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Fourth Annual Meeting Of The National League

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The fourth annual convention of the Citizens'.Law and Order League of the L'nited States, will be held at öincinnatl, Ohio, on Mouday, Feb. 22, ltfSS. The details of the arrangements will bn charge of a committee of the Cineinnati League, and will be made known through the public pres, as the time approaches. In addition to the annual addre9 and reporte, there will be uddresscs by eminent speakers frotn different parte 'of the country. All state and local leagues and kindred societies, are requested to send delegate8, and all persons interested, are invited to attend the meeting. All state and local leagues are also requested to hold meetings siinultaiieou9ly with the meeting of the National League, and to intercbange telegrams with the. national meeting at Ciucinnati. The Citizens' Law and Order League, in its ertbrts to compel obodience to the laws, re.stricting the liquor traftïc, and to secure the enforcement of laws against gainbling, Sabbath desecratiou, etc, anuntagonizcK the greatest enemy ot' the church. We therefore, teel that we may conlideutly rely upon the churoh for support and ussistance in our work, and wc therefore invite the clergymen of the land to address their ooogregationsí upon this all important subject, on Sunday, February 21, and if any caunot cunvcniently set apart that day for tliis service, then upon the Sunday following. The growth ot' the League and its success have been extraordioary, and it seems destined to prove an iniortant agency for the promotion of the national welfare. We cali upon all good citi.ciis, wlio feel the evils and dangers which threaton our country through lawlessness, Ui unite with us in such inanner as they best eau, to make the 22d of February, Law aud Order day throughout the republic. All win) desire intorination about the purpose of the League, or more full Ui formation relating to the National meeting, are requested to address the secretary, 28 School sireet, Boston, Mass. Bv order of the Kx. Committee,


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