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History Of The Bicycle

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In the year 181G, liaron von Drais, contrncted a curious vehiele, consistlng of wo wbeels of equal size, placed one in ront of the otuer and conuected by a bui on wbicb was a small soat. The rider e( aliide the bar and propclled tin entele by -triking his feet against thu rround. The machine, very simple iu in rliHiiisni, was named the Draisine, :nnl vas the progenitor of the modern bicyle. In 1818 his contrivance was introInced to use in Kngland, and the year óllowing made Is appearance in New L'ork, Pniladelpbla and Boston, and was m or a time quite popular. In 1S63, a 'renehman applled oranks to the fore vheel of tlie Dratsloe, bavinjf discovered hat a certaiu speed would mainuin the iqnilibriaia of the two-wlieeler, and in iü; furtber improvements were effected, he aew machine being introduced in New Vork. It reeeived a little or no attention until 868 uhen B suilden iopularity honoi-ed t, and everybody bean to use it. Tliis continued sbmelhinjj more than a year, wlicn it was as sunnuarilv abanJoued is it lmd been enthusiastically taken up. Somc English mechantes continued to vork upon the plan, however, and in S7' the iirat improved bicycle was imlorted and put on exhibiüon at our Cenennial Fair. In 1878 the flrat American company for lie manufacture of bicycles was organzed, and the traffic In these anieles has since increased so steadily that no loss han 0,000 were niauufactmed aurt aold in this country last year, and it was estiniated that there were then 30,000 in uae in the United States, exclusive of boy'i macbinea. The inauufacture this year will be much largor, the constan tly growng popularity of the bicycle annuallf increasiiig the demand.


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