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Jol. John Sobieski, the Pollsh nobltnian, and eloquent temperance lecturer, epeaks Friday uight at the nnivei-ity hall bef ore Uie U. M. T. A. Beca use of the denth of Mrs. Gen. Hunt, the concert of the Choral Union was postponed froni Friday evening of last week to thie, Wednesday evening, it university hall. The Rev. Dr. Rexford, of Detroit, will lecture under the auspices of the Unity Club, in the Unitarian churcli, on Wednesday evening, March lOth. Subject: "Voltaire." Only the club'a usual admiasion will be charged. "Nevada, the Lost Mine," will be ]ro. duced about the middle of Marcli, and is now belng rehearsed by the Ann Arfoor Dramatic Club. The Chequamegons will furnlsh the music. The boys say It wlll be the flnest play produeed by amateurs in many a day. The next social and hop of the Knighta Templar oceurs Tuesday evening, March 9, at their rooms in the temple. This will be the closing social of the series given by the Knights, which have proven very brilllaut affalrs. As the Lenten season commences the day following.this social is expected to belargely attended. Oen. Jasper Packard, of Indiana, has been engaged by the Jeffersonian Society of the Law Department, to deliver his illustrated lecture on tle Vicksburg and New Orleans campaigns. A large number of splundid views will be given, by a powerful sciopticon, to Ilústrate the lecture. Gen. Packard is an eloquent orator and a gradúate of the University, of the claw of '55. He served under Giant In the Vickaburg campaign. The lecture will be delivered in University Hall, Friday evening, March 12. Ticket 50 cents Soldiere and their families, half price Tickets for soldiere may be proourcd of J. Q. A. Sesíionn. Ann Arbor lodge I. O. G. T. are arranging for a Good Templar masa meeting in the opera houne, Ann Arbor, Tuesday evening, March 24th. Hou. John B Finch R. W. (J. Templar of the World, Albert Dodge G. W. C. T. of Michigan, and other prominent speaker havo buen secured for the occasion. A district lodc for Washtcnaw county will bc organized during the day. Delegatcs IVom all the lodges in the couuty will be present. All temperance pcople should turn out and make tbis a rousiug afluir. Kcservcd siat.i 15 ets. General admission 10 ets. Ttie board is now open and tickets for sale at Boughton's news stand In the post office. ArrangcmenU are bcing made for reduced rates on the railroads. The original Flsk Jubilee Singers have ulways commanded crowded huuse, and have always giveu the best of satisfaction, conequently the people of Ann Arbor are to be congratulated upou the fact that they are to have au opportunity of hearing thetn, next Monday evening, March 8to. Thls troupe, composed of colored people, render the old plantation nielodies in a way that is wonderfully attractive to tbe ears of the auditors. They have traveled all over the globe, and have earned f150,000 which lias been turned over to the Fisk I'niversity, at N'iisliville, Teun. True lovers of uiuslc will want to hear them. Their concert will bc given at the l'resbyterian chiircU Monday evening next, March Sth. Admission 50 cents. Reierved seats at Qeo. L. Moore's and at Osius .t Co.'s withoiit extra charge.