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Thoü. Stevens, going aroundthe world on a bioycle as opeoial correspondent for Outing, left Teheran Maich4tlion hlsway loC.iuutta. Ha is iu üod liealth and confldent of peaeirtlng China. The two latcst additions to Casst-ll's national iibraiy, edited by Prof. Henry Morley, is " Tlie Man ot Koeling, by Heury Macktnzie ; and "Tue (Jouiplete Angler." by Isaac Walton. Only 10 cents eaeh ! For sale by Osius & Co., Aun Arbor. Eiuma Marshall, who counts her readers oy tht huudiid tliousaiid, lia a new novel In he prtes ot Casell tt Compaiiy. It is CHlled "No. XIII; Tn Story of the Lost Vestal." Aucient Huuie is the scène of the story and the ancient Koinans are tbe dramatis persona;. Tlie "Edltion de Luxe" of the ¦ Journal of PidgreBS, Tlie Wood-workers,1' s a hanilsoine edition, and had tlit'ads" been kept out ot the subject matter would have been more Valuable to those di'Siriug to keep the books. It is protuscly illustrated with designs iu its particular line. Publfehed by the Journal otProgressUo., lMiiladeljihia, at $1.00 per ytMi l"he Gladstone-Huxlcy controversey over tliu (iiit'SlKin of UieSi-itntiiie Slgnlücance ot uie IJ.iok ol Geneëla wlll be conllnued iu the April "Popular Belenes Moiithly." The number wül coutain Protettsur Huxley'S secoud article reply in to Mr. üiadstoi.e's "Proeni to Qeneis," wlucli appeaied in tlie JM.irch issue; Uénry iJiuinuiond's Commente on the views Unís lar presenteil by the two dis linguist'ed disputante; and, in a supplement, Mr. Glatistune's original paper, Dawn ot Uretitionandof Voilnp,' wlnc-h tirsl called UU( Piot.ssor Uuiley.


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