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Will Waggot i Mllan'a new vlllage inarshul. Tbc Salem Baptists atill oontiiMie tlnir meetingt-. The (temían Oat Co. - wlmt ie il f- luis I o local agents n Salem. On tlie '28th there is to bc a concert In the M. E. churcu at Salem. Rct. D. K. Munger luis reinored from Manchester to Palo, Mich. A linn has starled the manufacture of 3pring beüs at Manchester. The Mllan cornet band annaunoa ;i aan3ert fdr Fridiiy evaning next. Feb. lOth, Henry Waters and Misslíate Cook botb of Salem, were marricd. Mr. W. Markuin, of Milan hal a vtolln wlileh he daima to be 117 ycars old, The ehicken pie festiva! at Goodyear's hall, Mancht'Stfr.recently.nplted 196.00. The repetition of Jeptha's Danghter, at Chelsoa, brought irj $3 deur ot expenx ¦. Walter Murray, of Salem, has gime to Kungas, soon to be joiucd by bis taniily. Theexpress office at Chelsea sold 1,719. 61 worth of money orders duriog January. Abner Bc;tcb of Lima expocts in erécl l new reidenee on nis talm ttie coming summer. A Lima-tan wants the Chelsea 1'. 0., whieh doesn't makc everythintr Sylvan iu Üiut vale. Another car load of Man chester sheep has gone to supply tbc Hu Halo markut witb mutton. Henry Öpeisrloberg, of Whitmore Ijake, iiccntly met with a erions loss U) bim la Ul death of bis horse. .lohn Kraishaar of Cleveland, ind Misa Malimla Heninger, of Dextcr. wen maiiled Keb. Bttl, at Dexter Prof. Parker, of the Chelsea schools was ciuite ill last week, and D. B. Tavloi acted ns a substituto to hear lus rvcitations. Addie Atchinson will teach in thestone school house aud Minnie iu the Peebles district, Salem, the coming term. Mrs. Jas. Gregory who lived 4' milos south of Saline, died Suuday of last week, leaving seven children, tho youbgest a babe. South Lyon sljfhs for the signnl serrice flags. Oueexperieoce with the black lla would probably satisfy lier for a long time. llarris Ball has sold the stock ot clotbinir asslgned to him by Chas. Smith at Dèxter recently, to II. 8. Holmes Sc Co., of Chelsea. TheMilan Journal passed its second birthday last Saturday, and is a bcallby two-yeai-old. It is always biïght, t'reah and newsy. .T. E. Cheney, of Wayuc, will o en a stock of boots and shoes aboiit March lst, in the store formerly occupied by Ball it Hoyt, at Dexter. Mr. S. W. Andrus bas just finished and placed in position in the Baptist church a handsome new pulpit, at au expense of ffiO.- Milan Leader. Harris Ball, of Dexter, leaves next week to prospect in southern Kansas, with a view of locating there permanently if itsuits him. Mrs. Abignil Conklin, died at her home in Miaron, Feb, 14th, of paralysls, aged 84 years. 8ho was one ot yashtenaw's pioneers, having been a resident of Sharon about 50 years. The Jas. Wade farm in Sharon. has been bougbt by Oeo. Pixley, who will take up his residence there some time next iprlng. Mr. Wads will move to Chelsen. He has resided in Sharon 10 ycars. The cornet band and K. P. Carpcntcr post, Q. A. It. will unite in iriving a masquerade, promenade and military ball at town hall on Friday p. m., and evening, February 26th.- Chelsea llerald. The Enterprise calis attention to the fact that a sign is needed at the " long crossing " of the Ypsilanti branch of the Lake Shore R. H , about % miles west of Manchester, which Is a danjjcrous place. Jackson'n business men are thinking of tryingtoobtain natural gas by tapping the coal beds underlyfng the city. It might he obtained in paying quantities by tapping some of the city editors.- btockbridge Sun. A fooi and his inoney are soou parted, that is what we thought a.s we deposited a quantity of Valentines in the stovc without examlnation. - Stockbridge Sun. Oh pshaw! There might have been something brlght in them that reflected on the Sun. A. A. Wood left Monday morning for Vermont, where he will spend two or three weeks visiting promineut sheep breeders. He will bring back with him a few sheep f rom some of the best flocks o the Green Mountain state.- Stline ObserTér. The man who beats the printer out of a single cent, wil! never reach that heavenlj land where good Elijah went. But when at last thls Ufe is past, this life of toil wat woe, he'll straightway stand in a fiery land, where they never shovel snow. - So Lyon Picket. Ann Arbor's banks, universlty, severa public offices and iu fact everything but the court house clock are run by standart time, and it looks as though the supervis ore of that county were eitlier blind or dev lish contrary. as they refuse to have It changed.- South Lyon Picket. Several of the merchauts on Congrcss street have been mucli annoj'ed lately tbrongh having their chinineys closet with rag?, boards and othor material. It is supposed to be the work of an enterprising chimney-sweep, who takes this method of creating a deniund for his serv ices. - T psilantlan. We learn that G. W. Doty, the newly appointed postmastcr, recei ved bis commU."ton to-day and that lie wlll take possession of the oll'uc on the lst of Mitrch. It ia ruraored that Mr. Walbridge wlll lerk lor him and that the office will remaio where it novv is, for the present at least. - .Manchester Enterprise. About 05 Master Masons f rom Maiichester.Clinton and Tecumseh went to Adrián yesterday afternoon to visit Adrián lodfie and sce work done in the third degree. O tho number, '23 were from Manchester anc they were entertalned in fine style hy th Adrián brothers. The uight train was held untll 10 o'clook tor tlieir benefit.- Enterprise. With this issue closes the fourtb year o the Leader's existence. It bas safely bul feted life'8 tempestuous waves for fou years under its present management, anc we propos nest week to malie a start fo another ibur-years run, whicb we hope t make as successful as the past. - Mila Leader. Tbe Leader Is a credit to Mil.n and dMrTes tho success It has. This week a gentleman from Adrián was n town circulating a pctition for the placig or lish chutes in the dams of the Raiin rhrer. Ue claimed to have similar peilions frota cach township between Lake Irle and Adrián. Notice wasserved upon uperriaoi Jeune directing hira to notify uiicrsof mili duins in this township to onstruct such cliutea in accordance with Ik petltiou and the luws of the state.- Duodee Reporter. Wonder how tlie danis on the Huron river are off for fish liutes ! Tiviislii) politieal matters are aireadgitating the leading members of cithcr :irty. and the probabilities are that the epublicans wil] make a greatfljtht to win i llic election of offleers, althouh the emoernts have a good and safe worklnj! nnjorit}-. Mattlicw Seeger, the present upervltor, is a redubliciin and a very )roiniiicnt('itizcnof the township; he lias nade an efficiënt oflicer, and will undoubtillv bc iciiominated. Prominent demorats are urging E. W. Wal lace to take 'ie deniocrutic nouiinalion, :md if he does vill mako n rreat nffort to win thp duv. -