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Salem s cnjoying a revival at the Haptist chiirch. I'rof. fJirs has a suoceeaful writlnt achool at Xorth Like. líev. O. C. Bailey of Pexter, bad a ilo nation visit last evening. Whitinore I,ake housc unnouiu-es a Washington ball, Keb 22d. l'il'tccii WhitinoreLakers were con verted at tlie recent revival meeting. Amlrovv Greenlng has returned to Lyn lun ufter 4 year's absonoe ín Cilifornis. Ilurvcy C. Minor of Xortlivillc marrioil -Miss Aildie Ollinore of Ypsilanli, Jan. 20. _ Tlie amount donated to liev. Dan l. Sliier, of Sharon, recentlv ainonnted to $70. Jacob Staebler and Miss india Peltfkainp, bothof Krecdom.were married Jan. 31fc Mrs. Catbarinejflíeyer, afted SO years, diud of oíd age at lier hoina in Freedoui, Jan. 2Gtb.
There was a jolly social and oyster supper at Elisha Cranson's on Friday evening last in Eoxter.
Dutrlap'g grove at Whitmorc falte uill lii in bcttfroonditlon tlian PVor iicvtMimnier for piuuic WIW Miloliouse ie U) luí ve a c:aUr.tcl cut froiu big eye, ucst weck. Dr. Brcakey of Aun Arbor, will do thc work.- Saline Observcr. An enrtMd boiir danerouslv iniured "Cord-'Thurlier, of Webster, onc tlay last week, cuttiiij; two laregashes on une Of lis lilllbb. The Baptist Suiulay School children of Cnelsea took a sleigh ride over tMnnchester Tuesday of Inst wrek, and liad a glorious time. ¦ "c i..i.iirin .uKiiigiin r ,ur AisoenitMii of Vpsilanti will hold its minimi luir the week followiug.tlif itáte iait, Sept. 21 to Wi inclusive. The Dexter mission batid cleared $11 !)) their entertainment last wook. Miss Jennie Lang drew tlie conifoiter umi I, C. Palmer the stand. The Ypsilantian advises prompt'meMi lires to prevent tte luit lier spread of iliphtUeriü, in thiit city, iliere havlug been s'veral deaths froni tlmt divud disenso. And now the Xorth Lnke cor. of the Clielsea Ilerald wants a vault built for the reception of the dead, where they oould be salely kept nntil burlal was convenient. And now it is reported Uut Ypsilunti is to have a pert'uniery laboratory. The vinues of our mineral water In that dircctlon are evidently not appreciated.- Yp8ihintian. The house of Wm. Fietelier, of Shmon, bumed to the Lround reoently, in the abaence of the family, only a lit'tlo f uruiture beingsaved. Insurcd in the V'ashtenaw Mutual for f700. The total weight of freiht forwarrJed from tliis station on the Lake Shore, for the month of December, waa 1,178,105 pounds. The net eurniugs araoiuited to f'JOO.- Saline Observer. Workmeu are now busily engaed in putting the finishing touches on'thi intennr of Charles Warnert new residence. Charles says he hopes to occupy hia new home soon.- Dexter Leader. Wilber Short, of Bridgewater, sold bis yoke of oxen and a pair of steers to Rehf uss & Amspoker last Satnrday. The oxen weigtaed 4,070 pounds and tiie steers 2,600. The latte r were two years old.- Enterprise. Mr. Keech informs us of the following new buildings to be erected in tliis viclnity the comino; year: J. M. Stciner of Aun Arbor town, wlio livos on tlie gravel road leading to Whitmore Lake, is to erect a new residence upon his farm. Tho follomiñg named persons will bnlld new barns this season : C. W. Alexander, of Webster; Fred Kim, f Scio ; Jos. Keedle of Superior; and Chas. Smlsteimer, of Scio. Tho (tonuan's Woikingmen's Benevolout Society of Chelsca has 455 members, iiinl ?!) in the treasury, has elected the fellowiug offifii-K for the ensuiag year ; President, C'hristian Klein; Vloe-Presl. Jac. Schumaker; ree, sec, Charles Wunder; cor. sec.Fred Vogel; treas, Charles G. Kiercher; collector, I J. Lohmun ; trustees, .los. Schatz, Charles Neubrgcr, August Neuberger; physiciau, G. l'almer. The opening of the Dexter opera hous last eilnesdiiy eveninjr, by home talent glvingthe play '-A Soldier of Fortune," was a great sucesss in every way. The actors were successful in the rendition of thcir róles, the size of the audlence made it a success financially, and the excellence ot the acting made it successful for the large udieuce. The play was repeated Thunday evening with additional attractions. The W ebster Readlng Circle passed the followin; resolutious of respect npon the recent death of Miss Bertha M. ScadinWhereas, Death has for the flrat time enterod our inidst aad Uken from us one o our dearest frieudn ; therelore Ktiolved, That lu the death of Bertha M Scadlu the Clrolemourns the loss oloue of lts most, useful mcmlmrx and litsoloeJ, Tliat we hall deeply miss the Ufe üm!n .f8UU0SS W"1CU hef Pre"oe shed Haolyid, Tliat a eopy of these resolutlom be preseuted to the beretived famlly, and spread upou the records of the society. preau Tliere is not a persoa in ourquiet bursr, but hkes to see it grow.and talk on decided nnprovements, but there is not one tliat will take hold and do anytlifng, but will stand around with their hands in their pockets waitius: for somebody to make a Start. What we want is manufactures v.ud to get tliem they will want a bonus. It would beabetter thingto give them the money than to help build more milroada, when we liave already got two Hamburg cor. South Lyon Excelsior. Our wheat buyers have paid a little too much for wheat the past week, even mlllers don't want it at the price. There don't seem to be as much money in milling now as there was a year or more ago. 'Perliaps there is too ínany milis in the country.- Enterprise. Perhaps the building of railrouds through Russia and in various portions of Europe and Asia, eepecially in India, has brouUt tbe ciieaply raised grain of that sectfon into compptition with Amertcan wheat in the Kuropean miirket. EXTENSIUN OF T.VX TIMI!. The time for the collection of taxcs ha.-i been extended by the proper authorities In tbe various townships and cities of the county as folio ws : Ann Arbor City, to llarch lst Hcio, ' ist Manchester, ' Feb. 20th York " " Saline " " isth Ypsilantltown, " " 7th Augusta " " 7th Judging frora tlie araount of property diiplaceduboiittowu Wednesday worning - wc are led to belicvc that the " liftin" gul)"; " hasagaiu been abroad. Wc would , advise all good peacoable citizens to put padlocks on their cates.- Dexter Leader. How would it do to put spankers on their bovs and keep Uiem at home "u nightai P SALINE ITEMH. Sam Krause of Ann Arbor was n town on Monday. Ed. JJerdan, station agent at Bridgewater, Sundayed at home. About40 went to Milan to altend the masqnerade on Friday eve. Mr. anti Mrs. Frcd. Cordon, Jr. ytgfted at Macou Saturday and Suiuluy. Ilarry Hammond an old pioneer died Monday morning, aged 7W years. Mr. Thayer, wife and daughter, vlsited tlie editor of the Observer the last of tbe weck. Ward will havo to skate 130 lapa lo Johnson's 11?, and it wtll be a verv exoiting race. Dr. Nicbols lias gone south tor a v.k a¦oo hewill visit New Orleangfand will be absent about a inonth. Ward vs. Johnson in a 5 mile race at the rink VVednesday venin?, ajd thcC'lioiiaguen band will play. We have heard a great uiany spcak of the music by the Ghouaííuen band at the rink "Wednesday night and say tuat 11 ell worth the prioe of aimission. The barritone solo by A. B. Van Duzcr i fine. This young band is now probably as good, if not the best, baad now n tbe conuty. A NEW DODCiK. The Detroit Kvening Jounuil unpremoditatingly gives to the guileless public the following story : Justas Farmer Williams and lus good wlfe Susie were about lo sit down to dinner oue day the early part of the presem week tliey notieed a clerical nppearinugentleuimi enter tbe front gato. Farmer WUMuna ia hu evi-eediugly weü-to do grauger, a little pitst niiddle age, wh(i Uves and owna a goodly nuinber of broad acres in the most fertile portion of Washtenaw cotinty. He h a very deroutchurch inumher and can repeat the ten coiuiuaudmenü and I.ord's prayer from inemorv at a luoment's notice. He is also hospitablc. "Jaw sakes! Husip, who's that?" be exclalmed, as the stranger closed the gate, and witli a sort of religious sorrow spread all over hls ineek and lowly countenanet. slowly picked his way along tlie n.irrow walk toward the front door. "Looks like a proaclier," Susie replied hastily divesting herself of her soiled apron and sraootliing her hair dow In front with bnth tiands. "Jest at dinner timo, too; and no chance to kill a ehicken." By this time the traoffer bad reached the front door aiul was telling "Brother" Williams tliat It was a cool day. Hls white cravat and clerical coat and vest preached a whole sermón on brotherlv love eyery tiuie his arm went np anll down like a putnp-handle u the fanuer's hospitable clasp. Yes, he would come in. lie liad heanl of Jirother Williams, and as he was passing his house just at noon, thonpht h would drop in and ask for a llltle somethltag to eat. Of course he had the beet seat at the dlnner table and the bigo-est huuk of pumpkin pie at the conclusión of the meal. While they lingered around the Uble the stranger proceeded to impart a llttle Information. He had asked grace with a musical iutonation that conlirmed the farmer and hisjgood wife in tlit-ir flrsl opinión. He was certainly a Methodist minister. " Brother Williams," he said, ¦' I aai only a meek and lowly toiler in the vineyard. My misión in lite is spreading the blessed gospel. 1 preach when occasion offers and fill in the time by di. tributing Bibles. I am in the eraploy ol a religious institution which makes a business of furnisiiing the poor with tke blessed word. Ah ! can I trouble yon for my satchel? I would like to makc you a iittle present, In return, for your courtety." 'l'ho honest countenance of Brother William fluslied with gratiiied pJearan he comnlied with the request. "Ah! here is one of the very best Bibles I have with me- gilt edges and all that- and 1 hope you will ahvays keep it to remember me by. Brother Williams was profuse in his thanks and gratitude. "And now, what do I owe you for my dinuer?" tlie god man co:;tinued with ii business-like air. Brother Williams was horrifled. Did the stranger wiah to insult hini? He certainly should never accept a cent for that dinner- not if he died for it. But the stranger was equally finn. HU company requlretl it of him, he saici. Il was a matter of se'f-protection- tlie country was so full of impostor.-. This conquered brother Williams. He accepted a quarter, and the nicck and lowly visitor broughtout a voucher which the farmer receipted Thn the stranger held family worship and deDarted. Thirty days after the visit of the agrei able missionary, Farmer Williams rcceived notlce froin a certain bank wbere he was in the habitof doing business that hls note for $500, properly signrd, ma awaiting payment.