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ABN AEBOR SAVINGS BANK, ANN ARBOR. MICHIGAN, Transacts General Banking Business. CAPíTAlT$60,000. Organizad ander the UeDcral Banking Iaw ii ttais State, the etockholdore are individnallv li:tl)p for ao additional amouut equal totheetock held by tlu;m, thereby creatinp u Oattraotee FnndfOTÜM benefit of Deposito of $100,)00.00. Threo per rnt. Interest U allowed on all Ha Dopodts of (ie dollar and upwnrdu, acionlin ii thu rule. of the liaok and internat compi'imi' i] gerai-anntially. Kaney to Loan on nnincmbrr-'d roal otttta and otber good securlty. DIRECTORS: CHKIHTIAN MACK. Wk. I. MARKIMAN. W. W. WINUt. DANIEL HltíOl K. WILLIAM DEUBEL, WILLAKl B, MMI1 II. DAVID RIN8EY. OFFICER8: C.MAUK, Prc. W. W. WINBS, . M-l'r n. . ui. HIISCOCK.:a8hlct. ÖOODYIAE'S IE STORE Ho. 7 S. Main St. PURE DRUGS and MEDICINES Fine Toilet Articles ELEGANT PERFUMES AND ODOR SETS A Spccialty Made of Pliyslciau's l'rpseriptions. Cali nul seo lis. J. J. Cocdyear. - - - Lamprt are J$g 1 I "Heil iliri rt ly UH JTIIK PI' MP jf Without I.ifi jp IK !'¦ Cn, JJÜ 22i theflIHngtube Hlji'"tint t o BH8Sfi uit heIK],t li i GOOD I "fauy Lamp. BENOUGHB Ifctal-thBpfe-'-rWiwi most practical FAMILY CAN ver olTored to ' tlir putlic. FAMILY OIL CAN. EVERY FAMILY SBOULD HAVE ONE. MANUFACTURE O HV $ínffíd %anv$achiTing o.. I ¦TAiexiEiT, oma No Oroppiug üll on tbe Klooror Tablo; No raiicot to Leat or set kiiockertopiTi to waati Contenta or canse Explosiona. No ''orks to Lose. C'loses Pcrtcclly AlrTiRht. o Leukagí- No Kvaporatlon- Absoluu-ly Kafe. A rnivprxitl II l.r.l.l N.i-.-.ii GAÜ .iTXJ SLE TITEM. For Sale in Anu Arbor by C. C. Warner, s. 1 J. Baumgnituer. Hi'iiry Welscli. ('. Kbcrbnch. II. G. Horn, 1'. (.). Sclilelcher. Hlnsi-y As..:ilii. 1271-llNI. D. D. STORY, The PliotouraTiher, AkciH tlio Slncer Co., inunuiitvturiTs of the wel) kiiowii APOLLO BI0YCLE, The best wlieel iu Um market. NO. a E. III KON ST., ANN AUBOR. : BILIOUSNESS. Bilious symptoms invariably arlse from indigrestlon, such as furredtongue.vomitingofbile, giddiness, sick headache, irregular bowels. The liver secretes the bile and acts Mee a filter or sieve, to cleanse impurities of the blood. By Irregularity in its action or suspensions of its functions, the bile is liable to overflow into the blood, causingj aundice, sallow complexion, yellow eyes, bilious dlarrhoBa, a languid, weary feellng and many other distresslng symptoms. Biliousness may De properly terraed an affection of the llver, and can be thoronghly cured by the grand regulator of the liver and billary oreaos, BURDOCK BLOOD BITTERS. It acts upon the stomach, bowels and llver, making heaithy bile and pure blood, and opens the culverts and sluiceways for the outlet [Of dlsease. Sold everywhere liBd trarated to cure.


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