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most perTectwjjs I'ri'parod with special rogará to heulth. Rain. '?rc '.4r.';V0 POV.'DER CC, CHICACO. ST. LOUIS. pl SPECIAL Hextracts MOST PERFECT MADE Parea) r Natural FVult FIatots. Va Mu, lraon,Oi unfce, Alinond H ¦ ¦¦ ¦ u ,. flavor m llcuteïy ¦ ODCUQ. Price Baking Powdor Co. .WW. - Invalids'HoteliSurgicalInstitute BUFFALO, KT. "5TOrgantzed wlili a full SlaíT of eightrrn l.vpcricnced and Sklllful rhyslclnns and Siirgeons for Ihc Ireatment of all 4'Iironlc DUrases. OUR FIELD OF SUCCESS. Chronlc Nasal Catarrh, Throat and (.une Discae, Livcr and Kidnry lii.rafs, Uladrier Dixousis, Diaratri Of Voinen,Blood Di caaes and Ncrvons Alfettion, rund hvrc or nt homo, . . .'li or witliinit secintr tlio patipnt. Come and 18, or nd bu cents in stnnip fnr our ' fuvalidK' Cuide Bouk," wbii-li g-ives all partU'ulare. r_._i_1 Norvonslïobilitj', Iiupo¦ toney, Nocturnal Lowe, lüiTE and all Morbid CondUioiiH ubuuuib axmi by Youlliful rolfllSCICJ ll" andPoriiicious SoliUIouHjLí). iracticcs are spedily ¦¦¦"¦¦¦ and pennaaently cured by our BpealailBts. Bouk, puEt-paid, in ctn. ín slumps. mmmmhí Rtiptnrc, or Breach, r:ili1 n ciliy cured without the kuif'', ' KUPTURF I wiiíi" truBSce, without pain, ""' """ „„ti without danger. Curen mmmmÊËm iuaruillccd. Book s'iil l"i ten cents in stampa. PHJB TI.tlOKS and 8THICTUBES tiTated under Kiiaranteo to cure. Book lorton ci'iiisin Ktanips. Addresa W'om.n's DlSPBKSART MeOICAIi ASSOCIATIOB, 868 Mam Street, Uultalo, N. Y. -aaaBB. T!i" trontmont of nmnv n... ¦. ¦- tlumsands of casos of thoso U1SE&SES OF oiaeatea peculiar to Unury VtOMEN nUMLIl. at the tnvallds' Hotel and fc ¦ Surlaal Institute, has afl'urdi'd larfro ezperienoe Ín adapUng remedica íor thcir cuix1, aud K. PIERCE'S Favorite Prescription is the reeult of this vast ezperienoe. Tt is a powertul Ilesloratlvc Tonlc and Neriiiic, miparix viiror and stnnt-1h lo tile sys'.fiu, Jüul nnrs, is II by iniiir. l'Utloivinu, painlnl moimtruatlou, uiinatiiral aopprOBStoita, prolapsiis or lallinu o l' I lie u terna, weak back, aiiteverioii, retroverslon, bearing. down sentad Olift, i-lirini' coiiui'h. llon, Inflanimulioit an1 iilocration oí titc noiiih. inflammatlou, pain and IcndernesH ¦¦¦ otarios, intcmal licat, and "fonialo xnakiicss." It promntlv relieves muí ouret Nausea and WeakncM f Stomacta, liidige. limi, lti;iiiiiL'. Nerroaa Proetration, aud Bleeplessuosa) In eltber o. ODIPC t í nn or u nomis rnlbt 3I.UU, ion $3.oo. Send tMi ''iits in stenips far Dr. P lanre Treatlse on Diseascs of Wotnen, Ilustra ted. World's Dispensary Medical Association, 603 Main Street, BUFFALO, M.Y. L% S8CK-HEADACHE, Pjfevy- BIliouN Ili-.-ulac'ic, 17 affv Dlzzlne, ConKUpa?¦"¦ K '. llon, Ind ijjettiou, -JLV-_rf nTi: aI1' milouw Attarka, íl 5y i-oniitly oiirtul by lr. ,ls W1'Plerce's Hl t 'A Vr Pnrgattvc PelletK. 2' "S. i a vial, by DrugglCts. MMUNiT Y trom ANNOYANCE _j lo Pat.0oL30th.l883. í 'i lartconlyof tlie llnoRt nnd betinil. ity of ilass fi withstaiullns Ueut. Evory good thing is Counterfeited, and consumors aro CAUTIONED against IM1TATIONS oí these Chimneys ijiade of VERY POOR GLASS. See that the exact label is on each chimney as above. The Poarl Top is always clear and bright Glass. Mauiíiactnrcd ONI.T by SEO. A. MAGBETH & CO. PltlHbursïl I.ead tila.ts Worlt. POR SALE BY DEALERS. _ tíí&tlTon J8G6. iSÊKm Wlll bt mUti PIUCE 10 '.! ppllciult. ud to outwnnpi of la yer witbout ordriot il. il bout 1O pi, 00 ÏUIMUMIODI, pric, our.M doicrip:!jM .ni In lui bl. dlractlom Tor pUntlnr II tmihIci of V tUt1 ABLt iod KLIUrtBSEBBS, BÜI.IIS, lo. I. lurtU u, all oiwolailr to Mart Qar.lonfn. Utrttl ftr tt. D. M. FERRY & CO., Detroit, Michigan. (i t o o W o ti 1380


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