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THKU-8ftT#g?ATffM.OOVT It l the onl Una with lts own track trom CHICAGO TO DENVER, Eithor by wy ol Omaha, Pacific June, St. Joaeph, Atchlson or Kansas City. It connects in Union Depots with throuqh tralns Irom NEW YORK, PHILADELPHIA. BOSTON and all Eastern polnts. It Is the principal line (o SA FRANCISCO. PORTLAND 4. CITY OF MEXICD It traverses all of the slx qreat States of ILLINOIS, IOWA. MISSOURI. NEBRASKA, KANSAS. COLORADO with branch lines to all thelr important cltles and """m CHICAGO. PEORÍA or ST LOUIS. It runa every day In the year trom one to three elegantly equipped through tralns over lts own tracks beiween Chicago and Denver, Chicago and Omaha, Chicago and Councll BlufTs, Chicago and St. Joseph, Chicago and Atchlson, Chicago and Kansas City, Chicago and Topeka, Chicago and Cedar Rapld?, Chicago and Sloux City, Peoría and Council Bluffs, Peoría and Kansas City, St. Louis and Omaha, St. Louis and St. Paul, Kansas City and Denver. Kansas City and St. Paul, Kansas City and Omaha, For all points In Northwest, West and Southwest. Itsequipment Is complete and flrst clast In every particular, and at all Important polnts Interlocklng Switches and Sígnala are used, thus insuring comfort and safety. For Tickets. Rates. General Information, etc, regardlng the Burllnqton Route, cali on any Ticket Agent In the United States or Canada, or address T. J. POTTER 18T V.P. & GfN. Mor., Cmkaoo. HENRY B. STONE, Amt. QEn. Moa., Cmicaoo. PERCEVAL LOWELL, Gen. Pm. Aot., Chica. 1Ü NOFEEI1 ) ESTABMSHED ii. ) Merrill UNTIL BETTER Í DETROIT.MICH. ƒ Block. '¦Z35k The Kegnlar, Old-Eitablisted jLJa PHYSICIAJÍ & SüRGEOS Cr f'jV llltUltNttUgvlththlfTMtMt 1j8KILL AND 8ÜCCE88 YOUNG MEN, MIODLEAGEO MEN and all persons who by theirown act of Impru dence or Follyat any neriod of Hfe havebrought upon themselves, the evil effects followinir clotely upon the heels of txansgression of tne laws of nature, should consult the lebrated Pr.Clarke at once. RemeinberlNervous dlseaes(with or without dreams) or debillty and loss of nerve power treated scientifically by new methods with nercr fnüing auccess. #"U makes no difference what you hare taken or who has f ailed to cure you. jlThe terrible polaons of Syphlli and all bad blood and skin tliseasra, completely cr.-n.licated without mercury. Remember that thisono horrible dltease, if ncglccted or improperly treated .cursen the present and coming generution 49-AU onnaturnl discharges cured promptly without hindrance to business. No experimenta. Both sees consult confitlcntlftllj. Ageand ezperience important. A written guarantee of cure given in every case unuertaken. 05-SuiTerers from any chronlc dUrnse writo History and Symptom of your case - plainly. Cases solicited which others have failed to cure. jCSend two stamps for celebrated works on Chronlc Nerwous and Delicate Disaases. You have an exhaustivo symptomatolopyby which to study your own case. Consultation, personally or by letter, free. Consult the old Doctor. Thoúsands oured. Offices and parí ora private. You sec no one but the Doctor, Iiefore confidinif your case consult DK. CLARKK. A friendly leíter or cali may save future suficring and ¦ hame and add golden vears to life. Medicines ¦ent everywhere secure from exposurtu Hours, bto S; Üundays, 9 to 12. Addre:s, F. O. CLARKE, M. D. MERRILL BLOCK. DETROIT. Mica Breathes there a man with soul so dead Who ntver to tra wilc hath said, ' I will a flower garden make, Both for my own and thy dear sake, And sow with secds to come up quick, AYhich you, of course, will buy of Vick I" If such there be, I pray repent, And have an order quickly sent. Then sweet thy rest, l'm sure, will be, Aud thy dear wifc will smüe on thee. xheGuiDB is a work of 150 pages, Colored Plates, 1000 llustntioDs, with descriptioos of Ihe best Flowers nd Vegetables, pnces of Seeds and plants , and how to grow 8em. It tells you what you want for the garden, and ow to get it. Printed in English and Germán. Prico nly io cenu, which may be deducted from fint order. BDYONLTVICK8 8EED8, AT HXABQUARTEKS. JAMES nCS. SEEDSMAN, Kochenter, N.T. Estáte of Georg'e Sntton. QTATK OF MICHIQAN.Conmy ot Waihlenw,sB. At a sesston of the Probate Conrt for the CoontT of Waphtenaw, holden at the Probare offloe In the city of Add Arbor, on Tuesday, the iecond day of March, In the year one thnnaanri eiuht hundred and eichty-six. Preaent, Willlam D. Harriman, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the etate of Oeorve Sntton, ind, incompetent. Sedgwick Dean the euardlaa of eaid ward, comee into conrt arjd representa that he is now prepared to render hii 16th anona aecoont as tuch gaardlau. Tiierenpon tt Is ordered, that Saturday, the twenty-eeventh day of March inplant, nt terj o'clock In the forenoon, be asslgned for ciaininlni; and allowlngsnchacconnt, and that thenext of kim f naid ward, and all other pereons lntercsted )in raid estai v are required to appear at a sesttlon of sald conrt, then to be nolden at the Probate office, in the city ol A un Arbor, and show cauce il any then be, why the said account phonld not be allowid : And il is inrther nrdered, that said Uuaidian gire notice to the persona intereaied In aid estáte, of the pendency of aid account, and the hearing ihcreof, by canslng a copy of thls order to be publiehed in the Ann Arbor Courter.anewspaper print ed and circulating In said county, tbree anccveiva weeks previons to said day of hearing. (A trae copy.) WILLIAM D. H ARRIMAN, Jnnge of Probate. WM, G. DOTY Probate Register. 1283 12S6 Estáte of Heurj Colclazcr. STATK OF MICHIGAN, Connty of Waehle naw, sa. At a sension of the Probate Conrt for the County ol Washtenaw, holden at the Probate OfHce, in the city of Ann Arbor, on Tnesday, the ixleenth day of February, In the ear one thouaand eight hundred and elghty flx. Present, Willlam 1). Iiarrlmun. J ndiie "I Probate. In the matter of the estáte of Colclazrr, deceaed. on readlng and fltitrg thepetliinn, duly verlflid, of Willlam W. Whedon, adminirtrator, praylng th:it he mar be HceiiKed to neil the rea] (tiite whercof said deceaaed dled selzi-d. Therenpon It b ordered, that Kriday. the twelfth day of March next, at ten o'clock In the fore noon, be apstined for the hearlnir of sattl petition, and that the helra al law o( snld deccMed and all other persona Interested in aaid esute, are reqotred lo appearat a esflonoTsaid court, then ik be holden at the ProtMte Office, in the city of Ann A rbor. In said county and ahow cause.ll any then "e, why the prayer of 1 he petitioner fhonld not bc (trant ed And it il further ordered, that pnid pttnionir give nolice to the persone lntereted in caid estáte, of the pendency of said petiti.iu, nd the hearing thereot, by cansiój 11 copy of this r.ier to be publichcd in the Ann Arbor Oourier, a newspapcr priuted aud circulntlit in taid county. three sucfcesslTC weckn ptwion to naid diiy of hnariui;. W1LUAM 1). UABK1MAN. (A trae copy.) Jndjieof Pr-lmte. WM. m. IHTY, Probate ReütstsT. 80KS9. Sheriff 's Sale. Notice Is liereby given tlmt by vlrlue of h ceriHlu wrlt oí Klerl Kaclas lagoeg out of imd uudertheseul óf the Glroult rouri, lor the County of Washunuw, 111 mvcir ol Sedgwick Dean nd Henry S. Dean, plalntltls, and amdiiKt the goods, rlKiiii'lh, lands and tenemenUof George W'llcox, deieudant to me dlrected anddelivereil, I did ou the 2lth dnyof KHbruary Instant, levy npon, stize and take all of the rluht tltle and interest of t'e sutil George Wllcox in and to the followlng deM-rilird hinds, tenelín tus and rea) eslnle, that istosiiy, all that certa! n ptprn or pa roei of land Kiluate in the towuslilp of York, county of Wasliteuaw and Btale of Mlrlilgan, dpHcribed as folloWK: The sant hall of Hie west qimrter of secllon numner thirty-six. lown loiir south, range slx east, State of Michigan, all of whleh I stiall expose for sale at puhlle auctlon or vendue to the lilghesl bidder at the Honth front door of the oourt house, lu the City of Ann; Arbor In sald couotyilnat belng the place of holding the Circuit Court forthesalu county of Washtenaw), on the 7th day of April, a. D, 1884, al the hourof ten o'clock, In the. forenoou of said day. WILLIAM WAL8H, öherlff. K. D. Kimkk, Att'y for Plalutlff. Datd tbl 27to tmf of Fvkrutry, A. D. M6


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