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MOST PERFECT MADE Preparmi wlth srx' regard to hcaltti. Rd Anímenla, Lime or Hum. ,?.5 BAMJO POVJDCR CO.. CHICACO. ST. LOUIS. g V SPECIAL Z. Hextracts MOST PERFECT MADE I"unf-it uid troii(rw.t Natural Fruit FUtimt. Vaallla, Lornon OmijT. AI mond. Rlmh ot, ilr as dellcato'y and .rtir.iflv 111. 'fruit. UBUJk prlce Baking Powder Co. sx. tocis. HUmIK! fit IT rHrfMfflKi SfiflS Invalids HoteliSurgica! Institute BtTPFALO, XT. "STOrsnnizrd wttli a full HlaflT of clgliK-fo Kxprrlcnced and Skillfnl rhjuician and Sui-grou tor tho trwatment f all C brouir Uiaranc. OUR FIELD OF SUGCESS. Chronic Nanl Catarrh, Throat and l.uiiK Dliean, l.iwr and Kidiirj Dliraira, Bladder Ilixaimi, nv o( nomen, Blond Diseascs and Nervun Affccilon, ured here or at home. ivith or without Kooing the patiënt. Come and .se U8, or eend ton rente In staiiuw for our "Invalida' Ouide Book," which givca : particulars. r__a.a. NrrvoHDohlIity, ImpoI n_. ...- I teucy, Nocturnal Loase. I tlorl.l.l 4 ..n,IUI..II1" " lonusod by oulhfDl FolIniriFC I lie and I'.tiií.íoii SoliUIOLnJLJ. tarjr Prartices are speedily ¦¦BaBMM „1(j permanently pured by our SpecSalisM. Book. pui d, 10 et, in stampa. ___._VI Kuptnre, or Urrach, radl¦ n T cnllv curod without the knife, 1 KUPTURF I without trunes, without pain, iiuriunt. an(1 Wthout danser. Curen mÊmmm Gnarantccd. Book eeut for ten oent in stamp. PIL.K TI.HOHS and STHKTIIIES treated undor Kuarantec to cure. Book sont forten ctn ís in sta rapa. AddreM Wobld'8 PIBPEN3ARY Medical Association, 663 Main Street, Buffalo, N. Y. ______. The treatment of many n. ...... .. tliouBauds of cases of those UISEiSES OF disoases peculiar to WUWtH. at the invalida' Hotel and ¦""¦¦ Surgical Inntitute, has afforded largo experienco in adapting remedies f r their cure, and DR. PIERCE'S Favorite Prescription is the result of this vast experience. It te a powerful Kesíoratlve Tonic and Nerviue, imparta viyor and stnnirth to the system, and cures, as ir by magie, Lucorrhea, or "wliite,'' excesslve (lowing, palnfiil meustrnatlou, minatural uppresiou8, prolapaus or fallliiK ol the uteruü, wrak back, aiitevcrsion, rctrovemion, beariimdown leiititions cbroulc couffe tiou, Inflammatlon and ulceratton of the iTomb, lul inimiiatioii, pain and tenderiieMS In ovarles, infernal beat, and "female weaknem." It pro'nntly relieves and cures Nausea nnd Ueaknrss of Stomacb, liidlm-. (Ion, Bloitins, Nervous Prostration, and Sleeplcssiiess, in eltlirr sex. rnlbt 41 .UUf for s.oo. 8end ton cents in stamps for Dr. Plerce's larifo Treatise oa üiseases of Womca, illustrated. World's Dispensary Medical Association, 663 Main Streot, BVTF ALO. H . Y. SICK-HEADACHE, Pfc BUloDt Headacbe, L ¦Cw. Dizziueit, CouHtipa&L" 'VaWëb tion, Indleeation, :iyt Jbs and Bllious Attavk, l4. 3MJm? promptly cured by Dr. "JhÉ5? Pierce'H Pleasani 'fik Br Purgatlve Pellet. 185 w cente a vial, by Druggists. AMUNITYfromANNOYANCE HpWWappWf' a V Pat. Ost.SGth, 1883. '¦ 'ïarto onl v Of the Hnet nnd hMtqnMIty ofUlass for w HIisIuimIIiik beat. Every good thingf is Oounterfeited, and oonfrumers are OAUTIONED against IMITATIONS ol these OMmneys made of VERY POOR GLASS. See tbat the exaot label is on each chimney as above. The Pearl Top is always clear and bright Glaas. nanufhetnred OJiLT by GEO. A. M ACBETH & CO. IMttttbnri?h Lcnri (li Works. FOR SALE BY DEALERS. Q = 5 2 lMHaf ï 5 1 3) ï, Tufe pjmcDlatsï I níO rniabli IIOWELL A COS Kewspaper Alvcrtlslng Bureau (10 Bpruco ir-rccti.whercailri Slffafjf B flflll tisitis conti iirt.-iuay MKIM Y1 IKH bo maüo lor il ia II kif I Ulil ATlTvTrjTl s'"n1 "ix cen" for poftacc. I 'ƒ li ni d nceive f ree, a cokiIj box F K I H "I ïoodn wh cm wlll h.;lp yon I II M.o" o m .n.'yriBh' ihau X lllLJXJiinvIinL r ,n lh, w, r)dMl il cl 'ler nel, ncC' c (] Iroro Bril hoor. The bru'ad niad to fonuue jeh bcloru tbc veoikeri, -..olntelv íore. Al once dars. Tboe & Co., JUfkAataK


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