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In the Sonate on the lih Mr. CuUom re portod a substituto lor the lill to roirulate eoinmeno reoently sutnultted bytlM ( onnnittee on Intor-Stute Comnicreo, and ave notice ttiat lic would soon ask tho Benita to set aday for itseonslderatiou. A memorial was prosontod to provlde lor riirlit of wuy for rellroads thioufk Indian Territoir. EduoatonblU was further dneuued ...In the House a iiin was reportad authorUing ih' President to ratse iwo rarlmeota ot voiutoer cnvalry In New Mexloo and Arlzona to ¦UppreM Iniliuil IiüMiIimi's. HilN n'rantiiii!' pensions to postal employés who have sm ed twi-nty yeass woro reportad idversely. The Bits John l'ortor bilt was linthor debatí d. A Bir.r. was Introducid in the Sonate, on the lTth, by Mr. Hoar, to appropriate $250,UOU lor a monument to General Grant at Washliifrton. A 1)111 was passed to Une or iiuprison squatlers on Inüiau lands and to forfelt thclr outnts. Sereral amondmeuts to the Kdueational lilll were adopteil. Senator Morrill infroduced a biil providinjr for the estahlishnient of an educaiional I uiid in aid of the various Statea In the House billa were passed to protoct honiestcad tiettlers wlthln railway limlls and to reduce to tlve cents the charge for smal) money orden. Bills were reported to glve the frankinr prlvllGflff to Mrs Julia D.Grant und to accept the ÏMlnola & Mlchtgan canal hs tho basta ot' the Mtssismppi waterway. The Fit John PorteT.bllI was furthor discussed. In the Senato on tho 18th Mr. Edmunds presonteo his report from tho Judiclary C'ommdtoe on the controvorsy wlth the President relatlve to tbo lattor's refusal to suhm.t oorrespondence concernlnff the reinoval of oflicials. The Educatlon bilí was further discussod. Ainonjj tho bilis introducod was one by Mr. Bowen, to próvido a now basis for tho circulatiou of National lianks. The ImII introduoed to approprlato $LiO,U(in for a iiionnnu'tit to General Grant to bo erected in Waaliltitrtun was reported favovably. A potltlnn was preponted praylng for the submlaalon lv Uongress to tho soveral States of a proposod constitutional araendment abollshinK the Presidency In tho House, after a spirltod debate, the bill to rentore Kit. John Porter to the army was passed by a voto of 171 to 113. Y cas - Demócrata, U; Kcpiibllcans. 15; Gieenback-Democrat, 1; Nvs- Kepublicun, 111; Domoorat. 1; (roonback-HopuhlIriin, I. Hopuhlkans votiiiK in tlii aftirmative: Baker, Hnvnc, Burbiigb, Kly. lluhn, Hamer, HaydPii, Hayne. .lames. Lalrd, Ollani, Pholps. ftopkwell. Wadswortli and Wober. Mr. Millard was tho only Demooret oting in Ihr noirative. In the Senato on llie lih iho Hou1 blll to onnbli' National banciqg associations to in creaso thoir capital tock and to clianicethoir names was reportad f svoraoly. .v blll was introdinrd by Mr. Brown, pro vid ing tor the retiremontof all National bank notes and tho -:iit'-t uution ol l'nitd States notes on a basis 01 Bilvcr and icold eoin, and (Jolted itetes bonds, one-thfrd of each. The freeeoinao of lilrer i aUo provlded for. nilis rere passed to reniuvo the politica! disabilttios of Alexandor I'. 8tewart, of MissiHsippl, Thonifti I. Rosser, of Viijrinia, and 1",. G. W. Kntlor, of Missouri. Tho Eduoatioo bill was furthor disoussed. Adjournod to tho '2M . . . In tho House moro taan half tho session was occupied by spuechos on the silvor quostion. A bill was passed tendorinir tho thauks of ConreM to Joaeph Krancis for hts lifo-lonif service to humanlty and his oountrj In theconstructing: and perfeclin of liio-saving apiliances, mul authoriiii{ that a gold modal be presented to Mr. Francls. At tho evenlnif eossion fortfour iensltn bilis were passed. Adiournod to llii'ïd. DOMESTIC. .¦Vnviri ot" tho tiith say thnt in ('liortaw, Maringe and Stirapter counties, in Alali.-iimi. violent earthquake xhocks were reeently feit. In some plaees the grpuud tremblod. lionses wem daniaRed and cattle were thrown down. The leatber manufacturen! of Salem and Peabody, Mass., deciiled ou the lHth to shut down for six months, owing to the depression in trade. An incendiary fire on the lüth at Oreenbugfa, Win., caused thedeath of James Ehle, his wife, fathev and tbree children, aud Miss Kinney. C. H. M( Coumuk suspended operationa in his reaper faotory at Chicago on the lOth, after yielding in the matter of wages, beoause the discharge of flve non-union men was demanded by the workinen. Thenumber of persons thrown out of employment is fourteen hundred. At the school of the Holy Trinity ia St. Louis Sister Euphrosnia threw herself from a fourth-story window on the 16th and was killed. She was suffering from dementia. Flames on the I6th destaxyed two stores atWbitehall, N. Y., valued at $60,000, and twelve buildings at Sharpsburg, Pa-, worth $30,000. Sevehal of the fleet of Government boats at St. Louis were sunk by floatiug ice on the lttth. others were badly damaged and many were missing, but might be picked up at points down the ri ver. The loss was placed at $300,000. Advicks of the lOth say that owing to the floods in the East there were more than ten thousand people homeless in Boston and Tieinity, and the property damage would foot up from $3,000,000 to ',000,000 in tho Boston inundation. The loss elsewhere in Massachusetts was roughjy computed at $1,000,000; Connecticut, $'300,000, and in New Hampshire $175,000. It would require many months to repair the damage done to dams and mili and faetory interest. At New Straitsville, O., James Nixon and A. Spencer were shot dead while attempting on the ltith to break into the saloon of Thomas West. Tui: fire-brick manufacturera of the coun try met in Pittsburgh, Pa., on the 16th to organizo a National Protective Association. A larqe number of minors at Bevier Mo., struck on the 16th against a reduction of two cents per ton in the price of mining coal. The leaders of the anti-Chinese riots at Olympia, W. T., were arrested on the 16th and imprisoned. Every thing was quiet, but the Cbinameu were gradunlly loavinj for Portland, Ore. Ne ar Wheeling, W. Va., a passenger train on the 16th went through a trestle into the Kanawha river, and sereral per sons were drowned and others were seri ously injured. Mehbek9 of the Horse-Thief Association at Parsons, Kan., captured a tramp on the 17th wbo had been stealing horses and gave uim twenty-two lashes and a warning to leave the country. A notorioos colored criminal named James was hanged by a mob on the lTtb near Beauregard, La. The strike of brakemen and freighthandlers on the Morgan railroad in Louis iana was spreading on the 17th all along the line of that road, and business was suspended. Tuk extensive nail-works at Crescent, Pa., were burned a few days ago, the loss being Tery heavy. Dbtectives in Brooklyn on the 17th captuied Michael O'Connell, the incendiary whose acts last summer causad the destruotion of $600,000 worth of property at Great Barrington, Mass. Oborgb Robinsos, a negro mnrderer, was taken from the jail at Monroe, La., on the 17th and hanged by a mob. Thk Polack Church riots were renewed on the lTth at Toledo, O., incendiarles setting fire to St. Helwig's Church, which was entirely destroyed. Mrs. JoHy Hipple, a wealthy lady of Wabash, Ind., feil dead at the supper tabla on the 17th. Her malady was heart-disease. At Salt Lake, Utah, on the 17th three Mormons found guilty of illegal cohabitation were flned three hundred dollara and sentenced to six months' imprisonment. An explosión a few days go in a dweUing at Tangiere, Va., caused by try ing to start a fire with kerosene oil, killed two children and dangerously maimed or burned live others. Thomas M. Jacksox (colored), who died on the 17th from the effects of exposure in his cabin near Reading. Pa., was oue hundred and four years old. A Cm nam ín suffering with loprosy was disepvered in AVaterbury, Conu., ou the i;i,h ATNleolaus, Gl., on th I8th a mob of masked mon couipelled tbe Chineas resident, forty-seven in iiumbni-, to leave the town. Eioht sheep-herders on the ranch of Holiiiiiin Luna, on tbe Little Colorado rivor iu Arizomi, nero killed by Apaches on the lSth. Two parties of mounted men were in lursuit. Job Bnura (colored) was taken from jail at Martinsburg, W. Va., on the ISth by a iiinl) and hauged tor criminal assault upon a white woman. Eight prisoners escaped from the Carthage (Mo.) jail on the lSth througb a tunnel ii ii li it took months of labor to dig. John Bki.l, aged sixty-flve years, was decoyed fnto a "bunco" room at Pittsburgh on the 18th, knocked insensible and robbod of two thousand dollars. Reports reached Little Rock on the lSth that a negro recently murdered the James family of siz persons in a remote section of Faulkner County, Ark. David Nhoi.ty, a wealthy lunatic Uring on a farm near Bloomington, 111., shot Levi Sholty and his wife and daughter on the lSth, fatally wounding the two flrst mentioned, and ftred a barn and lts conteats, valued at $10,000. Three masked highwaymen on the 18th entered the office of the station agent at Montvale, Tex , and, at the point of a pisto!, compelled the agent to surrender eight hundred dollars. Tejxer Hknderhos', of the La Grosse (Wis.) National Bank, on the LSth discovered a counterfeit silver dollar that was pronounced by bank people absolutely th most dangerous ever seen. It i a standard silver dollar of the coinage of 1881. The outside is silver, and the die in every sub stantial particular as clear as the original, but it is short in weigbt. At Toledo, O., on the lSth two of the Poles engaged in the chnreh riots last nummer were sentenced each to siz years' iinprisonment. The Celestials at Hnohoraish City, W. T., were fired upon on the 18th and their buildings damaged by dynaniite, but they refused to leave. A VM.isr. containing notes, deeds and bonds ' ued at $135,000 was stolen at the n n i on depot in Kt. Louis on the 18th from H. D. Armstrong, of Kildare, Tex., representing tbe Hettler and Texas Land Coiupany. At New Haven, Conn., the insane wife of Prof. Waldo, of Yale College, escaped f roiu her keepers on the 19th and killed herself by jumping from a cliff forty feet high. She was thirty-flve years old, and leave two cjiildren. David Sholtt, who recently attempted the lives of his brother's family near Rloomington, 111., was burned to death on the 19th in the baru which he set on flre. The development of natural gas at Nahville, Tenn., has led to the organization of a company with $100,000 capital to furnish heat and power. The business failures occurring throughout the United States during the seven days ended on the l!)th numbered for the United States 3M and for Canada thirtyflve, or a total of Sitt, against 275 the previous seven days. The total failures from January 1 to date is 2.093. Small-pox was on the 19th declared epidemie at Fort Worth, Tex., and the mayor of Dallas had proclaimed quarantine. Foib men caueht in the act of counterfeiting money were placed in jail on th l!)th at Anoka, Minn. It is announced that nearly three hundred Morinon elders are at work in the Southern States, and on the 19th seventyflve converts from Georgia, Alabama, North and South Carolina and East Tnnessee left Chattanooga for Utah. Thï sixty-five hundred coke-workers on a strike near Pittsburgh, Pa., resolved on the l'.itli not to compromiso. The strike bas been in progresa thirty-thre days, the railroads are losing freightage to the extent of three hundred car-loads daily, and the miners are losing daily ten thousand dollars in unearned wages. PERSONAL AND POLITICAL. The Iowa Senate oa the löth passed a bilí to provide a home for 150 veterans of the Union army now being housed on county farms. Sim Smjli.i,, tho Georgia omutsiut, arrived in Chicago on the lOth and cominenced a series of meetings. The bill providing for non-partisan election commissioners in cities passed the ühio Senate on the ltith. The funeral of ex-Governor Horatio Seymour took place at Utica, N. Y., on th afternoon of the 16th. Tuk third and fourth-class postmasters at their convention in Chicago on the lOth adopted reports favoring an increase in salaries and other measures for their mutual benefit, and delegated authority to a committee to present their views to Congress. The Coinage Committee of the National House of Representativos, by a voto of 7 to 6, voted down a proposition on the 17th to report adversely on the suspension of filvei coinage. The Grand Army of the Republic of Indiana met in aimual encampment at Iudianapolis on the 17th. The report of the Adjutant-General showed a total of 393 posts and 18,068 members, a net gain fortbe year of 1,097. Thb National Woman-Suffrage Asociation met in eighteenth annual convention at Washington on the 17th, with seventeen States and Territories represented. Susan B. Anthony presided. Eliiabetli Cady Stanton was re-elected president. The twenticth annual encampment of Illinois Department of the Grand Army of the Republic met at Springfield on tbe 17tb. At a caucas of twenty Repnblican Senators at Washington on the 17th it was resolved to offer in open sosaion resolution denouncing as reprehensible the couduet of the Attorney -General in refusing to furnish Information demanded, and declartng that the Senate would not ermfirm appointees in whose cases there bos been a refusal to ifive reasons for tbe vacancy. John B. Oouoit, for tbo past forty year the leading orator in the cause of temperance, died at 4 :40 o'clock on the afternoon of the 18tb at Frankfort, near Fhiladelphia, of paralysis. He was bom in England August 33, 1833. The Supreme Court of New Jersey on the 18th decided the State Railroad-Tax law unconstitutional on the ground that it was special legislation. About one million dollars in taxes had already boen collected under it. At tho woman's-suffrage convention in Washington on the 19th resolutions wen adopted cal] ing on Congress to submit to the States at once the question of the right of woinr n to vote, and protesting against the admission to the Union of any Territory where the elective franchise is donied to women. A .irnv at Los Angeles, Cal., on the 19th awarded LouiseE. Perkins $75,000 damages i in her suit for breach of promise against "Lucky" Baldwin. The Legislatura of Ohio on the 19th passed a bill to créate non-partisan boards of election for Cincinnati, Cleveland, Toledo and Columbus. Orders were issned on the 19th closing all the executive departments at Washington on the 32d - Washington' birthday. Tuk Grant monument fuud in New York bad on tlie l'Jth reached th sum of S115,000. The National Houm Committee on Postofflees on the int h unanimously agreed to report adversely all bilis for the purchan or construction of telegraph Unes by th Government. FOREIGN. The fund for the relief of theunempioyed workmen of London amounted on the löth to $1,000,000. A (ONMMUACY was discovored on the 16th at Balgrade to dethrone Milan, King of Servia. tMVA'U. wwkiftèn ww k01d'iatirerpoelon th lOtfa aivrt eighteen othcr brok limbfl hy the nollapse of tho sbipperlns 01 bibitioo building in process of erection. A mob of French Canadlans anl Indiana gathered Kt Paspebiai-, Out., on the I7th nd rided the principa) stores, orryini; away nearly three hundred barrels of flour. Sarah Tatlob (colored) did on the ltïtii in Louth township, Ont., aged nno hundred and tweuty years eieren months and eight days. Her testal faoultiw were uuimpaired up to tb moment of her death, she was in possession of second sight, had a third aet of natural leetli, and her hair was quite dark, haring changed from white. Thc British steainer Ozenholnie lost ninety-two bead of cattle on a rocent royale from Baltimore to Liverpool. Fon haring robbed a príest and resisted the pólice, a military tribunal in Russia ou the 18th condemned three Jewish brigands to death and sentenced three others to flfteen years' imprisonment. Om the reasaombling of the British Purliaraent on the 18tb Mr. Gladstone stated in the House of Commons that the Gorernment had no intention of coerción in Ireland, but would probóse a method for its future gorernment. Greecb is the only nation that has offered to talte part in the Paria exposition proposed for 1889, and tbe project will probably be abandoned. Thk Dominion Gorernment on the lftth decided to raise the price of liquor licenses to three hundred dollars in cities and two hundred and ÜÍ ty dollars in tonus. Aiivk'es of the 19th say that the steanier Saxon was recently lost near Jamaica, the captain, two other offleers and three of the crew being drowned. Mahtix 0. Vas Fleet, who eoibez.led flfty thousand dollars while treasnrer of Huron County, O., was captured on the 19th at Brantford, Ont., on an extraditlon warrant. LATER NEWS. (fEKATOR Vkst, of Missouri. Senator Can ron, of Pennsylrania, Senator Mitchell, of IVnnsylrania, and Senator Miller, of California, weré 11 serloiisiy ill at Washington mi tbe iist. Ninc buildings were bunied on the 30th at 8t. Helensburg, Va., by the explosión of natural gas, and a young inan nimed UroreH perisbed in the Sames. Farmbks near Pierre, D. T., wei-e HoedinR on the 'Ath. and if the warm weatfaer conliuued expected to hare their small (jrain in by the end of the mouth A fibe on tbe 21t which originated on a ottnn steamer at Wilminprton, '. ('.. wept alnng Water traet for thren blo, rsuving loiea estimated at 1, Wuii.e preauhing on the 'JOth at Gunnrille, Tenn., two Mormon eldei-s were taken from the church by a maskel crowd of men, tied to trees, strip)ed to the waist and nliiii, beatea to dea tb. The pobt-offlce at Floresvilli Tex., was robhwl of :a) in KtampK and UX)O in ash on tho -Jtnh. Fovk yonng men were drowned at Hurrislmrfr. Pa,, on the 'JOth, while attemptiug to (¦ro Mip Susquohanna rivef in a rowbosl. A jiij.nt special comuiittoe of the Iowa Legislatura on the 20th agreed upon a bilí to appropriate 100,OX) for a Slato soldiers1 home. Northerx Michiuan' was visiteil by n blizzard on tbc 2Oth, the thermometer falling to Riteen degrepï bolow zero at Kast Tawas. At twenty-six leading elearing-houses in the United States the excbauges during the week euded on the 2Oth aggregated 57,TjO1,4J, against 1987,230,784 the prerious week. A compared with the corresponding weekof 1885, theincreaae amounts to 40.3 per cent. Unusual high tides on the Üth in the 8ay of Fundy flooded a large portion of Digby, Annapolig and Klngn counties, narrying uway the dikes and causing much damage. DAvin Wilson killed himself and wife on the 2l8t in Pitlsburgb, Pa., because of porerty, learing six diildren. Fcxds were being raised in Montreal on the 2Oth for the starring flshermun of the lower 8t. Lawrence. A call for $10,000,000 in three per cent. bond was lssueJ by Scretftry Uanning on the 20th, to be paid April 1. So far duriug February the treasury bas disbursed nearly (10,000,000 on pension account. Ir was announced on the 21st that the Chinese Gorernment had issued an imperial proclamation requesting the eighty thousand Chinese in America to return home before May 15th next, because of the persecutions they were subjected to. It was also reported that the nine thousand Ainericans residing in China would be noUfled to leare.


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