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POWDER Absolutely Pure. Thispowderuever varíes. A marvel of pq rlty.Rtreniíth and wholesornenpss. More eco nomtcal than th ordinary kinds, and cannot be sold In competltlon wilh the multitude o low test, Hhort welght, slum or phosphate powders. Soldonly In cans. Itnyiil Ha kim; Ponder Co . 1O Wall st.. N. . ECZEMA! And Evcry Spwies of Itehiiiu' and Iturnin Diseascs Positlvely Ctired. ECZEMA, or Salt Rhenm, wilh lts StfODlllog iiching and huruiiiK, lurtautly 1 In a warm hath with f'uTii DBA Soap, and a sluike applicition of Cuticcra, the t'ieat íkin Cure. Thts repoated daily, with twn or ihre.e doses of Citictra Kb oLviNT, the New Blond Puriüi-r, to keepïhe Wood cool, the pereplratiou pure aod unimutin, th bowels open, the liver and kidnoyt aeuve, wlll sneed ly care Kczemi, Tetter, Ringworm, Psortuils, Llchen, PruritUf, Si ld lUa.l. Dmidraff. ard every pedes of ltch nu, Soily und Piaiplv Uumors oT the Sculp and SSkin, when thu bt'dt pbysicians and all known remedies rail. Wlll ni'Donnlil iV)ï Deurhorn st., Chicago, eratcfiilly ackuowledi:t't u cure of Kczema or Salí Fthcum on head, nock, face, arme and les for eventfen yt-iirs ; not able to wslk cxcept on handn ind kneee for one year ; uot able lo tmlp himeelf tor elght yeara; tried hundreds of remedies ; doe tors prinni'Ced hia cae hopeleas; p -rnianently cured by Cuticia Kesolvknt (tilood puriüer) internany, auclCüTicuRA and Cut icuka Soat (the jrent skin cure ) exu-rnally. i'liurli' lloimliion, Baq.1 liwver, 2H state itreet. öoHtou, re.oru a ca?e it Halt Klu'Uin undcr lis ohrtTVa: ioü for ten yt-ars. which covered the lafifni'H body and iiinV. :uni to which all known nethoils of trelment had been applied without icntflt, which was completely cured eolelj bj tlie 3tmcL'RA Rkxkdies, leaviug a clean and healthy skin. Mr. John Thlcl, Wilkesbarre, Pa., wrltes : 'I have ffered irom Salt Hbt-nm for over iffht reare, at ttmeM so bd that I could not atteud to my bosineps for weeks at a time. Three boxes of UT1CURA and four bottles of Kksolvent have enlrely cun-d me of thls dreadful disease." Mr. Isaac l'help, Ravena, O., writcs : For the last jetf I have had a species of itchlng' caly and ptmply humor on my lace to wnlch I d a ireiit many methods of treatment without sureras, and which was speedily and euirely cured by Octícur. l'hj hIcIiii'h Prvarribe Tlirni. - 1 have othiiij! bnt ihe highest praise for thu resulte obalned from your ('omcura Hemedifs. of which I ïave iold more than all othern of ihe kind. MONKO B'iND, M. D., Phlladclpbli, Pa. Z.5CO Broad street. 8old by all druggists. Price: Coticura, 50 Ci.; Ieolvnt, tl; Soap, 2Scts. Preparod by the 'otter Pkuo and Cuemical Co., Boston, Mase. Seod for Phamphlet. BTP A TT IFY the Comp'exlon and Skin by DJj A U ""'ii 'he Ci'iiccRA Soap. CATARRH Jompletr Tnatinent, with Iiihulcr, for Kii'i'j Forra or Catarrh, $1. ASK FOR SANDFOSD'S RADICAL CURE fv S7 Head Colds, Watery DIst. ít lÍ7 charges from the Noee 'ijf?'t.!r3jr an1 Eïci' Klnfflng Nolsei IJf gi lnthe Head. Nervousnd Í yè-7 JvTfe-H Htadachc and Fcver In5LJ-O&, TJgjstautly rellcved. ( Jlii W t:nolcln'! mucuê dlslofed, -oi ¦n' membrane cleansed tnd ffs) J&L healcd,brethswoeteed, ' ' " ' rJ amcll, taate, and hearing eitored, and ravages checked. Cough. Bronchitis, Droppings Into the Throat. Pain n th Chest, Dyspepala, Waailng ui sircngth and lean, Loas of Sleep, etc, cured. One bottle Radical Cure, one box Catarrhal Solvent nd one Dr. Sanford' Inhiler, In one package. of all rugKltl. for 11. Aakfor Kanford's Radical Uuri'. a uredlstlllatlonof Witch Huzel, Am. Plne, Ca. Flr, larlKolil, Clover Bloisomt. etc. Pottek I)kuo ako Chkmicai. Co.. Boston. Potter Drnic andCheMloal o , Boston. - ' KiniKi 1' PAIN8.' and that HH wtiflry seneation ever present with thoie Wt of palnlul kidneys. weak back-, overY B v.-ot k or worn out by taudintr, walkine, It "r the r ewiDR machine, cnred by CutiI iIccra AntiPais Pla ter, a new orlenai.i'iru'ant and speedyantldote to pain and lnflammatlon. At dragülsts, Süc ; for 11.00. Malled tree. Po t - n linun and Chemical Co, Boeton, SCÖTT'S" EHULSlfiM OPPÜEE COD LIYER OU ind Hypophosphites of Ume & Soda Almost as Palatableas Mille. The only prrriratmn of COD MTER OIL that can bo taken ren lily imd lolerated for a long tün irAM)"is"""i!'!:ii'KTY rot roxsrwpnay, IHQHIJHs Aill.nUN ANAEJIIA, (ÜEii il. DH'.II II-JÏÏTÖIS An T11KOAT A.Y. llll.liKIN il Is niiirvflliiui in lt resulta. freacribed anl cvl..-:."! l.y thu licsi Fhyslciaa n the countnt:3 of th'; world. FOR SALE PY ALL DRUGGISTS. rí ft UNIVERSAL %-m ÍX2? ÏÏS " ,.,m mM JCuMI BBBBBK 'ï H.'inil the world. 'tfl C 5 WkoUtai é Rrtail. OW Bth. Rnew.d. f L id for circulan. J. KN0WLT0N, Ann Arbor. Mlch. X COMPLETE AKRAENGMENT YOK .jiiciin and Families. Neater and Cheaper AND MORS co:n"v:e:ni:e::ett HAN A 8TATI0NARY BATH TÜB, WITH WO EXPENSE OP1 BATH ROOM AND FIXTÜRKS.


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