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Michigan State Bounties

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At the last session of Uie state legUlaUire au act was passed providinsr for paying war bounties to certain soldieisenumerated below: 1. Men enlisting fiom March 6, 1602, to November 10,1863 (botli inclusive), in uiv Michigan regiment, company or bat;ery, except the Tenth and Éleventh Davalry, Tliirtecnth and Fourteenth Batteries, and First Colorcd Infantry, entitled to $40 stilte bounty. 2. Men re-enllsting in theirown regiments (after service of two years), f rom Xovcmber 11, 1363, to Febrüary 4, 1804, (botli inclusive), entitled to S50 state juunty. 3. Men enlisting or re-enlisting from Febrüary 5, 1864, to May 14, 1864 (both inclusive), in any regiment, company or battery, if applied on 200,000 cali, and properly credited to the sub-district in which they resided at the time of nUlh nrnt, eiititled to $100 state bounty. 4. Men enlistinj; from Febrüary 4, 1865, to April 14, 1865 (both inclusive), properly credited to sub-districts, entitled to flBO state bounty.


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