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The following table shows the rate of taxtition in the various townships of this county of the asseased state and county tax on a basis of f 1,000 vul nat ion : The enterprise wliich II. Handall lias taken hold of to secure to our people free open air concerts during the suramer months, is one that ought to recelve the encouragement of every good citizon of thia city. It is poiposed to purchase a portable band stand, and have the city band frive concerts altérnate weeks on the court house lawn and on Hanover square. The band also, should be ussisted and encouraged to uiake their concerts of the very highest order. Mr. Kandall should je met in a liberal spirit by our citizens, and it is to be hoped that he will succeed. The Lanslng State Republican lias the 'ollowing bit of Information wliich may nterest gome Washtenawians: "Ablll s pending before the Ohlo Legislature to Hippress dealing in liohemian oats notes t provides a penalty of imprisoninent not over threu years nor less than one year, or fine of not over f 500 nor less than $100, or both, for every person who obtains any prornmissory note, contract or any )lhcr evidencc of indebtedness, as a whole or any part consideration for any grain, seed or cereal at flctitlous prices, or more than twice the actual valué or the rice in the open market, or for any peron who knowingly sells, barters or dis)ose8 of such evidence of indebtedness. 'he bill is severe and sweeping in lts erms, and sliould prove eñective if it i onstltutional.'1


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