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The common council mot in regula session Monday evening with full boari present except Aid. Henizmim. Afte tlie usual preliiniiiaries, conimeneed tb readlng of PETITIONS. Of Wm. April, Jacob Laubengayer Jacob J, Beek and 55 otliers, mostly farmers living in Soto, Lodi and Ann Ar bor tovns, asking the council to cali th attentlon of the Commissioner of Rail roads to the dangerous condition of th Liberty street crossing of the T. & A A. R. R. Aid. Lawrence ofl'ered the following resol ution: Retolved, That the Commlsgtoner of Rallroad be reqnested to Bee ench provisión be made by th T. A. A. & N. R. K. at the croselng on Liben etreet as will reuder the same safe. An anclent lookiog document bearing the imprint of niany a linger as it had been passed from ham! to hand for the man; and various autographs it contained, wa next read, and proved to be the petition of W. H. Mclntyre, Jerry Wiileh, E Clancy. Arnoid Hanlin and 174 other cit izeus of the 3d ward, asking that Nortl street be grwded froui Allen's Creek to Spring street. Referrud to General Stree Cominittee. Of C. S. Ciidy, Mrs. Eliza Smith, E. C DeCou and 15 others, aking the counci t' have the hydnmt loc:ited on Orlean street, ear Aid. Blgg's residence, remain where it is. No action taken. Of the Ladies' Library Asociatlon praying for the remission of the tax upon their building paid under protest. Aid. Lawrence offered the following resolution, which was carried: Retolved, 'I hst the eum o! $8.91 paid by tb Ladies' Ltbrary Asxoclation for taxes on it prop erty for the year 1886, be relnnded, and a warren be dr i wn for the game. Of C. Walker & Bro,a6king for per mission to erect two brick buildings a No. í) and 11 W. Liberty street, and the use of one fourth the width of the streets in front for building material. Permisión granted. Of W. F. Stimson and C. B Davison for the U9e of one thlrd of W. Hnron street, in front of their lots for building material in the erection of their rei den ces. Permission granted. The next paper was a proposition of Ann Arbor VanDepoel Light & Power Cnnipany.throiigh its president, E. Brady Wendell, to light the streets of the city with electricity, for one year at the following flsrures: 6 li.'ht for 12ï 00 per annum each. 10 " " 12S 00 0 " " 110 00 " " " 30 " " 105 00 " " " 86 " " 108 00 " " " 40 " '¦ 100 00 " " Aid. Hiscock moved that the propositton be referred to a committee of flve. Which was carried, and the Mayor ppointel as such committee Aids. Hlscook, Henderson, Ware, Biggs and the Recorder. REPORT9 OF COMMITTEES, ETC. Aid. Hiscock, from the committee on iinance reportad bilis from the various funds, as followg, which were allowcd and Recorder ordered to draw warrants for the same : RBCAPITÜLATION. 1st wanl ...._ 23 82 3U ' 2 88 4th ' 5 30 6th " 12S 84 General atreetiund „ 10 6Ü General fund 397 66 Contingent fuml_ _ 8H 17 Total Jl.ïiï 50 The following bilis supplementary thereto were then allowed by the council: f). Herman, for broken window $ 1 60 H. E. H. Bowor, prlnUng Recorder' report 50 00 Estáte R. A. lioal, printing Recorder's report „.. 50 on Dun Crawford. drawlut; englne 2 (pO John KeMcv's flremon'a pay 5 00 Liidles Library Assoclatfon, refundlng luxes 8 01 On motion of Aid. Hiscock, warrant No. 8,431, in favor of Aug. Herz, Jr., ior $5 was ordered cancel ed. Aid. Henderson from com. on tire department offered the following. Tb his Honor the Mayor, Recorder and Common Oouncil of City of Ann Arbor: Your fire committee to whom waa referred tbo commanlcatlou of the chief of the department rorommendlng leveral changea, wonld report tbtf have had the eame under conelderation, and with the approval of the cbief would recomroend tht herealttr the number of men comurisini; said companies be as follows : Steamer Engine Co. to have flvc men and paid seventv-flve dollars a year for their services. Protection Hose Co. to have - - 13 men Vigllance ' ....... . _ 13 ,, Haron Hoee and Kntrine Co to, hare - 13 " PerseTerauce Hose and Engine Co. lo have 10 " Union Uook and Ladder Co. to have - - 20 " Each nse and envine man to recelve ten dollars per year for their services and it Is ixpected that each company shal! keep nl! apparatas belonen to them in (rood conditlon without extra expense to the city. Tour committee find that by refering to tbe expenses of the deparimeDt the laat year, by tais arrangement the expenses will be over fllty dollars luss ihan last year, and we are of the opinión that ihls chanxe wlll greatly add to the efficiency of the deparlment and give better satlsfacüon to thuee membere tbat do the work. All of which is respectfullv snbmitted, J. S.HKNüfeRSON, A. f. MARTIN, CHAS. A. PULAND, Fire Committee. On motion the report was accepted, By request of Aid. Heinzman of the Pólice Committee, who was absent, Ald. Henderson gtated the changë that luid been made, of stutioning a policpmau at the postofflee, and asked for sucli action of the council thereupon as they might deein wise. Aid. Lawrence moved that the same policeman who had been detailed tor duty at the postofflee the past inonth be retained, which was carried. Aid. Henderson from the genera' fund comraittee submitted two propositions to light the court house tower clock. One from the Edison Electric Light Co. to light the tower for $60 per aiimun, and one from the A. A. Gas Co. to lio-ht the tower frora snnset to 1:30, Su:iduys excepted, for 75.00, and from sunset to 12:30, Sundays Included for $125. On motion of Aid. Lawrence the matter was referred to the special coiniuittee appointed to consider the proposition of the Van Depoele Co. to light the city. MOTTONS AND KESOLUTIÜNS. Aid. Henderson offered the following, which was carried: Whuus, 8. H. Iladson, elected Alderm-in of tbe city of Ann Arbor, has ceased to be nn inhabitant of ild wurd, and ha become a non-resident of thl city. Thereiore, be it Xfotoed, That th olüce of Alderman nl the rirjt v ard, so .k aforesaid heretufore OUt-d bv tbe ald E. H. Hudion be aud the ame is herebydeclarcd vacant. Ald. Hiscock, after some explanationg, offered the followlng, which was carried: Rttolvtd, That the Ann Arbor Water Works Co. be requested to file wth the City Kecorder a state' men ot the expense of eaid works to date. Ald. Biggs move that the sum of $1.50 per week be allo wed Mrs. Evans of the 6th ward for her support Ald. Lawrence as a substitute offered the followlng, which was carried: Ruolvd, Tbat tbe Marshal be authorized to draw ¦ warrant each week for the som of tl 50 to b paid to Mr. Krant. .¦ Also thls, carried: Stêolved, Tht a warrant be drawn to the Marsbal for th sum of 8.00 to be paid to Mrs. Evans of thefith ward, for the month of March. REPORT8 OF OFFICEK8. City Treasurer Watts reported f22,172.72 received.disbursements, flO.-l22.62 and amount on hand $17,218 89. City Marshal Kall reported the ( ng distribution of the poor fund: st wrd .. 27 82 , 22 . -- 31 ei , ?. „ - - 55 9a th _ 110 07 1 % i; - 116 38 , " -.- 8 68 ] Total 319 I City Kecorder Pond reported the folowing balances in the various funda : 'ontiiiKMit tintel, 011 hiiml $ 9 401 27 General " " 'if74C Jeneral street, overdrafl ]88 4? st ward fund on hand „, 1,112 ik l ! " il " XS0 66 ?,, ., „ .. „ feS 74 '" - : SM .% tn " overdraft S2 SI ilty Cemetery Td, overdrnft -jt K7 )oi? tax fand on hand „. 201 00 lelinqaent tax, ovordruft H46 2K Water Works Kund _ 4 gou gn On motion of Ald. Ware the ras jet ow burning in the clock tower was ilowed to remain untll the next meeting. The Mayor announced a special meet ng for next Monduy nigtit to orgamze eglstration board?, select places for reg1 ratiou and electlons, ete. Couacil tlieu tidjourned.


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