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Annual Report Of The Ladies' Charitable Union For The Year Ending The 4th Of March, 1886

Annual Report Of The Ladies' Charitable Union For The Year Ending The 4th Of March, 1886 image
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Heforc closiug our books upon the reemis oí (lic past year, we would likc lo irescnt the niain features of our work to hose who have so kindly aided us by heir sympathy and placed in our hands the means to lighten the burdeos of our city. We have had enrolled upou our list of membership sixty-six ladies, of whom there were from the Baptist churcli, flve; Congregatioual, twenty-three; Episcopal, btrteen; Methodist, nine; Prc8byteriaiii wclvc; Unitarian, three, and onc from he Ilebrew church. Of tliis numUcr tour lave left the citjr. Assistance has been (fiven to fifty-two 'amilies, located asfollows: let ward, six; rd ward, seventeen; 4th ward, six; 5th ward, sixteen; Oth ward ward, seven. In ;he üd ward the population nlmost cntirely Germán, aud tliey have their own jcnevolent society. About two hundred and tliirty visita have been innde b3r the various ward committees, and a great miiny rvceivcd or wliich 110 record bas jeen kept. We desire to cali attention to the work of the Industrial school. Tke garments made by tbem, are purchased by the Charitable Union, to be giren to thcir beneficiaries, and any contrlbutions of material for work of money to buy it, will be doing good in two directions. To those who have aided us we desire lo express our earnest thank. We have received special douatiotis in money from the following peraons, vi7.., Mrs. II. W. Hogers, Sen., Mesdames Wheeler, HurJ, Küthbone, Angelí, Kandolph, Evans, Cooley, Langley, Mrs. R. M. Cady, Mrs. K. A. Beal, Miss Douglass ind Miss M. Feil. In dry goodfc, from D. F. Schairer and Wines i Worden. Groceries, from J. A. Brown. Veeetables, from J. T. Jacobs, Mrs. E. W. Coddington and Mrs. Lucy Ilowe; meat, as a Chrlstraas donation, from J. II. Nickles. We also wish to tender our thanks to the City Marshal, Mr C. S. Fall, for bis unfailing courtesy and ready co-operation, in all our appeals to him for assistance. In reviewing the work of the past year we have every reason to be encouraged. Our membership has been largely increased and the regular attendance at the montlily meetings is better than ever before. We have assurance that our work has accomplished much for which we aim and that some homes are made brighter by the comfort we have been able to add to them. One of our earnest workers, Mrs. Lucy Ilowe, bas heard the "Well done" of the Master. Taken from the portals of her church below, she flnished the service, among the redeemed before the throne ol God, and though we miss her kind ininistrations here, we are assured that her work is not yet done, for such souls as her's must be the "ministering spirits" of heaven. Her meniory will long be cherished by her fellow-workers in the Industrial school. Only the day before she was called away, she braved one of the fiercest stonns of the winter to be present with tbem. May her lovely example of "patiënt continuance in well-doing' not be lost upon us. We appeal once more, to the women o our city, to join us in our work of allevl ating, if not curing, the ills that fall to the lot of the very poor; to help us to foster in thein saner thinking, better liv ing, higher deals of life, more enlightened motherhood, more cheerful submis sion to what must be, thereby lessening the sufferings we cannot wholly avert The offlcers for the coming year are as follows: President- Mrs. O. A.'Jaycox. Vlce-president- Mrs. Phebe Steele. Secretary- Mrs. John B. .Mlner. Treatiurer- Mrs. C. B. Andrews. Exeeulive Board- Mrs. J. M. Wheeler, Mrs M. B. Oilbert, Mrs. Benjamin Day, Mrs Jerome Knowlton. Mrs. Philip Bach, Mrs Rhoda Houghlon. Viêiting CommUlee - lst ward - Mrs. Gllbert Mrs. Houghlon ; 2d ward- Mrs. Bach, Mrs Clarkson ; 8d- Mrs. Kathbone, Mrs. Ilurd lili ward- Mrs. Mlner, Mrs. Beal, Miss Hen nlng; óth ward- Miss Brown, Mrs. Knowlton 'i li ward- Mrs. lliitts. Mrs. Steele. Treasurer's report: RKCJIIPTS. From iinnuul membershlps $59 II Krom Thanksgivlng collectlon.... 69 7Í Special Donatlons „ 61 bt Balance from prevlous year 50 71 $231 18 DISHÜRSKMENT. Pald Ward Commlltee 187 81 iialance, cash to new account.... 48 37 Él 18


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