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WHO IS UNACQUAINTED WITH THE CEOCRAPHY OF THIS COUNTRY, WILL SEE BY EXAMININO THIS MAP, THAT THE &---¦¦ l0„ '„ "".".' " ' T," '"iVrïïtF!orihmbiiiiWlbert Lea Vc 'M oí i ÊvW gp55- Z - .-.-r ¦¦?! CHICAGO, ROCK ISLAND & PACIFIC RAILWAY Bv reason of it9 central posltlon and close relation to all principal Unes East and West at inltial and terminal points, constitutea the most Important mid-contlnentS lmkln that system of throuorh traroortation which invites and facWtates travel and trame between cities of the Atlantic and Pacific Coarta. It is also the favorlte and best route to and from points i Bnst Northeast and Southeast, and correspondingr points W est, Northwest and Southwest. The Koek Island syatani includes in lts main lineand branches, CWcafro. Joliet Ottawa, La Salie, Peoria, Geneseo, Mollne and Koek Island, in Ullnpls; Davenpor Muscatlne, Washinerton, Fairfleld Ottumwa. Oskaloosa, West Liberty, iówa City, Des Moines, Indianola, Wlntereet. Atlantic, Knoxvil e, Audubon, Harían, Guthrie Centre and Council Bluffs, ínlowa; OaLggTrenton, Cameron and Kansas City, in Missouri; Leavenworth and Atchison, in Albert Lea, Minneapolis and St. Paul, in Minnesota; Watertown in Dakota añd hundreds of intermedíate citles. towns, villages and stations. THE CREAT ROCK ISLAND ROUTE Guáranteos lts patrons that sense of personal securlty afforded by a BOlid, thorouirhly ballaated road-bed; smooth tracks of contlnuous eteel rail; eubstantlallv built culverta and bridares; rollincr stock as near perfection as human skill can make it; the safety appliances of patent buffers, platforms and air-brakea; and that exacting discipline which governs the practical oneration of all lts trains. Other speciafties of this route are Transfers at afi connectin? points in Union Depots, and the unsurpassed comforts and lUXSï2?Pt 'fceTlrainfiletPwQeeentChicago and the Mi.souri River are composed of well ventilated, flnely upholstered Day Coaches Magniflcent Pullman Palace Sleepers of the latest öesifin, and sumptuous Dining Cars, in which elaborately cooked meáis are leisurely eaten, "good Digestión waiting on Appetite, and Health on both." Between Chicago and Kansas City and Atchison, are also run the Celebrated Reclining Chalr Cars. THE FAWIOUS ALBERT LEA ROUTE Is the direct and favorite line between Chicago and Minneapolis and St. Paul, where connections are made in Union Denots for all points in the Territorios and British Provinces. Over this route. Fast Express Trains are run to the watering places, summer rosorts. picturesque localities, and hunting and nshing grounda of Iowa and Minnesota. It Is also the mo6t desirable route to the rich wheat flelda and pastoral lands of interior Dakota. Stlll another DIRECT LINE, via Séneca and Kankakee, has been openod between Newport News. Richmond, Cincinnati. Indianapolis. and Lafayette and Oouncil Bluffs. Kansas City, Minneapolis and St. Paul and Intermedíate points. For detailed Information see Maps and Folders, obtainable. as well as Tickets, at all principal Ticket Offices in the United States and Canada: or by addressing R. R. CABLE, E. ST. JOHN, President and General M"aaer. Chicaao. General Ticket and Fassenqer Aqent, Chiciso.


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