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Baby Destroying

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il una umr lu uu ;i _; ( f -t j i ¦ i wiLii juuug married foík that the second summer is the destróyer of the baby. It is fate - ,kismet. That the second summer cogta more Iives than it ought is not the fault 'of the summer; it is the fault of the heat and the parents. The summer heat is dangerous to all young children; tit is in connoction with the bad diot of the second summer that it is fatal. It ;is a well-established fact that nearly all !the mortality of second-summer babies ,is from d.seases of tho digestive organs, and these corae from irraiional artificial feeding. Children come to tho table, eat pickles, unmashed or f ried lumps of potatoes, beets. ral shes, and the lik, and the trouble begins. The stereotyped answer to the question; "What does the child eat?" is: "O. it eats at the tablo with the rest of the family." The result is enteric diseases and death. and the cause of doath is ascribed to the "sooond summer." The first summiT the baby tays at liome, has its natural food, and palla through fairly welL Hut tbc Moood utmmsr it must show off. It il trundlcd down town thz-ouh the heat of a July or AugOBt day, is overlicuti'd. oxcited, and its norvou irstem put to the straln. Keep the jearlings at homo; givo thetn a (rraoa plat and ¦ sand-pile. lío not lot them cometo the table, jti 'o -wliolcsorue food - milk, out meal ground vory ñno and stirrcd and cooked for twenty minutes. Put them tobed at dark) with a garment Ihejr can not kick off wlien the uights are cool. Uathe them In tepid water night and morning. Stay at homo with them and take care of them yourst'If. ior Uil nut "the second 6ummer' which kills tho children. but the ignorance or nerfigence of those who attond, or rather do not attend, them. Colds and calves get through thoir second summers quite as wcll as their first, and there is no reason that tho human animal should not live quite as close to


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