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W in. Tonsey, -ir., mores froni Salem to YpdlaMI to reside. A .S. Abliott will builcl a new blackomitli shop Boon ut Whittaker. Elmer Logan and Carrie Van Duyn,of Manchester, were married Feb. lfth. A N'oitli Likt' piekerel oiptured by K. L. (tleuu and H. Wartl tveigbed ia Ibs. Tlie foIidoI of Geo. Greening, in Dexter lp., closed Saturriay willi peakinr, ele. The'Halem school s already making propHiMtiuns tor a irrmd dloflog exhlbition. Theyokug pootte i Etaxter wil) kop Frldajr eYeuTng next, at the ne opera house. Ii I'. 'I'Ikiihib of Saline his fnm' to Topcka, Khiishk. on ,hm offtr of 7." por montli. Mondiiy i-vniiiji, Ifurell 8th, Jolin Sobieski will leeture uofore the t. O. (¦. T '- of Whittaker. The Webster ReaüJng üircle dlucqsaed th ' Btrly Htstory of the Onited States," at it.s iaM meeting. Wliittnk"i''s ne' pottTUIster will open the P. O. on Sunday for (he disttffortten of mail, 80 he says. Wru. Bogardua of Müan, reertved a telegram last week, Statlnjrthál liiëdauahtcr, Mrs. Jennie Dentón, of Toirer, Dakota, was ilead. The North wrestlerl with tin question: " Hcsolved, That iiiteinperance lis caitsed moro suffering than war," ln-t Friday nijrht. The North Lake advioea uru lo tbc effect that wheat is very muoh exposed aDd mfferiiig terribly f r m the chnngeirtle ml HTOT woather. Mis Kdna Bell, AMghter of pastor r.f the Freo lltttbodlat churcli of Mflan, was inanied at Sprin" Arbor, Fcb. '.Mth, to J. S. Matlhewnoii. John Itooney, a Ibrmer old resident of Scio, died t Mi home in Detroit, Feb. H. He wis a meruöer of the O. M. B. A., :ind hin gel $2,000. Ir is the intention otsoine of the "kids" of Dexter, whose affes raiiKe trom 14 to lli vfi;ir-, to soou put a play betorc the public, In tho opern house -Leader. The Oaoranricfmritaa (f' Salem have raised $1,600 with Inch to erect achurch ediflee and have appointed a biiilditix committee to superintend the erection of the stime. Mrs. Jane Dagllsii died at the reidence of her duuftln.-r, Mrs, Sushii Sb'p'ey, in the town of Hcio, on Feb. 12th, itt cmigestlon of the lungs, aged 65 years and 8 months. The " peep, peep," of the ecore. of little chicks now emenate f rom Nily's hatchery, where patent no.ubutoris bMping the t'e.itbered youngstera to break out of their ejfg shell priions.- Saline Observer. The East Milán ror. of the Milan Leadrr perpetrated the following in the last issue of that paper : "The blue bird and robin are ajiain warbling their sweet nots n our hearinjr, aml are welcomed by all wlio have seen theui. " M'alter Murray who started for Kansas week before last for purpose of establishin hi future home returned. He say-he does not like the country there and prefers to 9tay in Michijran a while louger. - Salem cur. So. Lyon Excelsior. The donatlon party at the rink lat Weloesday eveniug glvcn tor the benefit of Rev. D. J. Odell was largely attended, there being about two hundred persons present. The value of receipts amounted to $50 of tvhich $4-2.05 was cash.- Milan Leader. D. A Bennett has purchaseil a hmisc and lot in Lndi, formorly owncd by Jolin Gough- prlce paid was $300. It is the cheapeat picce of property sold in Ballne for sorae time. Tlns though D. A. ineant to be one of Salinë's citïzens. We hope so. - Observer. Some of Webster' young people have formed a musical society and elected tlie following offleers : President, E. 8. Cuhman vice-president, Will Parsons; uec'y and treas., Eflie L. Seadin, director, ErwioBall; orji-miat, EUic Cran6on : assistant organist, Kate Ball. Mr. L. T. Hessier, of Oinaha, son-inlaw of Mrs. A. Davls. of Lima, who has boen at the university hospital at Ann Arbor the last four months, is now at the private hospital rccently oponed in that city by Drs. Langley & tïerdman, and under tneir efficiënt care is slowlv recovcring.- Dexter Loader. A Germán farmer, of Blisstiuld, is deply worried in consequenee.of a noto for 1360 which he gave for twenty bushels of Bohemian oats. " I uo care so much about mineself." remarked the honest toiler in a tone of apitation, " but 1 veels sorry for de man vot buys ray note, for they don't can gollect soinetlnng ouf me." This is a rare case of disinterestcd sorrow. Time ra:iy perhap8 assuage it.- Monroe Commercial. The Catholic Iutual Benefit Associatlon has organizcd a branch lodge at ypsilanti, with the following ofticers: Spiritual Advine'- Rev Fathor DeRevcr. PreKident-BerDHrd Kik Ist Vloo-rreH.- Jan. S'alterv M Pres. -John .Srattti. Hrc. ec- Jiw. Forbes. AKHt. Mee.- John Carrol 1. Kin. Sec.- L. M. Ouggsn. Treas.- Uarret Cross Marahal- John Ryan. Ouard- Tüoma UufTy. Trule-Albert Brady, Mlohael Rvau, wru. i luim, Kdward Carrol, Joun Huwar'a. Monday Dexter held her municipal election. Two ti.-kets were in the field, a citizens and labor ticket. There was considerable exdtement and a hard battle fnught, but the "citizens" came out ahead electinu tholr whole ticket bv majorities mnins; f rom 2 to 40. The fullowiug are the ofücers elected : Presldent-M. S. Conk. L'. Kecorder-H. A. WilUams. 6. Treasurer- H. C Qragory, Daniel Qulsli. Assessors- li. W. Waite and 0. S. Qregory. The Dexter G. A. R. pot return public ihanks iu this way : "The membi-rs of Jeffordi Post, No. 330, G. A. U., desireto return theii most hearty thanks to their Cdinrades of Carpenter Post, No. 41, of ('helsea, and Welc-h, No. 1:57, of Ann Arbor, for the very pleasanf sui prüe given them on the crening ot Feb. 16th, aod regret that we were unable to entertain them in n more agreeablo manner. Our special thanks are due Commauders Mauly, Wood, Morton, and Om. Oratie, for their very appropriate remarks. Taken as a whole, it was oue of the most pleasant times we haye ever enjoyed. And we deslíe to extend' a cordial iuritation to our brother Pobts to give us n cll