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THE DETROIT TRIBUNE ! FOR 1880. DAILY, SUNDAYWEEKLY THE BRIGHTEST, CHEAPESTAND BEST NEWSPAPERIN MICHIGAN. SDUNDLYtodlNDEMTLYJlEPUBim Under its new ownership and management, all cdiltons of The Tribune, have been improved in every respect. All the news is iven in the briefrst and most attractive manner, without the omission of a single essential detail, and ;ilso without the ttresorae '"padding" indulged in by ihe'blanket sheet" papers of hig-her price and less enterprise All depaxtmeuU are complete. 8UBSCRIPTION PRICES: Daily, without Sunday, i year $500 Daily, with Sunday, 1 ycar 6 00 Wcekly, 1 jear I 00 WSplendid Premiums for Weekly Clubs Writ for Ihe list. Atidress THE TRIBUNE COMPANV, Detroit Michigan A WONDERFUL COK1BINATION - OF - IPEPTQNIZED BEEF, HOPS AND MALT, Eclntr the OM.Y KOffS l'REPAB n for Ii:lpartlng PURE - ALBUMEN[- Ta (h Body. It il n Abiolute Out for Nerroumsaa, Debility, and Inaomnik, nd warda ofl thoie Terribl Etui whioh ar th IHnt 6UM Of INSANITY. For Debllltated Itlen, For Knfeabled nomen, For lllat Ohlldren, For all who ntrd Mrentli "HOPTONIC ISA BLESSING." For bU by til DranUta. Preparad onlr yth HOPTONIO OO.. RA IÍAP1Ü8, MICO. Wtll bmlliriUCE !! ppliemti, tnd tonttomriof lhJt TUT itboQt cd#rtog lt. It oouiaini bout ltO ('. 00 Luaalruloai, prla, aocurtu daiorlstioai nd YIaSl- Uwtloaa ftrr 1uUdc 11 frltl .f VEUETABLR uid TIMWEH HEK DR, BCLKS, to. loTftlukbit to 11, MpwIftllT lo U&rkt ÜMnri. (Und tot li. D. M. FERRY CO., Detroit, Michigan. 6t OW ? UtW 1290


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