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Oh. hom happy are they Whe their cditors pay. And have paid up for one year ir inore. Tonque can never express The true joy of the prt-s, W'hen delinquent pay up the oíd scorc. Titus Hutzel has put in a telephone No. 128. Co. A minie $120 by its mafquerade Monday nlghl "Lw and Order" is the topic of Dr. Rntri8ajf's Sunday luorning sermón. One thing is quite evident, Ana Arbor iloesn't appear to belong to the hooming class of towns. Tlie collection in II. E. churcli laat Sunday mornlng for tbe Freedmen's Aid and tlie church extensión sotieties amounted to 313. The name of Dr. C. George is bei Dg prominently mentioned in oonnectton itli the noininuUou for mayor on the democratie ticket Talk about robins and lark, the local scribe of the Coukibb eaptured i live butterfly la.-i Thursday, and had him on exhibition in bia unctum. Rev. James '1'. Blzby will give a courae of two lectnret on Science and Religión a Allics. The tirst leotore will be on the [ndebtedneas of Science to Etellglon, and will be given at the LTnitarlan diureh next Sunday evening. How woald tbi propoaitioa k Í l.ii the city douate 15,000, Take oiw-half or more and buy a tract of land, then glve the land and the balance to the 'I'. A A. & N. M. R. R. Co., providlng the shops of tnat oompany are located liere. On next Sund ly the Baptist pulpit will be occupied by lic . Prof. tt'afllc, of Bay City. In the evealng lie will üelirer au adilreas bi-foru the Youujt People'a Society on "The Cliristiui Luw of Anniements." All are coi-ilially inviled. Tliis week endi op Ihe liusiuess of the tiim of Full jt Bendrlck. Oaly a few more days left to culi upon these gentleman, who havr been as straight forward, honorable, oprighl dealerj as Aun Arbor ever luid. W'o are ,-orry lo parí COHipnuy witii tbem, The circuit court convenes nexl Monday, and the jury s ealled forthe first day of the sessioii. The docket is ununnsally light one, 37 cases n 11, as followg; ei'miinul 9; issues of fact, jury cases 7 uc of fact, couit cases 5 : Impaxlance 1 ; chancery cases 15, of vvliich 11 are in dlvorce. An intelligent coloree! barber ia thls city has strong aspiradora to become a physician. On being asked if lie tbought he could ever master all the English and Latin terms used in the profession, he quietly replied he thought so, as lie liad a medical library lo his house Chat ooet him $300 At the request of G'iv. Alger, Judge Cheever ia compiling a list of ploneon of this counly. The pioneer society" books contain about 800 ñames to whicli the Judge will bave acoess. This work i prellminary to the great serai-centenial celebration of Michigan's birth to be btld next year. Prof. E. Baur states that the month'y meeting of the Pomologieal society will be held tlie Gth of M ircli at the usual place. Topics: "Purtber Developments Concerning the Giape Rut,1' by Prof. Spaulding; organizatiun oí coiumittee on noxious inseets, and nsectides, by Prof. Steere; report of cotnmlttM on fruit packages ; issinall fruit growing overdone Id this county ':¦; trees in and out of place; making walks and drives. The reader of the Coorier who cannot get his money's worth this weck is niility li'ird to pleae. We present a huge supplenieut givinsf the entire proOeedlngl and gK!eclies of tlie famous Michigan Club Binquct at Detroit Mo:iday evening, with portraits of the fanums men there presentí After you have read this just hand it to your nelrlibor and let hhn read it. And tlie lover of stntistic& will flnd tbem to his heirt's content in the Recorder's Report, also given in mipleinent form. There is no doubt but that Detroit- or Pontiae, vvhich?- Street slioul-1 !u bridged wheie it Ofoaiei the M.C. R. R. tracks. But the bridge should be composed of ron. Then, too, tlie bridge should be maintaint-d by the R. R. Uo. The closing up of State street will euable the company to do away with the services of a watchmin. at say $500 peryöprj and the pmpoKd bridge does away witli aimthi-r watohnian. at the same ligure, making $1,000 per year sa ved by the M. C. Co. The keeping up of this bridge would uot amount to an average of a tenth of l,000 per year for the nexl -'." year.,providing it can be BatUfaotorlly built. Botfa ol these improveinents are of much more consequence to the M. C. rond itself tlan to the city, bowever. ia the closing up of State and Page streets, and giving the land to the M. C. Co., the city makes quite asaciiice. If it gives to the coinpany the sum of ?ö,00 besides, as asked for, it ought to have further jiledges trom the road thaii those given in Mr. Hawk's letter pnbüshnrl last week. The reiuimbertng of the lst ward lias been completed, by Aid. Henderson. A banjo club with Mr. J. B. Huil, the Baptist oliuroh organist, as leader has been fornied. Mesurs. Bach & Abel ure auxiotis to have you look over tlxir new "ad" and then come and see them. A saw dust track was put in the rink- ah ! excuse us, "gym"- yesterday, lor pedestrian and running exercises. County Treasurer Belaer settled with the treasurei-8 of York and Manchester Monduy. ïhis leaves only two still oit. Thu grand comniander of the grand commandery K. T.'s of the state of Midi. viiits this city offlcially on the 26th prox. We are hav'ng some queer weather the past few days- mercury down to zero iu the morning and thawing briskly before noon. Mrs. M. H. Tuttle will remove her millinery store to the Keek block, in the store forraerly occupied by O. O. Sorg. Marcli lutli. Manj of our citizens may not be awarc that au entire train of cars loaded witli express mutter passes this depot every day, Koinjr east and west. A sinle trip from Kutlaln to (Jhicago costs the express company the snug little siun of $700. In the case of L. J. Leisemer against Conrad Schaetler, for back subscription to the Washtenaw Post, before Justice FnuiuiM, the jury was out only about two minutes, before returning a verdict in the complaiuant'a favor with costs. Jt the following is true it is worth a good deal to know t, and it doesn't cost mm li tu try it at any rate: "Stove-pipes cao be clean ed by patUng a piece of zinc In the ooali of a bot Bra The vapor producid earriM off the soot by chemical decomposition." It has been i .neut wonder to people why tliere sliould be such a sudden rise In the price of hops, and great deprestion in the tobáceo inarket, as therc is no counectlon between the two products. The niystery s unravelled at last. Will Stim50ii qult chewing a few days since. ttw. muer anu ilcnry A. Crouch had their exaraination before Justice Breunaii Tuesday, and will be tried next Monday on a charge of assaulting and aiul robblng Wm, Baurugartner of this city, some weeks ago. Prosecuting Attornpy Norris Hppears for the peoplc, and J. F. Lawrence for tlic dcfendaut. Peter Woodruff bas presentad to the county Pioneer Society, a fiïeof the Washteuaw Whig, from 184S1O 1855. It waspubIhbed by J. O. Balcta A Co. in 1848, still later by S. S. Shoff, tben by SbollA M - Criicken, and finally by S. B. McCracken. These papers are a valiiable acldition to the library of the Pioneer Society. Mr. Woodiuff has given about 1 ,000 papers in all to the society. If tlnre are any ordiuary and plain girls they may thank their stars, nothing ever happens to thein, out tlie "beautit'ul and accompüshod young lady" la daily being murdereil, eloped with, or soniet li t iiii else as terrible. Young man, if you woukl avoid sorrow and trouble iind some plaiu girl. and teil her plainly that you delire her to adopt your name and toituue, if you hare any. The paper of Mrs. Almira Chamberlain, read at the recent Farmers' Instltute, beid under the auspices of the Webster Club fo be found upou the lirst page contain8 niany good, sound ideas, ut is a ii unusually able article, and we do not wonder Chat the Instltute was considered very suecessful, for the ideas, and practical suggestions brought before it in papers and by "talks," were far above the average. Lloyd, the architect of Detroit, is in the city to-day, looking over the recent purnhase made for the Hobart Guild and conferring with members of St. Andrew's society, witb reference to making plans tor the new Guild Hall to be erected In thls city. Bishop Harris bas nearly the entire amount ralsed and paid in. It is proposed to commenee the erection of the building as soon as possible this spring. There is a law upon the statute books requiring eacb and every minister of the gospel and justice of the peace to make return to tlie county clerk of each and every marriage solpinnized by them. And the penalty attached is a fine of $50 for refusal or negtect so to do. This record is an important one, and should be a perfect one, but there are a few ministers who have not made their returns, and consequently the record is incomplete. In the Itecorder's Aunual Heport, given our readers in supplement form, there are two important tables not given In the report last year. The flrst is the S'.iintnary table, giving the receipts, exi enditures and balances for or against eacli fund. The next is the table giving the expenditures of the poor fund by wards and months, as shown by tlie monthly reports of the city marshal to tho council. The total expenditure for tlie poor during 1885 was f2,783 97, of this amount, $1,073.41 was expended in tle 4th ward, followed by the 3d ward witb $001 07, and the 5th ward with $588.73, while the 6th ward only had ;5.95 expended In aid of its poor. Ou the second page of this paper wll be found an article taken from the Adrián Record, in reference to the congressional aspirante from this district. What is ¦aid, of course, is mere conjecture, as it is too early In the day to set the b.ill rolling. While our genial friend Joe. T. Jacobs would make a good eonjrressman, and would not be tbc sort of a man who, should lic be elected, would turn tiis bark on tltose who helped him up, yet he is not in the fiild. It is safe to predict that if the republicana of Washtenaw county preeent any candidate for congress, it will be the one most entitled to it, Capt. Edward P. Allen, of Ypsilanti, a man who would not only stand a ood chance ot being elected but who richly deserves an clection. Quiet reigns la the postofflee corridors. The effect of stationing Officer Henderson there has been excellent. Business uien, ladics, students, in fact everyone baring any business to transact at the postofflee now can do so without being run aainst by a lot of boys playing Ug, or some other game. After the rowdy boys were given to understand that they must behave themselves they suddenly found other places to loaf. Jiow that tUis sensible inovc bas been wade, it is hoped that the police couimittee will not change back again to the old way. Another point to be gained by this move is, that ai ofBcer stationed here has a view of all of Main and a portion of Huron 8t., and if nis help is needed, he can alvmys be found.


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