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Standard time started Mondar. Tue freshman's mortar-boards weie upplied by A. L. Noble. The Phi Delta Plii has elected Prof. J. 5. Knowlton un lionorary incmber. Feb lbth, at tUe Palace rink, is the time and place tixed upon tor the secret socioie's hop. One law student, from Ohio, of course, lolds four dlstinguished offices in hia deartment. The Choral Uulon announces that durng the flrst part of May it wlll produce he "Messiah." The new niortar boards of the freshmen ecorated the chapel for the lirst time last "riday a m. The slcigh ride to Warren Smitli's at Tpsllanti Friday night was'attended by bout 49 '88'8. The initial session of the university su)reme court was preslded oyer by Judge ?ooley last Friday. S. A. Moran has been elected business manager of the Argonaut, and it is a wise choice. Fred T. Wrlght is the uanaging editor. The Jeffersonian society announces an ddress March 12th, from Oen. Jap per 'ackard, Ut. 55, in university hal!, nis subeet being the " Vicksburg Campaign." Quite a large uumberof studentsbelongng to the Student's Christian Association xpect to attend the state convenlion of tie Y. M. C. A. at Bay City to-morrow. The Oracle will again be printed at the ÍOURIER office for the coming year. This makes the eighth consecutlve year that ublication has been turnad out by the Jourikr presses. E. M. Hartman, pres.; E. H. Stafford, ice pras.; C. H. Cushing, sec'y; B. Vaples, treas.; F. C. Severance and B. Vaples, librarians, are the nevv ofllcers ccredited to the literary adelphi. When Senator Zebulon Vanee, of North Carolina, delivers his address here on Feb. 22d, should he not choose for hls subject the " Pan Electric Co.1' and give his hearers soine points on liow to speculate in office ? Unless something unforseen occurs the Palace rink will ín a day or two pass into the hands of the Rugby Association of the university, to be used as a gymnasium. A complete outfit, from Akron, Ohio, has been.ordered. Prof.Vaughan performed a Tery delicate and fine operation upon Daniel Donovan, at the house of his father, P. Donovan, in the 5th ward, last Thursday, an account of which would puzzle the pencil of a comuaon reporter to describe. Now, boya, here la graat eneouragement for local Indimtry and home talent, and no tarli! even for revenne. Hlllsdale ooilege pars 15 unit each tor cati, de-id or allve, for dUsectlng purposes.- Eaton Kapld Journal. Hlllsdale is aw;iy behind. Ann Arbor gives 50 cents for cats and nothing for flrst class cadavers. The Detroit Abend Post bas undertaken the raising of a popular íubscription to purebase a Goethe iibrary for the univernity, at the suggestion of Prof. Calvin Thomas. It is to be hoped that the Abend Post will prosper iu its undertaklllfT. Lao-tse," a great Chinese Transcendentallst of the sixth century before Chrlst will be the subject of a paper to be read next Saturday eventng, before the Philoaophical Society, by Rev. Mr. Bixby. Tbe meeting will be held In room 31, north wing, and will begin at 8 o'clock. Everybody Is cordially invited. Miss Rutie Jordán, of Coldwater, the only female student Vale college ever had, lian left that institution because of the cold-boodedness of the president who refused togrant her a diploma at graduation, no matter how well qualitied she tniglit be for the same. Well, wbat is Vale s loss is our gain. Michigan University will reoeive all the bright girln wlio wish to come, and its curriculum or standing nelther one, will be lowered by reason thereof. In factthe U. of M. will along side any of the old raoss-back colleges like Yale or Harvard any day in the week, and ncver fear the comparison.


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