T f for workinepeople. Send 10 cents I II I II pota;', and we wlll nuil your a HH r rnynl, valuaMe mpte hoi of yooS I thai will put you in the way cif mah ing more monffy in a few dy than yon ever thought poB-iblc at any buïineee. Gapl tl not reqnlrëd. You can live at home and work In sp re time only, or uil thu tlroe. AM o! both 81-xea. of all agèa, prandly iucce#ful. 50 eente to fo eftuiiy earned evenlng. Tbat all wlio want work maT lest the bnslnoss, wo makc thle nnparallel-d off: To all who are nol well satiffledwe wlll send tl to pay for the trouble at wrltlng uu. Vuil particnlar, directiona, etc., ent free. Immense pay a ao'utely surs for all who start at onre. Don I 'ie'ay. Addrws Stxrhon A Co., Portland, M mie. THI3 PJVEISS3 Kewspaper AdvertiBlng Bureau (10 Spruce,whetiuK. np %VAfll# tisiuf contracts mav M mê ¦ VIIMH barnatte tor U iuliblff lUflIVa Obtaincd in the United States and ForeignCountrie.. eeO.H.I,OTHBIIP, 10 GltemU S1M Detroit, ïïluU. JUST ISSUED. LETTERS FROM GOLDEN LATITUDES A large, finelf-IIIustrated paruphlet descrlptire of the Northirest. sta (Mies complled from official sources. Seut FKl'.L on applicatlun to C. l MEEN, G, ?. 1, Si, Paul, Hi&a. iUUI: t ¦- w, e-n. 1280-129U. ll'IKl more tnont-y thnn t anjüjlng olee by tak 11 I 1 Ing an agency forthtt beat scliing honk II 11 OQt' B'fiiuur Blirc.'i'ii crandlj. None MiI fall. Tetm free. Uallbtt Boor Co., Portland, Maino. EVERY LIVE MERCHANT IN t ARBOR. Should advertise in THE COURIER.


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