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BACH & ASELS COLUMN. We never expect to have more Welcome News than we have this weekSpecial Priccs on Dress Goods. 10 pieces 40-inch Cashmeres, regular 60c. quality at 50cper yard10 pieces 50-inch Cashmeres, regular 75c. quality at 65c a yard. 25 Pieces 40-inch Tricots at 50c a yard. 10 pieces 42-inch Gamel's Hair Suitings at 50c. a yard. 25 pieces of 27-inch Doubléfold Twills at 16c. a yard. 5 pieces of NewSpring Shades, Cut Cashmeres, regularll-25 quality at $1.00 a yardWool Laces 'are going to be worn in spite of the doubts of a few months ago. But they are We have a fair collection. Big Buttons for Jackets, and Skirts, and little ones, for dresses, and what are they made of1? Bronze, Steel, Silver, Gilt, Jet, Ivory, Wood and Crotchet from a quarter of an inch to an inch and a half across. It is a little early to talk about Sateens with the winter still in the air. Our Spring Sateens are here ready for inspection. A hundred styles to select from50 dozen Turkish Towels at 10c-, regular price 15c150 dozens of Fancy Bordered Handkerchiefs at 10c , regular price 20c. 3 cases of Wash Dress Goods every description at 10c-, 12i and 15c The Best Shirt in the world (we sell it is the Pearl, $1.00 each. Embroideries of every description now on Sale. Over One Thousand Styles to Select from. 25 Shades of Feather Trimmings, we show every shade made. Prices way down. All the New Fringes we will show you this week at 75c, regular price $1.00. 5 Bales of Brown Cottons, 36inches wide at 5c, regular price 7c 3 Cases lileactaed Cottons equal to Wamsutta or Pride of tbc west at lOc. a yard. 21 Pieces or Tnrkey Eed Table Linen 62-inches wide, no better made at 5Oc. a yard. The ahove will gire you 8ome Idea how Goods are sol.l, G00D GOODS, NO Trash. We propose in a series of Articlos which will be Short to show the people of Amh Arbor the follyof hu j i mr ui) Umi:; iii Our Line (6ood Dry GoodN) wit hout liiiiliiiir out the State of the Market whore the bulk of the Dry Goods buslnes sis done. BACH & ABEL. Paper for Sale. A first class county paper; guaranteed :irculation 1,500. Power presses, good engine, ncw type, and fine job work patronage. Located in one of the best business towns oL Soutliern Michigan. HeasDii for selling, falling health. For furtlii.t particularg address Box 2940, Ann Arbor, Midi. Try Qrainlet, a new morning dish, far superior lo oat meal. Can be cooked Ín five minutes. Sold by W. B. Warner, State st. The value of thought cannot be told. Just so with the bestof eyery thing. Take Dr. Bigelow's Positive Cure for all throat and lung troubles, if you appieciate a speedy and thorough cure. Pleasant to take. )0 cents and $1. Take it Thls Month. Spring rapidly, and it is important that every one should be prepared for the dcpressing effects of the changing season. This is tho time to purify the blood ani1. strengthen the systeni, by takug Ilood's Sarsaparilla, which stands unequalled as a spring medicine, and has endorscments of a character seidom given any proprietary medicine. A book containing statements of the inany wonderful oures it bas accomplished, will be eent upon nppllcatlon to C. I. Hood & Co., Apothpcaries, Lowcll, Mass. 100 Doses One Dollar. H $250 I k C0T BEST SHOE IN THE CITY Kil! TUK MONEY. EVERY PAIR WARRANTED! CASH TALK8. G0OD8PBBP S( SONS, 17 8. MAIN ST. ANN ARBOR fflALL FRUIT FARM ! Süaw berries, Gooseborrica, Kaspbirrks, Cuifna and Grapes, very clit;ip. Kemenibcr tbesc plant are stron-r acclimatcd. H;is)beny öyrup, 00 per ga}Ratptorr; Bbrnb, $2.50 pergaL Qenulse Gfraps "me from ?i.ik) to fl.36 per gri. Iinproved I'hnmuih Rock !¦'¦ silliiif.', si. uu. Kxtiii CUoice Plymouth Hoeks per slttin-, 2.00. A. 'nis ol ËBwinjpr A Barry, of Rochestcr, New York, for all kinds of Nursery itqdi. E. BAUR&SON.W. HuronSt. ¦ale' Moiifyi! sn ii Ckmeti cur,25e.,80o.kll Clenn'iSulphuroaii hea ft bfauilHei, ac Cermanforu Rem ver UU Corn k Banlon Hiiri Hilr ind Whilker Oye- Black and Brown, Ma Plke'i Tuii t tmc hr Dropa cure In 1 II tnuU.Mo llnl iiueuiu il o PlUi v tor cur. M


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