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RINSEY & SEABOLT'S - AND Flour and Feed Store. We keep conitantly on hand, BREAD, CRACKERS, CAKES, ETC, For Wholesale and Retall We shall aleo keep a nupply ol SWIFÏ & DEUBEL'S BEST White Wheat Flour! Delhi Mom, ltyO Ilour, Bnckwheat Flour, Cora Meal, Feed, Elc, At Wholesale and Kutall. A general stock of GROCERIES anfl PR07ISIUNS: Constantly on hand, which wil! he sold on as reaeonahle u-rrrs as at any otlier boue in the cit . pu,?,R'Ld for BU'ITER, BQQt. and UOÜNTKY ! PRODUCE generally (ioo-1? d-livercd to an part of the ciiy withuut extra charge. j RIXSEY & SEABOLT. MORAS CORSETS. SiBt rriiii.cj1 nrjixe, HMnk ,ï, """¦¦' '¦¦ K'v i i-tt.T W9nti uai ti n tliMii any eanet Jíf"cSJ t!iv mr olcL l'i Kroiakfin JSrT 7 reron.tiii -ui t.'.'-ru t', r i'i. W J . sliai. (iimhii break oi.r SL _r Are tui tlrnlarlr llkfd by , cx Tr Sr-i " ' ON.'. ' - , idr hMthopopaJai V Jt-! VACT.K ÍTKEI1. lililí " j okn be f üBtantljr tokan t OTI. WITHolT CCTTXKa Olt WÊL.gft JJIjtoo. t-rdlpn. ok for ÉnHa MAIVMK JIOHA-sconVQHTV9k HVIH' No othet-ü havo tlin 4„ï UI I wiLno.iiimtu: ¦ '¦ ' BVB ¦¦ innufivLturoJ l,y Madame Morí 's Contour. L. co., Madame Mora's La Reine. Birmingham, i Madame Mora's Aldine. ï- O. KltipuiricW A ., Madama Mora's Comfort Hip. "l Leouurd feu. .n. ï I fiTTim Sendiooents postiige. and we h I I L I' wlll raall you rreduroyiil, vnlH ITI I I Uftble. sample box of nods 11 UU 1 tliatwill put y.m in lluway of niukltn more morry at ODOa In Amarlo. 11..111 snn f all nges oan live at homo and work In ipare time. or all the time. C'RpIt! not re julred. We wlll start you. Immense pav lurefor tbose wbo start at on. Utinkun & .'o., Portland, Main. __ __fc C H. MILLEN, INSURANCE AGENT! No. 4 Soulh Main St., Ann Arbor. The oldest agency in the city. Entabllshed over a quarter of a century ago. Representlng the followlng flrst-class compaules, wlth 960,000,000 Capital and Aet. HOME INS. CO., of New York:. CONTINENTAL INS. 00, of New York. NIÁGARA INS. CO., of New York. GIRARD INS. CO., of Phlladelphla ORIËNT INS. CO., of Hartford. I COMMERCIAL UNION, of London. "VKRPOOL, LONDON and GLOBE. WA8HINGTON FIRE aod MARINE of Boston. Ratps Low as tlie Lowest, Losse Llberally Adjusted aud promptly Paid. : C. H. MILLEN. H. TJ I3 T XJ H 13. tEGANS IMPERIAL TRDSS. Splral Spring, grodedfrom 1 to tf pounds in prensare. MORN DAY ASD KIGHT, by au lnfant a week oíd, oran iutult soyear. Ladte Trusses a perfectlon. Knclose Htamps for testimoniáis of cures etc. I'.AN [MPERlAt TRDSS CO., Ahk Arhok, Mich. i ObcaiDcd in Ihc l'nited States and ForeienCouotri. ¦¦ o.ii.i o I liliiil-, 70 Criswold St., IKtroil, Jtlicb. JffkroPt 7886. adÊÜL WIU b.nlliriiEE toilUpDlIeuM. ui loou.iom.nol lut Ter without orderiog H. Il ooouioa about 110 mm 00 llluitruitmi, prlci, jourat dMcrlptloni ni rsWblá dlTMtiopi for p!nilni U rinici of TE8ETABLE to til, tip-l.llT to Mrtt sid fcr 1 D. M. FERRY & CO., Dotrolt, Mlchln. t e w en 1280 13M0 TELEC R A PH VLoarn btrftndnni ¦ rammi4, w hw VtJemto Brw , JubmtIU, W


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