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Bill Arp's Opinion Of The Doctors

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If the doctor'8 had to shed tcnrs for evcry patiënt, the fowrtitin would soon be exhausted. Tliey experiment ;md diMgnose and uuki; mistakes and luse patielits, bul it is all for the bst. Smiii'body has to be sacriflced or scienoe would iidt progresa. The doctor experiment witli and skirmisli witli Jeathtust like the general of an anny fljfhts battles. 8ome must be sacrillce to save the country, and so aftor u battlo lie counts up the killed and wouudud and in happy if lie has killed more of the other slde titan he lost of liU own. lie likes to show a good balance sheet, even though it Is a bloody one. Vietory a'od gtóry are blgger thi'igs tliau human siifVering or the grieX of the loved ones at home. üut slill the Uiuily doctor is a part of the tainily - an honored part. We are drawn to him as to a friend in nced, and hu U draw n to U8. He has enoush sympathy for uia purposes. His teuderness may be professional, but it is the right kind for the patiënt. The doctor is nearer and deur to the l'amily Ihan the preacher, although one ministers to the mortal body and the other to the iinmor tal soul. Bod les ure bigger thinjjs thmi souU. The whole world with all its vast inacnincry is at work lor bodics, but the work dono for souls is only a bidé show in coniparison. The fimiily doctor holde a higher place than the family lawyer, lor hcalth is a biggel t i ií n r than money or property, and there are but few lawyers who would not take a case against U8 as readily as one for 113. There are two sides to litigation but only oue to


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