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The Knights Of Labor

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The New York Sun of Sumlay last published a full account of ttie orgttnizution, objects ind Government of the Knights of Libor. The order was founded in 1869 by Uriali S. Stevens, a clothuig cutter of Pliiladel)liia, and was known to its members as tlie "Noble Order of the Kuights of Labor." Local Assemblies were formeel, the design beiugto keep the different branches of labor together as much as possible. The order was strlctly secret uittil 1880, the name of the order even not bultig known except to ils members. It orgtuiization, plans and movemeiits are now more open, tuough its workings are still secret. It is believed that the order now BumbMI half a millioii members, women and men, there bcing over four thouxHnd local aasemblies, scattered from one extreme of the country to the other. The oillci-r.f the (iencral Assemblv, whieh is composed of de lega f mm district assemblies, are a master workman, worthy foremaii, secretar}1, treasuier, auditor, etc, and an executive committec of live and a oo-operation board of six. The master workman and nre members ot' the executive board. Th-is board has great power, aud is more inlluential forgoodor bad than any five other uien in the nation, includlng the President of the United States and Cabinct. They have thn power to order strikes, to organizo boveotts, to arrange prices of labor, and can destroy the busine.'B of capltalits in any part of the country, can order thousands and hundreds of houands of men out of work at any moment, and put an end to all manufactuiing in a city or state, wliere they deelde that the workmen are nggrieved. It is a feai ful power which is in vfMcil In these live men as the liead of tho order, to whoin all its member are subject, and their actlon niay brlng ptosDcrity orsuffering, as their course uiay be wise or indiscreet - This executive board iscoroposed of T."V. Powderly, of Siran ton. Pa., Frwderiek Turner of PUlWIclphia, Jolin W. Hayes of New Jersey, W. H. Bailey of Ohio, and T. B. Barry of Michigan. The "K. of L." as its members cali it, includes aiuoug its members congressmen, senators, assemblymen, mayors.a' d ín gome cities entire uiUDÍripal governrueiits, cierjrynien, physicians, jouniHlists, cupiulists, and otployer in muuy kinds of triie and rnamitacture. In the west a great many farmers have joined the order, ovrkKto lts stnnd agui'nttt tnonopolists and in favor of gréenb'aïk'iPhi. It first mad il- of tbe ( Vntcimial ExpOftttOn to difmisinHte nsws of it exiateace au! to scatter ¦ It infloence Uirough the mnbersliip ol 'many iiirrliaiiics wlio catne from every pnitofthe world to that m-at 'izur. üoe of its rulee ia lo eniploy no miisionrie8 nd to do no prowlytlng wiiHli'Vrr levoiid the wiile listi ibutioa of what is cajled its "üiclaration of Priuciples," prlnted fln ciwap white pap'r in little sheets, aud scutttred broatlcast by the raillion.


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