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Jas. L. Callard, lit. '84, of Chlcago.spent Sunilay with Delta Tau Delta friends. Tlicre is i cali among law studenls for the keeping open of their library later in the veiling. It is expected the coming calendar wUl show 1,400 studeuts hs 1,390 have registered alieady. It is estiuiated that $20,000 is expended yearly by the students of the uuiversity for books alone. A new political economy club has been oiganized with 12 members. F. C Hicks, "SG is the lender. Prof. Frothiiigham has l)een quite seri. ously ill, but is about on? more, we are pleased to state. We are pleased to note the rapld improvemet of Prof. Stowell, who is able to be up once more. Prof. Wincliell's " Pre-Adatnites," hua gone llnough three oditious, and has oommcnced on the fourth. Clias. S. Perry, lit. '87, will leave college this semester, to tl 1 1 a profltable position at his home in Dowagiac. The meetings of the Ilahnemanu Society are said to be unusually interesüng aud growing more so with each eeMion. The Sigma Phi alumni banquet held at the Ruseell house, Detroit, last I'riday night, was a highly enjoyable aftair. A portion of the seniors have already completed the necessary work, and will have a vacation uncil commencement. The party which is being formed to go to Detroit next Monday eTeninit to listen to a " Scrap of Faper," is gradually increasing in numbers. Eliner Dwiggins, of Oxford, Ind., lit., '84, and managing editor of the Palladium of that year, has been in town during the week visiting hU old fnends. Four members of the medical faculty were eick at the opening of the semester : Drs. Stowell, Sewall, Frothinghatn and Palmer. " Fhysicians cure thy-selvet.'1 Judge Stanley Matthews, associate justlce of the United States supremecourt, will dcliv r the annunl addreis before Uic law gradualing class on the l.'Jthof June. Girls gradnating in England wear gowns prccisely like thope worn by tbe univeriity men, and the only way to teil one f rom the other is to wait for a mouse. -College Student. The new president of the Engineering society U W. W Campbell. E. J. Longyear Is cice president; B. E. Whittaker, secretary and treasurer, and J. H. Sinclair cor. secretary. The Oracle is being pushed to completion, and will soon make lts appearance, if the cuts are forthcomlng. The editors are doing good work, and propose togire the public some spicy reading. Edison has presented Cornell with a complete electric llght plant outfit. Can't ome of the rival inventora play atrump card for themselves by giving to the mechanlcal labor.itorv of the V. of M. one of tbeir plants!1 The co-eds proposo to recelve some of the beneflts of the " gvm," and in organiation is being formed among them for that purpose. One of those miserable boys t l'o s thiit several dozen Jumping ropes liave already been added to th outfit In ntlcipatkn.of thw movement. The I'alUdtum editora aro rery busy preparing thelr publication, sereral forma of whlcb hate already gone through the pres. The publioation will probably naake iU appearauce abeut the first of April, and from present indi ations will be one of the fincst over issacü. A meeting of tue lit class ot 'm; was held laat Seturday morning. The ciues Uon of holding the regular souior reecptlon was referred back to tho comuiittee to report at a future meeting. On the 4th ballot Randall & Burnham secured the clasg plcturcs by a vote of 26 to 14. A class liat was adopted similar to the onc worn by the class of "82. At the clection of Ueiit. senior cliiss offloers Friday morning the following were clected : E. K Cleinents, president; Misa C. A. Wagners, yice-president ; E. E. Lobb, ecretarj-; Herb. Cox, treasurer; T. J. Mason, orator; U. II. Waton, poet ; M W. Lau, prophet ; O. F. Snyder, marshal ; George J. Dennis, historian ; Harry Davis, toast master. The Tpsilantian gives the Glee Club bo8 tbefollowingcoinplimentary notice. 14 The largost audience ussembled in tlie opera house during the past pear was that wliich gaeeted the uuiyersity Glee Club last evening. The songs of tlie boys were received with enthuslastic applause from üret to lasr, and the program was al most doubled by the encores. A hand-ome proflt was realized from the entertainment for tlie Baptist organ fund."


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