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11 1 UT moremoney ttlan at anytlilngeleeby tan 11 I 1 Ing an at;cncy lor th bet selling hook 11 II BcKÍDners eucreed grand ly. None II 11 ,al Terms free. Hallett Book Co., Portland, Miln. I I I IT f lor workini: pcople. Send 10 centa llil IJ po-taL'i', aiul w. wil] ratll you free s H fl I ruyal, valuable sampli? hoi of Kxt I that will put you in Ihe way of mah ing moro monfy in aliwdays 'han you evertnought at any huitneee. Capi tal not required. You can llye at humi? and work Ín sp re tune ooly, or all the time. All ol both sexes, of all ages, grandly aucceasiul. 50 eente to $5 eaxlly earned venlnv. That ail who want work mflv teet the bastillees, we mke íhip unparallel-'d off: Toall who are not well Batiífiedwe will end $1 to pay for the tronblu oí rrlMg u-. Full particular, directions, 'tc, at'nt free. lmmenae pay absohitely eure for all who start :U once. Won t delay. Addr8 Stinson & Uo., Portland, Maine. A. DeFOREST. Fire Insurance, Píate Grlass Insxirance, Steana Boiler INSURANCE ! Lowest Kaii -, Honorable Adjnstments and Losses Promptly l'aid. REAL ESTÁTE RENTS Special attention oiven to Colleotion op Kents and Management of Kkai. EsTATK INTBRESTS FOK No.N-KESIDENTS. ENnaK Satisfaction to Owííkks Qi'araxTEKD. A. DeFORK8T. INSURANCE REAL ESTÁTE and LOAN AGENCY O F A.W. HAMILTON ROfflce, No. 2, First Floor, Hamilton Block. Parties desíring to buy or sell Real EstaU wlll flnd it to their advantage to cali on me, I represant 15flrst-class Flre InsaraDce Companies, having an aggregate capital over J30, U00,(0. Rates I,ow. Losses liberaliy adjusted and promptly pald. I also issue Life and investmeat Pollcles in the New York Mutual Life Tnsurance Company, Assetts, $55,000. Persons desiring Accident Insurance, can hiive yearly policies wrltten for thein orTraveler's Coupon Insurance Tickets issued at Low rates In the Accident 1 iiMinuicc Conipany of North America. Monoy to Lonn at Current Rates. Office honre from 8 a. ni. to 12 m. and 2 to 5 p. m. ALEX. W. HAMILTON, Hamilton Block. A WONDERFUL COMBINATION OF IPEI'TONIZED BEKF, liOPSl AXD MALT, Bclnff the O!VI,Y KKOWS I'RDPARATIOX Tor Im[ai PÜIIE -jALBUMENh To (he Body. It Is an Absolute Cure for Nerronsnsss, Debility, nd Insomnia, and wardi olí those TerribU Evil whioh ar th Tini BUtgu of INSANITY. For Debllltated !tln, For Enleebled Women, Por l.n ate Olilldren, For all lio nerd Strength "HOPTONIC IS A BLESSINQ." For !íie by ail Drnrelits. Prep&red mlr byth HOPTONIO OO.. Ohahs RArioa, Mica. IMERVOUS DEBILITATED MEN. You ar allowed a free trial of thirty days of the use of Dr. Dyc's Celebratert Voltafo BcH witü Elfctrlc SufijHMtsnry Appllancctt, for the cpeedT reliof and permant'iit cure of Kervous DebilityAoM of Yitality and ifanhood, and all klndred troublesA.lao for many other dlHouas. Complete rcsturotlon to Health. Visor and Manhood priarantewl. No risk Ulnrurred. Illiifttrairdpniiiphlet lu.tcaled snveiope maJltl freo. ty addrt'Kainft VOLTAiO BELT CO., Marshall, Mich. VTen Baby na tlok, we gro her C ASTOEIA When ahe woa a Chüd, abe crted for C ASTORLA. When sbe became Míhm, abo olang to CASTORIA Wheu sbe h-vd Cbildren, be gave them CAST 'A


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