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PROBLEMS IN PHILO3OPHY, by John Bascom, author of "8clence of Mlnd," "Growth and Grade of Intelllgenoe," etc. New York : Q. P. Putnara's Sons. Prlce, $1.50. Kor sale In Ann Ardor by Andrews & Witherby. Philosopy, ahove most topics, cails for m explicit statement of a few fundamenta) principies, and a pushing of inquiry i) relerenee to ihcin. Thls volume aims ;o make, in the most direct way, a con:ributlon on the more obscure topics of :hilosophy. Wluit it has to say, taken iollectively, is not extended, and may be 'UU faxther reduced by the reader conïuinj; liis attention to the one or more mbjeets whlch may appeal directly to lim. While the discussious offered touch rery closely the points at issue between ,he empirical and the intuitivc tendencies n philosopliy, they are not conducted with any express conformity to elther ode of laqUiry. l'liere is in the coniideration of these fundamental questions i distinct recognition of the faot that the henomena of mimi cunnot lind a rationa! iubstratum of thought wlthin tlieinselves is plienomeim merely; and also a recoj;ïition of the fact that it is these very phelomena, and these only that cali for exilanatiun. The eft'ort in this work is to l)ring approprlate ideas to the interpretaioñ of mental facts, as broadly and fully :ontained in human experience.


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