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In giving the list of those wlio had been uiembersof the past legislaturas laat weck, we lid the vtry best posslble with data at hand, and the good memorv of two or tliree of our old citizeng. But it seems that sorae errors have crcpt in, as the following will show: Iifxtik Mioh., Jan. SOth, 1886. Eo. Coükibk:- Harason Parker, of Lima. P. O. addretw Dexter, represented hin dlatrlct In the state legislatura of 1876. I see in the list of thoHo who have been tnernbers of the ntate leglslaturo from Uit county who are Uil living puhllshed In thll weeli's CouKitK hls name la omltted. It In also omltted In th lint of the state legislatura glveu on pp. 3ó2 and 858 of the County Hlstory, publlahed In IKKI.but la mentioued In hls personal ntstory un p. 817. The dMlre that m v reapected fnllow townaman may hare In the notlcu f Ivon to hls i'oileitgues In my excuse for oallng your attentlon to the omlsslon of hls naine In the list. Kespeotfully yours, KBENEZEEl 8MITH. Besidcs the abovo the name of WmN. Stevens, of this city, Uien of Whitmore Lake, was also omitted, likewlse that of Thos. I). Lane, of Salem, who was a ïnember of the senate, both in the yers 1860-61.


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