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THE INN ARBOR SAYINGS BANK, ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, Dransacts General Banking Business. CAPITAL, $80,000. Organlzed ander the General Banking Law of hl State, the stockholdor re indhïdually Hable , or n addltloual amouut cqual to the stock held by hem, thereby creating a Guarantoe Fund lor the leneflt of Depositors of ( $100,000.00. Three per fent. intoreM Is allowed on all Savlng Jepoelts of one dollar and upwardn, aecorclini? to ho rnleis of the Dank and tntorept compoundod leml-annually. Koney to Loan on uniniwtnbcrtMi eal eetate and other good security. DIRECTORS: CRISTIAN MACK, Wm. D, HARKIMAN, iV. W. WINES, DANIEL U1SCOCK, , W1LLIAM DEÜBEL, WILLAKt) B. SMITH. ' PA VID KINSEY. ( OFFICERS: 3. MACK, Pre. W. W. WINES, 'ce-Fres. j. K. HISCOCK.Oashler. j GOODYEAR'S DRUG STORE Ho. 7 S. Main St. PURE DRUGS and MEDICINES Fine Toilet Anieles ELEGANT PERFUMES AND ODOR SETS A Specialty Made of Physlclan's PreseriptloDs. Culi and spe ns. J. J. Cocdyear. mi. ;ooi j'oi;n ji-JI ___ lamps are yVt 1111.. I l.y (Bi Til Without Liftsdjnstlng to uit hol gil th I GOOD il ofanyLamp. BriiniirulH Thi '¦ "'" ever offered to the public. FAMILY OIL CAN. EVERY FAMILY SHOULD HAVE OM. . MAMUfAüTUHtD BV No Dropping OU on tlie Klooror ïablo; No Fnuret to Leatt or cet knockciloppn to waste CoutentB oreauKe J3xploslouK. No ?orks to Ixe. Clones Terfectly No Liukagc- No Kvaporatlon- Alwolutcly Safe. A 1 ii .-i -tl noiweiiold N i--.-it y. OAXiT.i ATX SEX TKEM. For Sale in Ann Arbor by C. C. Warnor, S. & J. Haumgartuer. Henry Welsch. C. Kborbacli. H. Q. Horn, 1'. Ci. Schleicher. Rlnsey ASeabolt. 1271-1281. D. D. STORY, The Photographer, Ageutfor the Slnger Co., mauufucturers of the well-kuown APOLLO BI0YCLE, The best wheel In the mark et. NO. 6 E. HCRON ST., ANN ARBOR. ingottW. ¦ ¦ ClllDTIIir Soc!n"t itop'Tn fii OITlAnl lili minutes tha (raaninf, nEIt wil! op the pala u loo u wmmm m m _ pplied. , nnilPUIUO Abunduic lo nrt ¦ cor LUUun nu ( cowi nd th couihi Coniumption. It wtu. oïrtvELv o Coufh in is _ _ mimuics. v ' - - OUniIM P Mor thlB Mioiif & to L II U n I n O " childrca Chokinf with Ctiovr. One mtmui mlter th fint dot th hardat ttach _ - - - _ ..n. of Croup will b telieed. g UIUCC7IIIP Plenty to IeliT. th oppret nnCCtinU aton and wkaciiaf of th rootl Mver ei ol Attkma. Th. direct curt of Aathma bf thu medida ar proofs that , Dr, Thomai' Eclectrie OU hal „ „ oo equil u b Atttunt cutt. 1 the abovt cu Dr. Thomu1 Edtctric Oil cal h relied upon. It ha given nlkf to thcusiad. Kp t ia your home. Thcn il hudly wek l


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