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Soldiers To The Rear

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Adrián Timos : Col. Robort í . Hm of Kulaniazoo, a well koown democratie soldier of Michigan, and a tu m whose word or whose deraocraey will uot be questloned, Ís now in WaniiiKton, bis principal business ther, as he at-sured a representative of trie Tim'"S a short time ago, being to secure " at tho bands of thls democratie administración a decont recojfnition tor thn soldier in the dlstribution of uitlees." Ooi. Hill was, naturally cnniigh, au ardont advocate of the claims of Lieut. Ij mreu II. Kipli'y, our former fellow townsmmi, Ui the position ot Uuitetl filates marshal for the eaatern district of tlnu stutO. Öutalda nf liit-oliliiM ¦ftidoi-M !)!¦¦ ti t, Col. Hillclnims tliat Lieut Ripley had :i btiMtiess and political backlujj t'ar in Hilyanc'f of auy ufhii'oaiietitors. Ia additinu to Uüa lome liundreiis of grand amiy posis had enthusiastie:illy Mdorscd liis applicatiim for tiie place, "And," gild Ooi. Hill, "it aHhis soldier backiugthiit beat hiiu. l'lic democrats huil pennittMi the appoiiitmcut of Bob McKinstry to the penaion otflcc, and lien tliey ; w tlie htfge soldier fOlfowiüg which Ripley liad th -y shruí({ed their Mhouldei'8 and said the soldiers must Dot a-k too miicli. And then thy got the president to appoint Fonnell just one week eartier tbau he promised ino the appointuK-iit would be m ule. Thia is the rjcoM the democratie party of Michigan is m;ikin, tha(, other ihinas beiiijf equal, the iiidorseuieiit of a sol lier by soldiers hall not only have 110 welght, but shall militóte axamt bim. Do I like lf 1 mout asurelly do uot. But .irttliev make the bed so uiu-t they lie in it."


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