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The Tramp Question

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The tramps seem to have thawed out with the little spring weather we have had, and for the past week have been thicker than candidates for office. The Courier has repeatedly advocated the chain-gang for tramps, or the establishment of a stone yard. At Flint, it seerns, that they have had the grit and nerve totake a step forward on the tramp question. The followlng froin tlie Globe tells what has been done Uu-re : It is to be hoped that the next Legislature wiü tak e hold of the tramp nuestion and deal wllh it in a practical way. The ordinance in thls city providing that tramps sliall be put in the chaln gang und worked on the streets bas had the eiïect to reduce the tramp nulsauce to the minimum, the iazy vagubonds as a rule glve Fllnt a wide berth. Bul the fellows are all pretty brlght and know tliat if they are sent to the Jall from Fenton, Klusliing or Clio or any other village, they can not beputtowork, as the State law niakes no provisión for Buchpunishmentbelnginnicted npon them, and they have not vlolated an ordinance of the city of Fllnt. And so they work that game, or try to. If they can get a justtce in any of these places tosend them up for 30 or 60 days, thetr fortunes are made for that length of timo, and at tlie expiration of the sentence spring and warm weather wiil not befar off. At Flushing we aro Informed that the citizens take matters in thelr own hands, and when thescalawagsnsk thejustice to send them up, the sald citizens arm themselves with horsewlilps and give them the alternative of leaving town or bfeinfftferaahed like army mules. Thcy "itand not on the order of theri going but go at ouce," Wliy can't the same be done here? Something must be done before long, for this class of outlaws are becoming too numerous for public safety. Some one ought to be elected to tlie legislature who has studied up this question and has practical views respecting it The right kind of a state law woultl sooi ilo away with this nuisance.


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