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' The season of festivlty will now put on mourning until April 2ölb. This is Ash Wednesday- we told a whopper about it last week. Tlio early riscr Monday morning was quite surprised to find the earth covered with snow. Bishop Tuttle of Utah, will deliver an address before the Hobart Guild o Sunday, Marcu 31st. The Schaffer property near the western brewery has been purchased by Mack & Schmid for $1,200. From the present outlook there will be more building in Ann Arbor this season by far, than last season. The eclipse of the sun last Friday p. m. at sundown was so thoroughly eclipsed that no one In this section saw it. Luick Bros. say that they have more orders ahead than. they can turn out for the next two months and more coming. A new floor and other iniprovements are being made in the store of J. T. Jacobs & Co., preparatory to a grand opening. Another of those most excellent and readable letters from the pen of Prof. Van Slyke, of Honolulú, Sandwich Islands, this week. The handsome plans for the new stone depot can be seen at the news stand of Boughton & Payne, in the postofüce. Jiut drop in and look thein over. "The bearing of the Doctrine of Devtlopinent on our Religious Belief,"' will be discussed next Suiulay evening, at the Unitarian church, by Rev. James T. Bixby. Rhubarb, lettuce, etc., has muele ts appearance. Too premature. One's appetite hasn't reached tlmt period yet. It'ü too nnich llke eating oysteis in Julyor August. Rev. E. H. E. Jameson, D. D., of Lansing, will occupy the Baptist pulpit on next Sunday. The service in the evenwill be a lecture before the Young People's Society, on "The lleroes of Faftli." That bright little canary that has sung so sweetly in Goodyear's drug store, for the past four years, died of consumption last week, and has been taxidermist-ized and put up so that he looks as natural a? Ufe. Mayor Kapp has in his possession a book of about 3,000 pages containing reports of the various offices and departments of the city of Philadelphia, and 'presented by the city of Philadelphia to the city of Ann Arbor." The peculiarities of "srnne ]eople we meet" are astonishing. There are those who are constantly growling if they are nt noticed by the newípapen, and then again there are tliofe who will storm at you if they are noticed. So betwixt the two what's a poor local editor "gwin fur" todo? Wirt Newkirk, graduate ot the law dep't former resident of Dexter, hut who has been a resident of Willamsburg, Ky., for past two yeara, publishing a paper there, was burned out last week Wednesday, saving only two presses out of the en tire outfit. By urgent request of the citizena of the place he will at once resume business. Mr. Newkirk is also a son-in-law of Tho?. Birkltt, of Dover. The Germans are anxious that Ann Arbor should have a Germán mayor the coming year, because of the great sangerfest to be held here next August. Thto affair is substantially a Germán one.and tliey Hay it would be pleasant to have a man in the mayor's chulr who could jreet the Germán multitudes who will be here, in their own tongue. WhetUer tliis will be pressed upon the parties or not is a quetion. By reference to the council proceedings it will be seen that there will be a special meeting of the tax payers of this city, on Wednesday next, to considsr the advisability of voting $5,000 Lu aid ot the bridge over the M. C. B. H. tracks, at Detroit street, and the various improvements proposed by the M. C. R. K. at this point. As our citizens are uil cupable of judging for themselves, in this matter, it is useless for the newspapers to attempt a discussion. Among the democratie candidates for justice-of the peace, besides P. McKernan who seems to have the lead, there have been mentioned J. S Henderson, Martin Clark and Eugene Onerlin. Only two republlcan8 so far have been spoken of Joel W. Hamilton and J. W. Bennett If all tbe vacancles are filled there will be three candidates this spring on each tick et. One for the long term commenc Ingjulylst next, in place of Jutice Brennan; one for the unexpired term o Justice McMulion deceased, whose dutle will conimoncc at once; and one for Justice Brennan's unexpired term, to serv until the lst of next .1 uly. The one elect ed for the long tei m fhould also be elected to fiil the short term vacancy, as It i unllkely that any one would care to g through au election just to serve thre mouthe asa Justice (wlth no tramp case totry). Títere were flve addltlom to the (on gregatioual church last ïiundav. The marriage list publlshed In tbe last Couhier created overal surprlsa partios about lown. The ium of %'2Z. 6" was rrturned as UDcollecUble, by city tretwurer Wattf. Less thau laat year. Cordelia Olsaver, wife of Henry Olsaver, of the lown of Hamburg, died Marrh 'Hli, at the i'.ee of CO years. Monday was the laat day of hearing claims in the estáte of Eugene Arnold, and quite a nuinbcr were presented. Albert Sorg says that the paintlng and decorating business ban never opened up so wr 11 since he has beau in the business. There is linie use of workingup booms just now, electio doesu't occur until A[ril 5lh, three weeks from next Monlay. Kev. Mr. Spring, of New Hamburg, Out., occupied the pulpit of Zion's church last Sunday forenoon, and of Bethlehem church ia the evening. The Woman's Foreign Missionary Society of the M. E. church met this afternoon to perfect arrangements for a grand uitertainment, to be given next Wednesday 'veiling. It Is understood that a Toledo flnn has rentec! the store of Frank Hangsterfer fonnerly occupied by the auction busiuess, for a period of two years, and will open a stock of groceries therein. The article upnu the flret page in reïerence to sheep and sheep breeding will be foiixd of uuusual interest just now, especiallj hs the state sbeep shearing festival issoon to be held in this city. The stute dental association is to meet iu ihis city next week, commencing next Tuesday, and lasting fourdays. The sessions will be held at tbe Dental Collage and there will be three sessions daily, morning, afternoon and evening. Drs. Donance and Watling have the local management of the affair. It is now understood that the services of a eurgeon are not always necessary in the cuse of a broken arm. This bit of practical joke Information was ascertained, we believe, by one of Ann Arbor's disciples of Ksculapius, yesterday. Ann E., wife of J. S. Hammond, of the Oth ward, died March 6th, at the age of 70 year?, of paralysis of the brain, at the home of her daughter, Mr. A. F. Martin. Funeral services held Tueiday, at 10:30 a. m., and remanía taken to Ypsilanti for interment. Servicen to-day at St. Andrew's church at 10:30 a. m., and 7:30 p. m. There will also be services cvery day through the Lenten season on Mondays, Tuesdays anti Saturdays, at 4. m., and Thusday evenings at 7:30 as usual. Every Sunday, through Lent there will be communion service at 7 o'clock a. m., except on the first Sunday of the month. We have recently received a card and pamphlet fiom Lincoln, Kansas, announcing that the firm of Waterman Bros. & Adams have opened a real estáte exchange. This flrm includes the names of N. R. and E. D. Waterman, who are wcll known to our citizens as upright, pusliing young men, and we have not the faintest doubt as to their success. If Dr. Kapp is a democratie mayor, we shall have to do justice by him and say that lie has been a faithful one. He has not missed u regular meeting of the coun cill the past year, and only one special, and that an unimportant one. He has been very prompt in signlng the warrantst often neglecting private business therefor, and has been thoroughly alive to the city's best interests. We are credibly iuformed that lie is not a candidato for reelection, but considers his cup of glory full tn thp hrim. At the debate before the G. A. H. post last Friday night, on the conduct of McClellan, Capt. Manly opened the discussion, followed by Ciipt. Campbell. Lieiit. J. II. Stark's argumenta were so fine and plausible that the boys gave him a bearty applause. The afflrmative of the case won the day. Aa the Chelsea boy deated this same question recently with ie Lima, and won the day for the administratlon, it might be well for them to ïeet our boys and convince them of their iror in deciding the other way. Ainong the republicaus mentioned for mayor are the name of E. B. Abel, Otiar Eberbach, Nelson J. Kyer, Dr. W. B. Smith, A. J. Sawyer, Alex W. Hamlton, J. T. Jacobs, Stephen W. Fairchild. Eli Moore, Judge Cooley, C. S. Millen, Aids. Heinzmann and Lawrence, Herman Hutzel, Philip Bach and John Ross. ( any have been inadvertantly missed we beg their pardon. In the democratie anks we have heard mentioned Dr. George, Dr. Kapp, W. D. Harriman, Capt. Schub, D. Cramer, Prof. W. W. Beaman.Capt. Manly, John Sc- but time's up. Life is too precious to continue this M, In the circuit conrt but few cases have been disposed of. Testimony was teken in he divorce sui. of Mary A. Weisenger va. Jacob F. Weiseiifter. Ia the case of the People vs. Herman Knapp, the defendant plead guilty to the charge of an attempt to steal from a store, and was sentenced to the house of correction until 891. There is now on trial the case of George Kinckerbocker ts. Thomas F Leonard. Leonard is defendant sltnply because he was the officer servlng the papers. The real defendant being Peter Polson and seyeral creditors in the Goodale estáte, and it is being sharply contened. Thos. Holmes wa admitted to citizenship yesterday, and J. Adam Klein, Saline, Geo. Schram, York, Wm. E Sanderson, Augusta, were each flned one day's pav, $2.00, for being tardy, and Eugene B. 'Abel, $1.25 for the same offeuse. Complaints are coming in thick of tbe utterly lawless manner In which Uie telegraph poles have been put up on the south Ypsilanti road by the last telegraph company going through. Shade tree on the blghwty tliat havo been set out and carefully nurtured for years by farmers have been cut to pieces and ruined. Hundreds of dollars worth of them have been so disfigured that they are practically worthless. This is an outrage that should uo be ovcrlooked. As no right of way ha been obtaioed for the line, we understand there can be no possible right fo any company to set a pole or strlng a wlre. One of the gentlemen whose tree have been nuiUlated is pretty angry abou it, and is working to get the farmer along the line to combine to see what cal be done about it. He doesn't propose to prosecute the telegraph company but b does propose to make It so hot for them that they wül wlsh they had used common decency, and not destroyed othe neople's property. He thinks thmgs ca be so tixed that the telegraph compan may attempt to prosecute the farmers when they wlll bc fightlng on tbeir ow