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rHEl!TNo'8W6'ÏOTA?LOOVT BBi It If the only line wlth lts own track trom - CHICAGO TO DENVER, Either by way ol Omaha, Pacific June., St. Joseph. Atchlson or Kansas City. t connects In Union Depots with through traint (rom NEW YORK, PHILADELPHIA, BOSTON nd all Eastern polnts. It Is the principal line to SAN FRANCISCO. PORTLAND & CITY OF MEXICO It traverses all ot the slx qreat States ol ILLINOIS, e inWA, MISSOURI. NEBRASKA. KANSAS. COLORADO M wlth branch Unes to all thelr Important cltlet and j '""ío'm CHICAGO, PEORÍA or ST. LOUIS. It runt u cvery day In the year Irom one to three eloqantlv equipped through tralns over lts own tracks between ' Chicago and Denver, a Chicago and Omaha, J. Chicago and Councll BlufTs, o Chicago and St. Joseph, ' Chicago and Atchlson, A Chicago and Kansas City, v Chicago and Topeka, Chicago and Cedar Rnplds, r Chicago and Sloux City, Peoría and Council Bluffs, Peoría and Kansas City, St. Louis and Omaha, St. Louis and St. Paul, Kansas City and Denver. Kansas City and St. Paul, Kansas City and Omaha, For all polntt In Northwest, West and Southwest. - ltseaulflmont Is complete and first class In every , particular, and at all Important polnts Interltcklng v Switches and Signáis are used, thus insurlng l0FoïnTlcketsy, Rates. General Intprmatlon etc { regardlng the Burlington Route, cali on any Ticket ( Agent In the United States or Canada, or aderes T J. POTTER Ut V.P. 4. Ger. Mor., Cmicaoo. j HENRY B. STONE, A8ST. Qïn. Mor., Cmicaoo. PERCEVAL LOWELL, GtN. Pass. AOT., Chicmo. Attachment Notice. rpHE CIRCUIT COUKT KOK THE COUXTY 1 OF WAKIirKNWW- '. Wliliam P. Qroves vs. lc-orge Holmes, lu altachment. No Ice Is hereby given that on the twentyflrelday of November, A. I). 1885, a wrltof ati.ichment was duly Iraued out of the Circuit Court for the Connty of Washtenaw, at ihe 8ult ot Wllllam P. Uroves, the above rmmed p!alnttn.agaiDstthe )ands,tenmentH. KoocU mul ehattels, monry and effeeta of Oeorge Holmes, llie defendant nbove nameu. for the Hum of two hundred and four dollars iïltii) whlch sald writ was returuubie on the llfthctay of Jaiinry. A. I' l(Wf. Dalod Uil Hth day ol Jannary, A 1. 1836. K. D. KJ r., Attorney for Plalntlfl". Real Estáte for Sale. STATE OF MICHIUAN', ('ouuty of Wasbtenaw. ss. In matlcr oftlieestateofJohuO.uavlR, deceaHed. NOTICE is hercty flven, tliat In purxu. anceofan ord.r aran tod to tbe dert-lned adiolnlstrator of the entate of sald JohnO. navis ly tlie Hou. Judge of I'robal for Uie County of Waslilcnnw, on the -t li day of .lunimtv, A. i). BfW, Iherewlll be sold ut public vendue. to the blgbest bulder, al the late ïeRklence of naid deceased, on the premis.- below descrlljed. In the townshtp or York, m the Couuty of Wahtonatiti siitd (-Stilte, on Tuesday, the 23d day of February, A. V. 1880 at 10 o'clock In the forenooo or tliat day (Hiibject to all encumbranceB by morteaueor otherwlite exiHiluK at the Mme of the lealh of shUI deceaaed the followliiB describid Real F.stale. to-wlt: TheHoulli eiwt quurtur of Sei-tion Uve S) m town four (4) ÍSoulh range 8lx (O) easl (Vork) 111 '"¦'¦ COMHTOCK I". U1I.I.. Dated Janunry, l8Stl AdmtaUtrator. Jïotlfe to Cretlltors. Si ATE OF MICHIG.N,County of Wnphtenaw.sB. Nolice s hereüy kívud. Hint by nu order ui tbu Proliate Court for the ("oiinty "f Washtenuw, made on the nixth day [ Jnaary, A. i. Ihitii. sii moutliü frum tbat date ere aliowed fürcrei'.llors lo pre.ent thelr claim" axainm ihe tate of Hunry Oolclazer laie olllia citj of Phüarteluhia In the State of Peamylvmiia, bu) havii g rítate wlioiu anid County, decea"ed, and all ccertitora of sald decease4 ve rt-qu'rt'd ;o priaent thelr claim to eaid Probate Court, ut the Probate OtUce, in the cily tf Aun Ariior, rur exnim ation aip' allowauce, o or bel'.ire tlie Gth lay of July mest, and that such claims will hc hearil Del'orc eaid court, o Tuefdny, the Bth day ir April, aad on Tuueday, the tlth day ot Jnly next, at teu o'clock In tlie fori-noon oi eacb ol aio Dated Ann Arbor, .Taiiuary H, A. D. WO. WILLIA.M D. HAKMMAN, 12S1-1284 Jud;e of Probaw. Estáte of Simon Uavis. ctrATKÜl'MICHIHAN. Connty or Washienaw, Ata MtalOU of the Probate Court for the C'ounty ol Waohtenaw. holileu at the t'robale Office in the city or Ann Arbor, on Saturday, the ninth dy ol .Tanuary. iu the year one ihousand elsat hundred and eighty-slx. Present, William ü. Harriman, Judee t Probate. In the matter of the or Simeón Davls, decensod. On readinc and nling tlie petltlnn, mily verined, or Anua B. Didv. úrayin that a certain inetrnment inwon 19 lu thl court purportlng to e tlie lam will and testament ol -ld ci-aeed may be admitted to probate, and that be may he appolnted executrix thereor. Thereupon it is orderi-rt, that Monrtav, thi 8th day of February next, at 10 o'clock In the roreuuon, bc asi{ned for the hearing of aid petitton and tuat the devisees, legatee.-, ard lielr at lw or sald deceaneil, and all othef irrroin ntereíted insaid MtáM. aro required to appear at a se? sion ol said court, theji to bc holden at the Probate Office, In the City ol Ann Arbor. and how cause ir auy there be, hj pr yer or the pe Ütioi.ersliould uot begrai.led. Auu it is turther ordered, that said pell'uner give notlcc to the persniw Interested lu said cítate, of th.' pendency of eaid petitton, and ihc heannu cauatni; a couy of thia ordiT to be publislied iu the Aun Arbor Oourur, a uewnpnper prtnted and circnlatingin said county, three sneceesive week previous lo aid dy of hearim;. i A true copy.) WILLIAM D. HAKRIMAN, Judge of Probate. WM. G. DOTY, Probate Heelster. 12811284. Egtate Of Ari-liibalil Scott. OTATKOF MlCHIGAN.Coumyoi Washtenaw, At a sesslon of the Probate Court for the Conntj of Warhtenaw, holden at Üio Probaie nffl. e lu tbe city of Ann Arbor, on Monday, the twentyflfth day of January, in the year one tboui-and eiht hundred and elghly-iii. Present, William D. llarriman, Judge ol Probate. In the matter or tbe estáte of Arehibald Scott. deceased. George S. Stil the adminlstiator of WJ esute, comes iuto conrt and representa that he is now prepared to reuder his final account aa ich admitiintrator. Taerenpon tt Is ordered. that Wednesday, the twenty-iourth day of Kebruary next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be asBisned lor examiuliiK and allowlnguch account, and that thehetrs atlawof said deceased, and all other persousintereateri in ald estatc are required to appear at a bctkIod of said court, tben to be holden at tbe Probate office. In the city ui Ann Arbor, and showcniipe il any there be,why the said account should not be allowd : And It Is lurther ordered, lht satd Adminístralo glve notice to the persons interested iu naid eetate, o( the peudency of eaid account, and the hearing ihereof, by causlng a copy or this order to re pnbliohed In the Ann Arbor Cburir,anewepaper print ed and circulatlnif iu said county, three succosive week iirevlous to sald day of hesnne. (A true copy.) WILLIAM D.HAKUIMAN, Ju.lge of Probate. WM. G. DOTY Probate Recister. 1283 1388 Notice to Creditors. QTATKOF MICHIGAN. Coonty ol Wuhtenaw, Natice Is hereby ïiven, taat by au order of the Probate Court for the Connty of Washtenaw. made on the 25th day of Jauuary, A. U. lSOü, elx montas Irom that date were a!loed for crcditor to present theirclaimeagainsttne estáte or'l'imothy K. Amsdeu. late of sald couuty, dereaued, and that all creditors of said deceaeed are required to preBent their claims to sald Probate Court, at the Probate Ufflce In the city ol Ann Arbor for cxamiuatlju and allowance, on or before the 2Bth day ol Jult next and that such claim will be hoard belore ¦aid Court, on Monday tbe 26th day or April, and on Monoay the twenty slxih day ol Ju'y next, at 10 o'clock In the forenoon of each of eaid days. Dated, Ann Arbor, Jannr 2Cih. A. D. 18sf. WILLIAM D HAKKlMAN, 12S3-8Ö Judge of Probat. Estáte of Austin Á. Wood. STATE UK MICHIGAN, Connty of Wahtenaw. am. At asesslon of the Probate Conrt for the County of Wadhtenaw. holden al the Probate ortlce. in th' ! city of Ann Arbor. on WtdneBday, the 27tli day 1 of Jnnoary, in the year one thoutand eigbt hundred aud el;lity-ex. Present William I). llarrimnn. .Indpe of Pnibate. In the matter of the entats of Auntin A. VN ood, deceaned. Leonhard (irnner, the admiulstrutor with the will anncxed of mild tíntate, comea luto court and represents that he I now prepared t render his aunual account aë euch administraior. Thereupon It la ordered, that I'riday.the twilftb day of February next, U ten o'clock in tbe for.;noon be aeeigned for examlning and allowluj: Buch account, andthat the devlsees,leKatee.'and heirs at law ol oaid deceased, and all other neruusiuierei-ted In sald estáte, are required t appear at a session of aid court, tbon tobetioldeu-aluie Prolwie office, . in the city of Anu Arbor.ln siid county. andstiow canse4if any there be, why tlie smd aeoonnt thould not be allowid : And it i lurther ordeied.that "aid admluistrator i-'ive notlcé lo the persons Interested iu aid esute, of tbn f kdtnQi ! "ii'1 ic ouut I I and the bearin' theroor, by ei Dlnu i copj "I Uift , ; order tohe pnbllshed In the Anu Arbor Cauriei; ¦ a newsDsper prtnted sudcirciUailiig in mild county . two fluectjHrtiw' previuut, to [aid day or hearing. (A true coty ) WM. D. UARIU-iAN, luil_i' i'f Probate. WM G. DOTY, Probate Uemur. 118-1066 1 Obtaincd in the United States nd ForeignCoun,r;,. OEO.H.IUTHHOP, 10 Url wld !., Detroit, JOlth.


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