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Tin or the Pi-i n tn :iiiwascio roted uxcluiíti'lir i" irüutes ta tbo memor f Vïoe-Presldent tlrndi k bj íi 11 1 WM, lliiniíii'iu. tílic-inmn. Bauliburjr, Bvi Itansom, Bpooner, V-i umi Harrlsou intlie Houso bilis wore introduced: Bi Mr Murpbr. lor the reliol "f rallway mil oisrks whu Imvi leii ni the srviK twcnti' yoars: by Mr. Binghaní, to .iiiiiioi-íc the pament t postulnotea .'i "iv money-order i'.lii'c: by Mr. Uriinini, lo limit the ciipiuil r uiiy National tinnk to f.-,iHMH: by Mr. Cnldwi-11, to proli'bit the importiUiou of pauper luuor, b Mr. Willis, to mu1 prrii'ivnce to Ainerioun cltlzeiM ln eroplorlng labore on pui'llc works; bv Mr. Swlnbiiriie, lo declara fhe sllver dollar 11 lPtfiil lemier; by Mr. Townshcud, to limit the juilsdollOQ of ümlcd Btatet OOUTtt ln patont cases, and to protout perrons wtio without noilce are bou fite Dianu facturara, purcliKsers, veud'ra or uséis of articlns for the exclusive use. manufacture nr cale of which a patent Ims oí niay herearV'rbe irranted; pmposine a ConstitucJonal auivudmont provldlna thií ttie Prosldent aad VicS-Prealdont shall be elecn! bv a majoritv ot the. paople, aboll8hiiir tlii' Etootoral Colinde, and rcifUlatiiiít the mothod (ir con ntiiig tlie votes by the two houses of CoPgWiM A BILL was lntroduced lo the Senate on the ITth by Mr. Cameron to MUtarw tb survivor of tho .Tcnniieitf Arotlfl expsdltlon Mi-. Hnrriaon ímulc a speec ravorlnf tlie admlsslon of Dakotu to tlie Union - 111 im Housc a bilí ni iki-("1 lurfiMtinK cci-lain lnndü granted t tlie States of Missouri. Alatitmiii :¦ ml LouUlana to ld la the comiructlon 01 rallroadi. The Scnatf rMQtutlona touohin( the üi-uth of Vicu-1'reaident Hendrioks were prese ited. Ha. Moiimi-i. oHiied a reaolution In the Banat on n. aa apart sites ln Waihlnttton for slatues of Columbus and Latayetle. Mr. Ingalls presonted a petitlon from OOlored oltlseni of Washington, complalning of dlscrlminatlon at theaters and other publio plaoea Mr. Uawes inado a favorable report 'n a blll for the llotmont f lauda 11 seveuiltyto lndiHiii, and to extond the proteot i r 1 'ot the Uiwi over tlie Itedman. Mr. Bbenñan inti-nduced a blll to discontinue tho cuiímice of tho silver dollar, ¦ad t" lasua ootn oertlfloate for silver bullion ]"1i.-í liy Seoiciiuy 4 tfl 'i'rcasury. Tho l"ii i"i tho mini slon of I) iWctn wus disI ...ín th Housí' Air Werver Intro ¦ 11 tiill tur uraMiiintiou of the Territoi oí Oklfthoma, and 10 alioi homocteadt to Jii.liiiiis. A blll authorizlng tha Prealdeut to re ifili'i'i tu 1I11' urniy ln bertain casos, iniciiik-'i le applj rstK-rialív to FjLz John Porter, m raported by Mr. Wheeh-i-, Kulmles on the uureer l tb" late Kciiheu Ellwood. of Illinois, closed t lio pioieoainus. A lUtgoi.L'TiON was aiiopted In the Senato 011 thf" :Wih uit. direct I uk the Secretary of the Treasury to roporl wintuer the Asslstant Seoreiao .11 New V1.1U hail beeii instructed to refnae ttapoalti ot silver dollars for cortIBtutes. A rcsolulimi ivas subinittcd provlding iIimi Bxeputive numlnationi shall liereafter be considerad In open seusion. The bilis to divide thc Sinux teíervntion in Dakota and ti r tlie admlsslon ol Ilnkolasa State were debated nt lenfth. Ailionmeil to Fobruary 1. in the House :i blll was pass6d to pay MB Fourth of .luly ulaims. :itrieiu:iiiK ÜO,liOO, huted niuonir eleven States. At tbe evunlng sc-sion flity pensión measurea were put thiMith. DOMESTIC. Sxow-smde ia the Ticiuity of Crested Buttes, Col-, o Ue 2ith carried away two cabras and killed live men. Tul total poliert ions of intcrual revenue chiring the Hnt six monthsof the fiscal year ended Jaminry 1. 1888, were $58,54H,til1, an iii'ivat ol ï'i.iiJtMtü over the colleetim doring the same iwiod of the last üscaJ year. Jik C W'ukkkmulm and wife, rfsidiog twenty miles front Cloverdale, Cal., were recently found murdored. A Chinese cook having disappeared, he was suspected. Chaiu.1.;. Hmvviui, night watchraan at the railway saops in Marietta, lia., was murdered a few days ago by unknowu persons with a hamnter, and hiscorpse oovered witb live coals. Six stores at Opelika, Ala., were destroyed by lire on the 2titu. Thb first of the five games of the international billiard-match at New York, for flve thousand dollars a side, between Viguanx and Schaefer, resalted on the20thln a victoiy for the latter by a score of 600 to 274. The Agrlcultural Department of Illinois on the 3Bth reported a deficit of flve million buühels in tho aniount required for home cousumption- a state of affairs not known to exist for a quai-terof a century. A Georgia man named Daniels killed his wife at (iriflin, Ga., on the 'Jith. Ue had elopedwltb his sister-inlaw, and his wife was in pursuit of him. The damage to the orange erop in Florida by tbe recent cold imap was on the 36th MManated at $50,001,000. ïm: loss by the ecent firo in Pbiladelphiu ws on the Sjth placed at $750,0)0. At Cnnton, Ga., on the 20th Dr. Moore, an aged puysician, was bitten by his horse in tho neck, the teeth of the animal al most severing the doctor's head from his body. A Fi.ooi at Stockton, Cal., washed a-way li-vfcs and cansed a damage of (400,000 on the a;th. Eaktiiqi'ake shocks were feit on the 26th in Ulster, Green and Dutchess Counties, New York. Thb Indianapolis State Board of Health announces that during 18S5 there were 15,606 deaths in the State, 776 being from accident and 110 frora suicide; 8,115 were males and 7,488 females. A lbttkr mailed in Silesia for a citiien of Madicoen, Java, found its way to the Chicago post-offlee on the 2ttth, having been missent twelve thousand milas to Madigon, Ia. Mrsíbs. Moody ajíd Sanket began their revival meetings at Knoxville, Tenn., on the 20th. The peoplo of Cloverdale, Cal., on the SOth warned all Chinese resident to leare within forty-eight hours. The strikers in the coke regions of Pennsylvania on the 27th ordered out the engineers at the pumps, and all the mines would soon be flooded. 1 The fruit-growers of California on the 21 th memorialiïed Congress not to ratify Itho reciprocity treaty with Mexico; and furt hor asked that the duties on prunes, 'raisins and olive oil be materially increased. ! Repohts of the 27th from the peach-grow'ing sections of the Hudson river valley show that the buds were killed by the recent cold snap, and that, for the third year in succession, there will be no erop. Holden Dick and Vicente Olinas, the former an Indian, the latter a Mexican, both couvicted of murder, were taken out of jail at Susanville, Cal., on the 27th by a mob and hanged. Tas Mississippi river was on the 27th blockaded by a solid mass of ice from 8t. Louis sixty miles south and as far north as the mouth of the Illinois river. The nuinber of hogs packed in the West during the week eaded on the 23d was 290, - 000, compared with 270,000 for the same week last year. A PAJiTï of hunters at Brnshy lake, Ark., cut an air-hole ia the ice the ottaer day and killed thirty-two bearers. John C. Kimbrei,, a farmer, and his wife and three childinn were frozen to death uear Dodge City, Kan., during the recent cold snap. Thb total value of the export of merchandise for the year 1885 was $88,840,556, and tor the year 1884, $749,366,438, a decreasc of $60,519,872. The value of the imports of nierebandise for 1885 was 1587,551,:,. and for 1684 $029,301,300, a docrease of 141,710,884. At South Egremont, Mass., on the 27th Richard Wincüell sold his wife to his hrother William for three dollars, who took the woman and left for Albany, N. Y. Amices of the '7th say that after a ftght in Sonora, the American force, under Captain Crawford, was Hred on by Mexican tioops, American couts returning the flre. Five of the American party were wouuded, among thein Captain Crawford, who died OOB kfter, whiletho Mexican loss was four killed and flve wounded. Thb total number of emigrant.H arrirlng in the United States during the yaar 1885 was : i-i 1,41 1. Kgalntt ¦!;.¦; '.0 for 18a. I' i 'i.i.y flfteen tU'Hi.sund cattle were on the dèad on tiie pitii'i withm levnt'Sr BiH ol Vovl lilliott, Tex., b&viug i l'OKCil Lt ii-i ' h. Wïixiam WiuanT, an oíd man, Andv tV'right, bis sou, aud William Wrigut (colred) were killed by Jama, Bimuül and Ulijau Wright in Letcher County, Ky , on :he iSth. The parties were relativos, nd a fmnüy feud was the causo. Six men were killed on the 38th by a snow-slide uear Park City, Utah. Fumes on tbe 28th destroyed the Operahouse block at Franklin, Pa., fllled with stores, the lose agreRating $200,000. Tfie Alliany (N. Y.) Browing Company'a hrew.-iy wo.s partially destroyed by flre on tho3íilh. Loas, $150,000. Thk explosión of a can of gasoline a few days ago at Mitchell. D. T., fatally burned Mr. Dr. Dix and Mrs. Malcolm. The proselyting work of two Mormon polyxamists at Wallinlln. 8. C, has caused much excitement, it being reported on the 2Stb Uiatflfty con verte were ready to proceed to Utah. Tbe young man of the district had o rganized and warned the I4ormons to quit. The biennial directory of millers and mili furnishors shows a total of 18,307 lloui ing mili in the United States and Canada, being a docrease, as compared with 1884, of of 0,812. The milis in the United State number 10,856. A storm of sleet on the 28th at Newburyport, Mass., vas the most destructivo for many years, and it was Üiought that a quarter of a century would be required to restore the trees of the city to their former beauty. The Reading road sufltered a loss of nearly $1,000,006 by the buming on the 29th of the engine-house at Mahoney Plane, Pa. Owino to the strike, coke was on the 29th becoming scarce, and furnaces in the Pittsburgh district were closing down for want of that article. Four dog entered the pens adjoining the slaughter-house of Henry Walker, near New Brunswick, N. J., the other night and killed forty Bheep. M riiAT J. Halstbad, editor of the Cincinnati Commercial-Oaiette, and Joseph J. McDowell, business manager of the H-iKjuirtr of that city, were arrested on the 29th on the charge of publishing lottery advertisemeuts. E.uii.v on the morning of the 39th a colllsion of Baltimore (t Ohio trains occurred near Chicago Junction, O., by which four employés lost their lives and several passeugers were iujured Mk. Uoudsa, of Lincoln, Neb., who wa bitten two weeks ago by a mad dog, left for Pari on the 39th to be treated by Dr. Pasteur. The business failures throughout the United States and Canada for the seven days ended on the 29th uuinbered 289, as compared with 339 the previous week. A family ol negroes at Howth Station, Tex., were fatally poisoned a few days ago by eating stolen pork which had been dosed with strychnine. Tbe boiler of a steam saw-mill near Breckenridge, Mc, owned by Miimi Reed, exploded a few nights ago, trilling Spencer Reed and his step-son, named Adams. Tue Secretary oí the Treasury cm the 29th called in $10,000,000 of tlie tbree per cent. bonds of 18-i'J, on xruieh interest will cease Ma rob 1. The Texas State Treasury on the 29th temporarily iis)iinlid payment on claims of all kinds, lieiiig out of funds. The building and stock of the Ryan Drug Oompany at St. F ui, Minn., was destroyed by flre on the 20ta. Loss, 1350,000. telegrama on the 39th to Bradstrtct's froin number of large diBtributing qjnleru indit-ated tliat general business waa very quiet. It was amvumced on the 29th that smallpox had eutiiely disnipoarsd from Montreal, Can. PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. John Kki.i.y was re-olected chief of th TammaK Society in New York on the26th. His health vary poor. The llhode Island Lejfislature met in aunual session at Providence on the 2Jth. David R. Árennos died in Clinton County, Mo., ou the 'fith, aged seventy-nine yeai-s. He was United Statos Snator from Missouii from 1S43 to 1855, and was twice President of that body. He also bore the singular distinctiou of having been President of the United States for one day. A ui u. was introduced in the Virginia Legislatura on the 27th providing that after May, 1887, no molt liquors or ardent spirits shall be sold in the State. Tut: House Committee on Military Affaira at Washington ou the 27th decided to report favorably a bilí to erect in New York, at a cost of $750.000, a monument to General Grant, one-third of this sum to be contributed by the public. Govkknor Mchrat, of Utah, bas vetoed an act of Uie Legislatura giving obsolute rightof bail to all convicts except murderers in the flrst degree. Colbman Freeman, born a slave in Virginia, died at Windsor, Ont., on the 27tb, aged one hundred and twenty years, leaving a few thousand dollars earned as a cooper. Mbs. U. 8. Gbant's sixtieth birthday oocurred on the 27th. She had a quiet family reunión at her house in New York, at which her tbree son9 and their wives and chUdren were present. Ex-Senator Chaffee says that the amount of return from the memoii-8 which will be paid to Mrs. Grant will be over $500,000, and possibly $750,000. Mr. Green, the attorney forthe plaintiffs in the Chicago mayoralty contest, appeared in Jndge Prendergaat's court on the 27th and secured an order dismissing the case with costs to the plaintiffs. The annual report of the CifU-Senrice Commission of the State of New York aays that the number of persons in the serrice of the State who have passed exuminations is now 15,179. During the year 4,823 persons were examinad and 2.725 aiuo'-ted. Allen LiTBROOK, of Kichmond, Ind, wh was serving as United States Consul at Algiers, died in that city on the a-tth. In the trial at New York of General Alexander Shaler, on a charge of bribery in office, the jury on the 2öth failed to agree and were discharged. Of the 5,000 bilis iutroduced in the House of Representativos at Washington up to the 28th two-thirds went to three commlttees, as followg: In valid Pensions,; Claims, 1,000; War Claims, 1,100. Efforts to compromiso the trouble in the Ohio Senate were being made on the 2Sth, committees for that purpose having been appointed. The Massaehusetts Secretary of State ha published a list of the persons in that State whose names were legally changed betweeo the y eai-s lTsü and 1888. The list oompris nearly ten thousand names. Charles Robimsoü, the flrst Governor of Kausas, presided over a meeting held at Topeka on the 28th to celébrate the quarter-centennial of the State. Governob Rusk, of Wisconsln, haa issued a cali for a special eloction In the Fifth Cougressional district, to be held February 23, for the purpose of selecting a suc cessor to the late Cougressinan Joseph Rankin. General Shkrman will, some time next fall, remove from St. Louis and take up his resideuce in a New York hotel. FOREIGN. Tnn value of expoi-ts from Germany to America during 1885 was $1,250,000 less than the valuB of the exports in 1884. Tue winter in Europe has been the severest known for a long period. It is fourteen years since London saw so much snow. The BritiRh Ministry was defeated on the 26th by a vote of 329 to 250 on the question of allotments. On the 26th Bellevilie, Can., was flooded by rising water in the River Moira. Nin'ety houses at Radna and two hundred at Lippa, in Transylvania, were partially submerged on the 2Cth by high water, and several thoueand acres of land were floodod. Fifty buildings had collapsed at LÍD1'" _______ nr repry to a Meokd nota lHn tk Kuropean Power Greece statad on the 96th that she hald to her original position and refused to disarra. Tns Marqui of Salisbury on the 27th sent a special messeuger to Osborue House to inform Quesn Viotoria of the resiguation of the Cabinet. Tuk Lieutenant-UoTernor of Ontario ia opening the Legitlalure on the 38th pronounced it unwise for the prOTince to sümulate the immigration oí labor. Tsmpleton's oar-faotory in Glaagow, ralued at $150,000, aud employing thrse hundred men, was wiped out by flre on the 2B th. Trnt recent fallare of the Robin flrm at Halifax haa rendered destitute the families of six hundred ftshermen on the Gaspe and Bonaventure coasts. Princb Bismabck said in the Prussian Landtag on the 28th that the prime reason for the expulsión of the Poles was their disloyalty to Germany. The safety of the State, and not religious prejudice, influenced bis oourse, and he would pursue it, despite the opposition of the Reichstag. Antonio Block, an old merchant near Matamoras, Mex., was attacked in hiSBtor on the 28th by two mea. HU head m- chopped to pieces with an axe, and hi tata robbed of four thousand dollars. Thk Queon on the 29th accepted the resisnation of the Salisbury Cabinet, and at th same time summoned Gladstone for conaultation. Four members of a Polih rerolutionary organiiation were executed at Warsaw on the 'ï.tth, and two of their accomplioea had their sentences commuted to twenty years' serritude in Siberia. In the Prussian Landtag on Ui 20tt Bimarck declarod that if spirit monopoly wn refused the Government would be forc4 to iuipose an enormous license on daini. LATER NEWS. The wife of Secretary Bayard dted at SVashington at eight o'clock on the moruing of the 31st uit., from congestión of the brain, at the age of flfty-one year. She had been in poor bealtb for a long time, un. i tho recent deatb of her daughter wrecked her nervoua aystem. Thü billiard tournamont in Nw Yurk ended ou the 30th uit. in a rlctory for Schaefer, Vignaux making 2,838 points in sii nights and Sc-haefer 3,000. NkiixH. Browx, who was GoTernor of Tennessee iu 1848 and Minister to Russia in 11. ex]iredon the 30th uit. at Nashville, in his seventy-aixth year. Neak Telluride, Col., a sjiow-rildo curred a few days ago, which buried t-nenty-two men. AH were rescued except four wlio ierished in the enow. Tmk oross-levee near Stoekton, Cal., gave way on the .'iOth uit., flooding 35,000 acres of land, of which 13,000 acres was in wheat. The loss by the inundatiou was estimated at $600,000. Sri: 1 a i . thanksgiving serrices for the (".sation of the sma'.l-pox epidemie were htilU iu nll tlie cliurclies in MontreaJ on the 31st tilt. PniiNctha wcok endid on the 30tb uit. nearly $1.000,000 in ooiu was sbipped to otlier oosutriei from New York. Tin: Itlimus of l'onajua was on the Wtb uit. threateued with anotber revolution. nml the Spoi-etary of the Navy hal ordored Ilcar Admiral Jouett to rniiain at Aspiuwall with the TenneBwee. Bui buililingRjin Loodon suddnly aud without the sligbpwl wainiag collapsed on thaSOth uit., buvyii'g a number of pasersby in the riiiui. Fivo jhusuus were taken out dead and seveial others were fatally injured. Foub prominent business flrms in Montreal failed on the 30th uit. The failurea were attributed to the embarrassmeute that arose during the siuaU-yox epiilemio. J'm 11 ¦ (,!!nwi:us of New Hamjishire reported mi the Slat uit. that the recent sleetstorms öèrótagWnt the Btate had ruined their orchards. In Nottingham one man lost one thousaud peaeh trees. Folk brilliant circular rainbows, the aroa lapping, were yisible for half an hour at Baratoga Springs, N. Y., on the morning of the Sist uit. Considerable damage was done to the town of Veleï-Malaga, Spain, by a recent earthquake. Whii.e croesing the river at Evnnsville, Intl., a few afternoons ago a boat containing fur men was upset, and all were drowned. At twenty-six leading clearing-houses in the United States the exchanges during the week ended on the 30th uit. aggregated M,000,914,659, agaiust $871,833,109 the prerious week. As compared with the correiponding week of ISA, toe increase amouut U 'ü pul' ütiUC


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