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short mlvertlseim'iits nol to exceed tlmv ilnes, of Lost anu Fouutf, Houses for Sale or Ueat, Waats, etc.. insorted tliree weeks for S cents. Sltuatloim wanted. free. WELCOME OATS- I have a quantity of Welcorae oats, (jrown from Burpee's tteed wblch I wlll teil for seeil at 1 cents per liu.shel. Cali on the uiiderslgni'd at IiIh farm .u Soutb Ypsllanti road.ot miilres hlin at Ann Arbor; B. W. CODINGTON. WANÏHD KAKM-To Rent In vicinity of of au n Arbor. Kor goud larm of (SO to KK) acres wlll pay liberal cash reut. Address T. N. Holmes, Ypsllanti. 83lt MARYLANDFAUMS-Bookaud Map free, by C. E. .Shaunhan, Attorney, Easton, Maryland. 8(tf. TjiüCJND- In the County Clerk' office, a J package of cotton yurn. The owner can have Ihe8anualy proving property aud payinB 25 cents for this notice. LOBT-On .Tanuary II, Toadles Gold Watch wlth batiBle chaln attaehed. Kinder wlli he rowariled for leaving same at thls offlce. nsw A FARM FOR SALE. rpWO Hundred and forty acres located two J. and ono half nollen weet of Uexter, wlll 1)0 sold In part or logether as deslrel under high state of cnltlvatlon, plenty of good liutldliigs and frutt, noarly 11 underdralned :iud In every way ileslrable. Kor further parilculurBapply on premisi'S or Address John Hall. Dexter, Mlch. Hl4w FOB SALE! A House and Lot on Thompson street (No. 11), Goodlocatlon. Fine Nelghborhood Midur.AKUAIN. See W. W. WHEDON,_oU. E. BEAL. THEBARRY HOM ESTE A I ! l'or Sale or Rent wholeor in part, Centrally mcated.Convenlent to the Unlversity, Punllc i-hoolK, Markets and all parts of the City. Pol Abstracto! Tltle and olhor Information, iipply to W. W. Whedon, Ann Arbor or C. A, üarry, Jackson Mlch. T OANING-Money to loan on nrst-clBSB Xj Iteal Kstate Mortgage at Ourrent rates of Interest. Satlsfactory arrangements made wlth capitalista deslrlng sucU investments. Kvery conveyance and transactlon In abHtracts of tltles carefully examliwd as to legal effect. Z. P. KINO. Ann Arbor. FOR SALE OR RENT-Barry Homestoad. No. 24th street Apply to W. W. Wheüon.Ann Arboror C. A. Burry, JackBon, Mich.


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