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Ed. Couriek :- My íJl-u of the correct way to boom tbls city, i for 100 uien tO subscribe :L00 eaeh, (no foolishness) making a total of $30,000. The subscriben to this fund to meet, elect a coinmittee of live or sevcn wlioso duty it sliall be to organizc, look after the railroad shop question, or unything elsc tliat wc: may want locateJ herc ; receive and consider what proposltions it inay bc desirablc to make, submit the saine totbc subscribers, and if a majority say accept, take the necessary steps to consúmame the business. If it requirc .$5,000 to accouiplish the project, assese each subscriber $Mt The committce eau thon make the proper and legal arrangement witb the institution thafc is to be startcd here ; and so on, giving more or less to each iustitution until the fund is exhausted. Lel it gain general publicity In thr papers of the state that Anti Arbor lms raised (or substantially 80) that umounl of money ($30,000), and tho couimittee will not wait long before il will have plenty of propositions to considtr. If a man or corporation starts a manufactory of any kind, hc or they do it to make money, and if we can give inducements to have such tnanufuctories started here, thf; witt come here, un muiter wheie the promoten live. Sowith the railroad i-hops. I have no rtoiibc that without extra inducemeiits from Ann Arbor the T., A. A. & N. M. R. R. has several better locations for their shops, for that is now a long road and Ann Arbor is not near the center, fint the ownera and managers of that road feel very kindly towards the people of this city. All tilines being equal, as the president and the superintendent remarked to me the other day, if things were a little inore than equal, they might be induced to lócate the shops here. H wever, from the extended conversation I had with those Cnttlenen, I am fully convinced that neitherniee talking nor eloquent speeches will aeconiplish the desired result. Let us get at this shop quet-tion at once, cali a meeting, have a sub.-ciïption paper drawn up after this fashion: We, the undersigned, aeree to pay the amouiit8etoppoBiieour names. for the purpose of giving new Ufe and proaperity lo our beauilml cliy, to be exponded a a ma jorily of the subscribe irny illrect from time to time, etc. If $30,000 Is not subscribed at that meeting-, let a committte of, say ten, be appointed to raise -hat may be hoking. "Oh! hut," says oue m;in, "you can't find 100 men who will give $;ÏOO eaeh." Well, it we haven't 100 men in Mr city wiio will give that amount for railroad shops, (speaking of railroad shops Gov. Ashley remarked that Ann Arbor was too far from the center of the road, but when I said "wouldn't enough money make it nearer the center?"' he wmttêd), and several similar institiitions. wc niigbt as well seltle back on pine boxes and go to whittüng and talking abont our milibors. I don't care if you get 500 persons to subscribe the amount, or say 200, but the way to do is for the solieiting committee, after the meeting of the citizens. to select enout'h names to make up the 100 or 200 MS the case tnay be, who will ivo (150 or $300, as may be decided upou, aml then visit these persons. I had not intended to say one word about what I tliought, but intended to fall in line, as I have always used my best and unseltish endeavor to do, in everything calculated to help our town, but, neiglibors and friends. I hlive come to tlie conclusión that we must get down to business, henee these linen. Respectfnlly and trulv for Ann Arbor.


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