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The Pre9idcnt of the Cambridge, Mas?., Fire Ins. Co. says: " I reeominend Hood's Srsaparilla as a building up ud itreogtheaiog lemedy.'' Hovr Jaundicc and LtTor C'omplalnts are Producen. These disensos are so common that it maj bc interesting to the reader to know wliat causes theiu. In all cases of Jaundicc or Liver Üomplaiut tliere is a congestfil condition of the liver, which obstructs Hu; natural tlow of tlie bile, and instead of beinp; used in the process of digestión it is intended to be, it ií takeu up by tbt veius and canied into the general circulation, and the coloring matter ot the bilí is deposittd la the cipillary Vessels and colois the skin. This is what causes the sallow appeaiancc of a person sutlerin-i from Jauodice. The congested condition of the liver, which causes the obstructlou of the natural llow of bile Is inrariabiy produced by Malaria. There is no agcul koown that is so destructive to hcalth and Imppincss as Malaria, and no puisnn so disastrous and subtle. To prevent and cure these condltlons, we advise the use of Dr. .1. 1?. Ilcnioii's Sure Cure lor Malaria. Il laan elegant preparatlon, forsale by all druggisti,1 and is a positivo and radical cure for all furias of Malaria imd all kiiuls of pain. ])r. Henlon consulta free of charge, by mail, witli all those who are aslng liis Sure Cure for Malaria, Wrlte him at Koclicatcr, N. Y. Have used Dr. Bigelow's Positivc '" in iny familya a general couk'i mf"t One oL my chlldren raa quickJon of a se veré attack of crou p bjjj, .„, j fully recomraend it. II. J aon Kap'ids, Mich.


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