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THI LINK StLEOTED BY THI U. S.OOV'T TO OAURY TH PAST MAIU lal It it the only line with lts own track trom CHICAGO TO DENVER, Elther by way ol Omaha, Pacific June, St. Joseph, Atchison or Kansas City. It connects In Union Depots with throuqh traint (rom NEW YORK. PHILADELPHIA, BOSTON and all Eastern polnts. It is the principal line to SAN FRANCISCO, PORTLAND 4. CITY OF MEXICO It traverse all ot the sU great States ol ILLINOIS, IOWA, MISSOURI, NEBRASKA. KANSAS. COLORADO with branch linea to all their important citles and towns From CHICAGO, PEORÍA or ST. LOUIS. It runt every day In the year from one to three elegantly equipped through trains over lts own tracks between Chicago and Donver, Chicago and Omaha, Chicago and Councll Bluffs, Chicago and St. Joseph, Chicago and Atchison, Chicago and Kansas City, Chicago and Topeka, Chicago and Cedar Raplds, Chicago and Sioux City, Peoría and Council Bluffs, Peoría and Kansas City, St. Louis and Omaha, St. Louis and St. Paul, Kansas City and Denver, Kansas City and St. Paul, Kansas City and Omaha, For all points In Northwest, West and Southwest. ltsequipment is complete and first class In every particular, and at all important points Interlocklng Switches and Signáis are used, thus insuring comfort and safety. For Tickets, Rates, General Information, etc. regarding the Burlinaton Route, cali on any Ticket Agent Inlhe United States or Canada, or addres T. J. POTTER 1st V.P. 4 Gen. Mor., Chicago. HENRY B. STONE, Amt. Gen. Man., Chicaoo. PERCEVAL LOWELL, GEN. PM. AOT., CwcAOO. Attactimcnt Nntlce. 'I' H K CIRCUIT COUHT KOK THE ÜOUNTT 1 OF WA8HTBMA.W- ss. Wi Ham P. Uroves vs. Ueorge Holmes, In attaonmeot. No Ice Is hereby glven that on tlie twentyIlihtday of November, A. D. li8.", a wrlt of atlnehment was duly IsRued out of the Circuit Court for the Connty of Washenaw, t the sult ot Wtlliam I'. Urovcs, the ubove mimodplalntlfr. agalnstthe lands.tenenients, doods and chattels, moncy and ell'eits of Geoigc Holmes, the defendant above uamed for tho Hum of two rmndred and four dollars if-2iir. whloh sald wrlt was returnable on the tirth day of January, A. D Ksts. Daled tuis 1411i day of January, A D. 1886. E. D. KINNK, Attorney for Plaintlfl'. Real Estáte for Sale. STATE OF MICHiQAN, County of Washtenuw. ris. In the maller of the estáte of John G. Davls, deceaat'd. NOI'IOE is hereby given, that In pursuanee of an order uranted to the u""dernlgned dinlnlstrator of the entate of rhI1 John G. Davis hy the Hon. Judge of Probate lor the County of Washtenaw, on the 4th day of .lauuary, A. U 18h. there wlll be sold at public vendiie, to tlin hlcheHt bidder, at the late realdenoe of Raid deeeased, on the premiseR below descrlbeil. in the townshlp of York, in the County of Washlenaw In Raid Mtate, on Tuesdny. the 21 day of Kebruary, A. D. 188B, at 10 o'clock In the foreftoon of that day (subject to all encumbrances by mortgxge or otherwlse exNi inu at tbe time of llie ilealh of salü deeeased the following descrlbed KomI Estille, to-wit: TheSonth eust tjuarter of Sectlon five '5) In town four (4) South range slx i6j easl (York) In Michigan. COVSTOCK E. Hll.r,, Dateil January Ith, 1H8B. AdmlnlRtrator. 7W12S0 Estáte or Archibald Scott. QTATKOF MICHIQAN. uonniyot Washtenaw.sB At a sentón or the Probate Court for tbe Countj of Waebtemw, holden at the Probate 'ffl e In the city of Ann Arbor, on Monday, the tweutyflfth day of .1 lUtiary, lu the year one tb'U-nud ei?hl huniireil and eighty-aix. Preeent, Williaru ü. Harrimnn, Judgeoi Probate. In the matter ol thu estáte ol Arrhibald Scott. deceased. Ueorge S. ili administiator of raid estáte, comes iuto court and rrpreMD'l that he is nO'V prepaedto reader his. final account as Buch aclminiüirator. Taereupon it ie ordered, that V ednesriay, tb" tweniy-ourto duy of Kebruary next, at ten o'ciock In theforenoon. be asstgned (or examtnlng and al lowi gsuchaceount, and ihat theheirs at law, f said deceased, and uil other personsinteresteri in nald estate are required to appeir a! a iumIod of stid court, then to holdun at tlic Probate ofllce, in The city 01 Aun Arbor. nnd hIiow cuuce il any there be, wby thtfuá accouot ehouid not bo al'ow 'd : And ii is lurther ordered, that aaid Administrator iflve uoiice to the persona interusted in naid estute, of the ptndency of .-nd account, aim tn'iirinL thereof, by cannhip a ropy oí tblt order lo r e publichcd lu the Auu Arboi VuuitertA Dewapaur print ed and circnlatlnu In t?aid couut, three succvsr-ive weeks previous to caid day of bearuiu. (A true copy.) MLLIAM D. HAKK.MAv, Juilge of Hr-.bïlte. WM.G. UOrY Probaie Renister. 12S3 I2S Estiitc or Auslin A. Wood. STATK oF MICHIGAN, County ot Waehtenaw. M. At a esslon of the Probae ('onrt for the Count? al WaBbtenaw. bulden at the Probate ufflee. in th " city of Anu Arbor, on Wdneday, the 27th dn) of January, in the year one thouxand ei'lii hundred and elghty-s x. Present William ü. liarriman, Judjre of Probate. In the matter ol the eotate of Austin A. Wood, dec6taCKf Leonhard Grnner, the administrtitor with tbe wilt amn-xed of hald Bátate, comes into court and repieseuts that he ! uow prepared to render hls annual account as Kucb administrator. Thereupon it is ordered, that Friday,thu twtlfth day of February next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon be aglgied for ezamlntu and allowlntr racb account, and that the devisees, leñatees and lielra at luw of said deceaned, and all other persons intereMed in said estáte, are required to appear at a session of said court. then u be tioldeu at the Probate office, in the city of Ann Arbor ,iu sid county. and Moy caui'(.if any there he. why the said aconunt should uot be allowed : And it is lurtht-r orderrri.rhai said admiutstrator give notice to the persoo lnterested In said estáte, of the pendenry ut wH account and the hearing thereol, by ctusina copy ol thls order to be published in the Ann Arl or Uourie r. a newsoaper printed andcirciiluiing in a d county two successive weeks previous to said day ol hearing. ÍA trne couy ) WH. D. HA1 RIMVN, of Probate. WM G. DOTY, Probate Retister. 1283-1486 Kotice to Creditors. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County oí Wathiei aw, sa. Nottce Is hereby elven, that by an order of th Probate Cout for the County of Washtenaw, made on the 25th day of January. A. D. lssti, ,-n monüis lr(m that dute were allotved for creditors to presen ttheirclnimB atrainst the estáte of Ttm thy K. Amsden, late of said couiity, de eased. and that all creditors of said deerneed tire reqnired to present ihrlr claims to pftid Prbate tourt, at the Probate ufflee tn the city of Ann Aibvr for examiuatiou and allowance, on or before ihe ütirh day of Juu next, and that such cltims wlll be heaid belore said Court, on Monday the 26th day of April and on Monaay the twunty sixih day ot Jn'y next, at 10 o'clock in ihe forenoon of each oi said daye. Dated, Ann Arbor, Januart 2t!ih, A. V. l&iS. WILUAM D HAKKiMAN, I283-ae Judge oí ProbatB. Estáte of Aaron F. Gay. STATE OF MICU1GAN, County of Waehtenaw ss. At a session of tho Probate Court for the Connty ol Waehtenaw, holden at the Probat' lfBce. in the City of Ann Arbor, on Wednesday, the tenth day of February, in the year om thousand etübt hurdred and eighty-six. Present, William l. Harriman. ,)udg' ol Probate. In the matter ol the estáte or Aaron F. Gay, deceased. Wtlliain C. Stevens and Mary L. Gay, the ndtuinlst'tors of said estáte, come luto comí and represent ihat they are n-w prepared to render thelr ilnal account as snch admlnbtrators. Thereupon it Is ordered, that aturdcy, the 8:h day of Marcb next, at 10 o'clock in the forenoou, be asfgned tor examininer and aliowlng Euc:t account, and that the h irs at law of said de cease(i, and all other persoi s interested in said t-tuti', are reqiiiréd to appear at h seeniopol aajd court, then to he holden at the Probate cfllce. in the citv ot Ann Arbur, in said county, and show cause, it an there be, wli) the salo account sbould nut be Howed. And it Is farthei1 ordcred, tlint ,aid admlnie'rator glve DOilee to cha partan latweated in i-aid estáte Ol tlie peii'U ni ol said accouni, and the bearlliff tliercoi, by citaatTlg a copy of 'hls order to bc (.ub lishcd in ilic Aim Thuri'ourieii ncwspapei printed ai.d circulat'iiL' In said county. three ancceMÏTe prcrvlod ti -aid ila ol hcariiiir. (Atrueropy.) W1I.L1AM U. 1IAKK1MAN, ¦Indue of Probate WM G. noTY, i'robxte KeaiMter. Estafe of Heiir) Cololnz r. TATF. OF MICHIGAN, Coiint; o' Wa-htc 0 huw, s. At h sesston ol the Probate Courl tor tin i'onn' 01 Washtenaw, holden at tho l'robutu ("llc.e, In tl.c city of Ann Arbor, on Tiusil.iy, the six een'h day oí " February, in the vear one thous'tnd eigf.f hundied and elbty k!x. Present. Williuui ü. Harrlman, .ludae "1 Probate. In ihe matter of tlie esiate ol l'enn Cokla' r. deeeased. On readtDff and tliinf ihe ppiiiion, duly vended, of William VV . Uiedon, administator, prayiiiK thntht' nwy be llceysed 10 ?¦ 1 the real estáte whereof a'd decpsmo died seizd. Thereupoli It is ordered, (lr,t Krulav. the twelflh day of Mareh next, at ten o'clock in ihe furonoon, bo assigned lor the hearinir of sald pet:tiou, and that the hens ut law of said deccascd and all other persons interested in sald estáte, ai e renuired to appearat a sessloa of sald court, thon to be bolden at the Probate Ofllce, in the city of Ann Arbor. In sald county aud any there in-, why Uu: prayer of the petitioriershould i-ot be granted And It Is further Ordena, that sald potiiloner glve notlce to the persons intereBted in sald estáte, of thependency ol said i)etltinn. and the hearing thereof, by cansina a copy of thls order to be pnblisbcd in the Ann Arbor Courier, a newspaper prluted and clrcuiatlng in said county. three sacceeelve weeks previons to ald day ot hearing. WILLIAM D. HAKKIMAN. (A. trne copy.) Jadíe of Probate. Wli. . DOTT. Fratt KiflUMrT KSOMriK,


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