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MISO VU' IMKIÍ1 TUiiVAns .Vkhok CipiiM NDKitv, No. lSmftetsttrst rurl;t' ol oaoh 1 1 1 ¦ 1 1 1 1 1 . V'. G. Dol.y, K. C; W. A. rolohard, R rder. IVASBTBNAW i'iívi-iku, Xo. 6, U A. M.- Meet8 tirsr Mtnl:iv eaob month. Isaac Handy, II P.; Z. Koath, Seoretary. BUSINESS CAROS. ikai.i:k ís CLOTH CASKETS, METALIC And Cominun ('oltins. Cnlls nttented to Day oc Nlgbt. Emiiiinlni( u peclalty. Hto eroom nn E. Washington sireet. Kesldenue Cor. Liberty and Pifio. w. ii. JiCKSox, JD'lESilriiTIIXIISIITiL OFFiCK : Orer Bach & Abel's Dry Good Store. íntrance ncxt to National Bank. WILLIAal IIEKZ, House, Síjd, Ornamental and FRESCO PAINTER! Paporiníi, Glazlngr, Gilding, and Oalcimiuioe, and work oí evory dovcriptlM done in the brut style. and warraniod to givc xatisfactton. Shop, No. 4 W. Washington St., Anr. Arbor. AV. W. A A V. X1CHOLS DHNTISTS. Rooms Ovpr Aun Arhor Savins Bank, Mnvonic Temple Bloek. GASorVITALIZED AIR Adminlstcred for the ainíe8 extractir-n tf tceth. JOüKPIl 11KHRI, The Prftctiral TA1LOR M) CIÍTTBR, Of the late flrm n WINANS & BERIÍY. hae located hi place "f liu-im M IX NO. 7 HURÓN STREET, wit a ii i. l tuca ok Suitings and Trouserings, And woulil say to hit otd IHend ud ¦ BW oí a ihat ii Iba; wnl s GOOD F1T and a NuBBY VI at RE4SUNABLK PKICÏS, rail on hún .iud ihe will be eüre tu g.t obo. CET THE BEST FIRE INSURANCE! $29,000,000. Secnrity held lor tht: priitocüoil of the policy christían mack Bepresente 'hu fnllowiue firm-cla- compiiniei, ol which one, the Etnn. hai alone iaid í 5ti,(X)0,U00 üre loesi-B in fiíiy-flve years : Etna, of Brtrtford $ 9,192,644 Franklin ot Philadelphla :,iis,7i;í Genn.miM. N. Y 8,100,729 Germán AniiTÍrau, N . Y 4,065,968 Loiulon Assurauce, Londun... 1.416,788 MichimnF.4 M., Detroit... 387.808 N. V. Uii.lci-uritci-s, N. Y 26.679 Nal mía!, Hurtford 1,77 1, .".o:, PhOBolz, Brooklyn 3,759,036 Losses liberally adjusted and nromptly paid. Policies issued at the lowent rates of premium. Il91tf LUMBERI LTJMBER! LÏÏMBEH! If jroo coiitiniiihite buililing, cali at FERDON li!! lililí! Corner Fourili and Depot Sts., and ge our flgareí for all kinds of LUMBER! We manufacture our own Lamber and gn:iraulee AERY LOW PRICES 4"Give us a cali and we wtll make it to your interest, as our large and wcll graded stock fully Bustains our assertion Telephone Connections ith Office. r.J. KKCH Supt. JAMES TOLBERT, Prop W. TREMAIN, GEXKR.VL suit(íB km I Ï - - offm:, Oyer Casper Rinsey's Grocery Store, COR. HtTKON AND FOÜRTH ST8.. North British Insurance Co., Of London and Edinburg. [CaplUl, 13,0(,000, Gold. Detroit Fire and Marinp Insurance Co., Cash Aseéis $600,(100. Sprinirflpïd Ins. Co. of MaiacIiHsett8, Ch Asaet $1,800.000. Howard Ihs. Company of New York, Cusli Aiets. ...$1,000,000. Vsrrlciiltural Ins. Co., Watertown,N.Y., Canh A-sote $1,200,000. LnaeUberally Adjusted nd Fromptiy Iald. THE VERMOMT SUGIR EV&P0R4T0RS A. fONTINUE 1. to malntaln V thelr rt-puta. fe g# tlonformoBl s'Jt 3 rarild cvtpos' +vZ ¦rr rattonwlth HQPl least fuel. '!;j r Tliey have -'- „TE m do complic- ted Güttxb Vf-iij %" .aaL. ln-comccloKtf'V flr gei ftfter uní ieuon'1 fl íftV iiH(.',nd that ¦1 cannot be ot at to clean. All parta are !n Blgbt of the operator. Are eold aft low an Inferior apparatui. Sendfor new UluBtraied ClrcaUn. „ „ -m VT. FAKM MACUJEE CC B'sllOWB Falla, Y 18w 1388-1800


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