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AKlMc POWDER Absolutely Pure. Tht powder never varíes. A marvel of puty,slreni!th and wholesomení-ss. More ecoomtcal tlmn the ordlnary kinds, and cannot e oíd In eompetltlon wlth the moltltude of ow test, hort welght, slum or phosphate nwders. Sold only In oans. Koyal Ba kin e r..wder Co . 1OO Wall si., N. Y. PSORIASIS nd Hll ItcliiiiK and Sealy skin and Scalp lHscrtM-s Cnred hj ('ulicura. TSORIASI8 Fciem, Tetter. Rinirworm, Uchen Pru'lins, Scald Hed, Mllk Ormt, Dandroff, liarbers' Bakers' Grooers' and Wsherwoman Itcn and ever specie nl itchli ft. Bnrninir. SrlT, Plmoly Humor of Ihe tkln nd Scip, wlth om of i,ir Sre poKl'lvelj cored by Cutlcur, the eret Skin Cnre nd t'nllcur Soup, and czqui'i e Skin RmntlSfar til. ri al'y, nnd Ciitlcura BeeolTent, the . ew Blood Furiflrr internally. when pLyiiclau nd all oiber remedí Uil. Psoriasis, or Scaly Skin. I. lotan .1. Case, D. D. S., havlng practiced dcnttstry In thi county for thfriy-dvn years and belnï - ell knowü to ttaoueands heriwbout, wlth a Tiew to help any who are atflieted H I hare been for the paet twelve year!'!tetify that the Cotlcura Remedie cnred me of PíOrlaíli". or Sealy Sktn, In eisht dy. aftir docicis Ith whom I had consnlted ave me no help ot enconraifoment. Newton, N. , JOUN J, C SE, D. D. (u Distressing Eruption. Yiur C ïfcurri F jra.;dl'S performeii a wonderfui cnre lai Nimmer o one of our cnstomerB, an oíd gentl ni in of Hi'venty jrevrs o! age, who urfiTedwitha feariully dlutresfing e.rnptlon on hit head and facn, and who had trled aU remedí and lOTnexaS Ark. J. F. SM1TII & CO. More Wonderful Yet. II. E. Carpinter, N.Y., caced of Piorlwin or I.oprooy, o' iwfiity year-' Btindini;, by C'atlcura Ki'medleB. The most wonderfnl cor on record. Adnetpatifnl of calen feil from him dallr. Pnyslctane aijd his friund ihought lie mnt aie. Cure worn to befnre a Juntice of the ptace and llenderaon's mot prominent cltiens. $2OO For Nothing. Wm Oordon. 87 Arllnirton Ave., Charlertown, Mass., write: "HaTing paid about 100 to rutcla doitorc to cure mjr baby, without acces, I iried the Calleara Remedí, whlch oomplately curtid, after uine: three packages." CUTICÜRA REMEDIES, Sold by all drugïUt. Prlce: CtrricraA. 50 C'i.; KCH01.VKKT, il; S"P. 2"Ct. Prepared by the Potter Drco and Chkïical Co., Boston, Van. Send for Pnamphlet. Wend ror"Hnw to cure su In DUeasea" Tl T A TT IFY the romplexlon and Sïln by ÍJXjÜU usini the Cuticuba Soap. CATARBH _ _-_ rpHE Graat BalfamicDIsrï=ii5?-TT:rQf JL tlllalion of Witch Hae', föfi r( American Plne Cnaada Flr, Wr&v ¦ 'D'VÈ) Marigold,CloverB)oom -S&'s ¦! etc, called ManfOrd'8 " %r%kt') adlcal Cure, for the Cj fluS Immudiate relief and perC rw$ manent care of eyery form "ST T of Catarrh, frora a imple ' - j Cold in the Had to Los of YSmell, Taste and Hearing, Congh and Catarrhal Conenmption. Complete treatment, coniletlng of one hott'e Hailical Cure, one box Solvent and one tmproved Inhaler, in one package, may now be had ot all DrngirlMx ínr J1.00. Alk for SANFORO'S RAD10ALCUEK. Complete Treatment with Inhaler, $1. The only absolute ipeclflc we inow Mei. 71mM "The heit we h"ve foond In a llfetlme of iiflerini."- Rtr. Dr, Boston. "After a lon 8tru""le with ('Htairh the Kaimpal (H'Rihiu" C"nqut-red."-J?et. 3. W Monroe, Ltvitburg. Pa. 1 linvv n 't f' and a cawhm it did not relieve at once."- Andrnv Lee, ManditUer, Mat. Potter IM-ujc anti ('hrmlpal ., BMrt. k_ ' MUST OIVE UP, I cannot bear 'Me u uu; I ache all over, and nothinc I JM ¦ ry does me anj good." Back-ache, JSnVflx wcBk'n'c, l'icrlne palns, Sorene, CWST'=l# LameTies, Hacklne Conuh, Pkuriny V?SJ and cheft uaiuscured by 'hat new. original i"ci . eh'eantai tidti' to putn nd lnflammtlon the Cv icüka Asti-Pain Plastbk. E pecially adupted to Udles by reaaon oí lts delicate, ¦ dur anl Eent'i' mcdi'-iral artion. At Drngeim c ; flvrf..r ftl. Malled fre by PorraR Doo nd Chhkmicíl Co., uoetou, Mss SCOTT'S EMULSISM OF PURE GOD LIVER OU And HypDphQsphites of Lime & Soda Almost as Palatabloas Milk. .it'(IS. nml aTTffASTIMi I)1S(VkPF-W UF rïTJTÏÏÏÏT.S it j. .n:.n,-ll..ii In Itt r'"oU"tniribed an í-nJor.l by WIWIIJP" In tho countne of tho world. FOR SALE BY ALL DRUGGIST8. i j IJMVÏRSAL i vK"iWUr"" A COMPLETE ABnAKWOMEST TOB Pbysiciaa and Families. Neater and Cheapsr AltD MOK THAN A 8TATI0NART BATH TÜB, WITH WO KXPEN3K OP BATH ROOM AïfD K1XTÜBK3.


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