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To luk Editob:- Dr. Bïfhkey's Uglestions are very practical ; a "Business Association1' should bc organized at once, ind this board thould have no dionea la t. it should be composed of wide-awake, snergetic men who mean business and tliey should be instructed to devise mcans of all kinds to boom the toum - and estH'ci;illy to secure the shops of tlie Toledo & Aun Arbor railroad and all other manufacturiug interests possible. We should liave a pamphlet givlng all the facts which Dr. Breakey numed, and this should be a thins; of beauty. Why not cali it "7 Jie Ariütü, Scholastw and Busintss Altractions of Ann Arbor." The city of Ann Arbor contains plenty of subjects, - a few examples will sufflee here. Of conree the Univereity would be anxious to advertise itself and for this purpose would furnish handsome cuts of the main building - its proposed new art gallery, library, museum, and luw and other buildings, also views about the campus; the Psi U., Alpha Delta Phiaud I. K. F... would glve cuts and descriptloni of their respective chapter-houses; the board of education, a picture of the High School and ward school houses ; the various religious socleties, especially the Congregationalist, Baptist, Methodist, Presbytcrian, Unitarian and Episcopal, views of thelr church edifices, many of which are fine examples of architecture; and Bishop Harris would most likely be very happy to furnish both exterior and interior views of the beautiful building which the Episcopal church proceres to erect this vcar ; the board of supervisors would give a view of ourfinecnurt-liousc the Michigan Central au engraving of the elegant new passenger depot, one or two exquisito ploturet of the landscapes alonjj the line in Ann Arbor, the Toledo road, a picture of the bridge over the Huron ; the water works companv cut ol the reservoir, engine house and adjacent sceuery ; the gas conipany would add a view of its works and the Kdison and Vandepoele companies, cuts of their respective Systems of electrlc lightlng These are some of the public instilutions which could be advertised without cos as each would gladly furnish all the material. Then to begin with corporations:- Tht agrioultural works, the Keek furniture Co., and the flouring milis, all wouU contribute their share. Mr. Beal, o course, would only be too glad to publisl to the outside world fine views ot' hi printitig office, the post-officc, the Masonic block and his private residence; Mr. Mack well-known for his public spirit and u president of the Savings bank, would on doubtedly bevery happy toornameiit thi pamphlet with a view of his busines block and his private residence ; Mr Pattengill, principal of the High School might be induced to add the gem of i view to iuclude hls artistic new home with the exxuisite setting as a back ground which nature hus so chaimingly provided. These are only mentioned as a few salient examples of fine tfclng which could be had lor the asking witl wliich toadorn this descriptive pamphlet Every public and private institution would buy copies ; the University would want them for distribuliun, the railroads and the stmlents, and if a subscription was started on the right basis tliousands of our citizens, would order them to send to friends. In this way thelirst cost could all be guaranteed and the future editions could be furnished at a nominal rate. We believe if some of the publishing houses should take hold of this, it could be made to pay as a business venture, so many copies would be wanted. It should be mude such an exxuisite gen that both from external appearance and its interior make-up every one would desire to preserve it. Vhy should not the board approach Prof. Alexander Wlnchell, in such a way that the man whosu brilliant periods have a popular and scientitic auditory iu two contlnents, might add to the permanent value of this booming pamphlet 't This would certainly be worthy his gieat famc, und anything from his pen is rare of tinding tens ot thousands of readers. Let Miss Rogers, the artist, well knovvn as the niece of the famous líandolph Hogers, design the outside cover to give special eclat to this idea. We have two printing houses capable of doing the work. Let it be divided between them equltably; this would induce both to do their best, and they would probably do it at cost. Several citizens have suggested it, copies of this have been sent to uil the editor.-. Yours for booming,


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