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CUTTING DOWN PRICES AT t F. MUIEN EARLY SPRING DRESS GOODS. One Case All-Wool Canvas Homespuns at 25c. a yard 25 Pic's Doublé Fold Spring Dress goods at 12 l-2c, worth 25c. a yard. 18 Pieces Dress Goods at 10c, worth 15cNew Corkscrew serges wide beautiful fabrica, at 50c-, worth 75c40-inch French Cashmeres in new Shades and Blacks at 50c. 52-inch All-Wool Canvas Homespuns at 50c, worth 85c A big Bargain. 25 Pieces All-Wool Tricots at 50c 50 Pieces Spring Dress goods -in new mixtures- a cheap purchase at 12 l-2c. a yard, worth doublé. New Styles in Buttons, Clasps, Braids and Feather trimmings to Ladies, they are worth coming to see. CUTTING DOWN PRICES IN SILES. All Silk Tricotine at 75c, worth $1.00. All Silk Satin Rhodame at $100 worth $1.35 15 Pieces New Spring Colored Silks would be cheap at $1.00. Our Price, 75c. 3 Pieces Rich, Heavy, Black 24-inch Dress Silks at $1.00, worth $1.35. A gr eat Bargain. Ladies, be on time if you want them, for they will not last long. Cuttingdown priors in Cnrtain Laces, ' and Scrims. 10 pieces Curtain Scrjm at 10e. a yard. 4 pieces Curtain Scrim at 'i)i'-. 8 l'lece Nottinghara Curtain Lace at 12%c, 15c, 18c, 25c. to 50c. a yard. It is needlcss to rcinlnd our lady friends of the great success of our Emboidery 3alo we shall continue the same and offer the bijjgeat Bargain at 5c, 10., 12c, 15c. mti 26c. a yard, ever ohown n the city. ' Our new Muslin underwear at 25c, I 35c, 50c, 75c. and $1.00 a garment is worthy your attention. We eiliibit an entirely Sew Stock of ' Spring Styls in Jerseys. Riinging in , prioe from 37c to $4.00. We are Cutting Down Price. These who are shrewd enough to profit by our announcement will come. D. F. SCHAIRER.


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