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Minore raonejr than it anythlng else bjr tik I ing an agency for th best eclling hout out. Beginner ucreed giandly. None ril. Terma free. HallitT Book Co., Portland, Mnine. __ TTT"1T f lor w irklnu pople. Beurt 10 cinta I Ij 1 II posiau'i-, and wt will mail yours r rcijral. valnablc ampie box ol oud I IhiH III put you In the way oí mahlng nxiri' monry In a few dayn than von evrnhnnxlit pwibleat any business. Capl tal not requtred. You can lire at home nd worfc In i ra time ouly, or all the time. All ol botb P' xt-K, of all agtp, grandlj uccesclul. 50 cents to $5 enily earned evenlng. That all who want work mav lt ihi' bnsini'Sd, we m.-iko Ihln nnpnrni lel d níT : To ttll who are not wel] aaUflcdwc will eend $1 tn pay for the trooble of writlng ue. Full particular, dircctioQs, etc, Bent free. Immense pay a so'utely ure for all who start t once. Don I detay. AddrttBd Sti.nson & Co., Portland, Malne. A DeFOREST. Fire Insurance, Plate Grlass Insurance, Steam Boiler INSURANCE! Lowest K.iIcn, Ilonorable Adjiistnients and Losses Promptly Taid. REAL ESTÁTE RENTS Sl'KCIAI ATTBÍÍTION GIVEN TO COLLKCTION or Rksts and Manarkmkkt of lt ai. EsTATE IN1ERKSTS KOK NoN-liESI DBNT8. ESIIKK SATIBt'AOTION TO (I WW KUS GlTABANTKKD. A. DeFORE8T. INSURANCE KEAL ESTÁTE and LOAN AGENCY A.W. HAMILTON Office, Xo. 2, First Floor, Hamllton Block. Parties deslring to buy or sell Ueol Kstale will Mud it to thelr advantage to eall on me. I represent 15 ftrst-class Fire Iusurance Companles, having an aggregate capital over {30,UOü.OOO. Kiitis Luw. I.iisscs Mix-rally djusted and promptly paid. I also issue Life and Investmeot Poücle In tlie New York Mutual Life Insurance Compauy, AssetU, $55,000. Persous deslriug Accident Insurance, cikn have yearly pollcles wrltteu for thera orTraveler's Couion Insurance Tickets lsHued at Low rates In the Accident Insurance Company of N'orth America Money to Loan at Current Rates. Office hours from 8 a. in. to 12 m. and 2 to 5 p. m. ALEX. W. HAMILTON, Haniilton Block. ANN ARBOR EMALL FRUIT FARM ! Strawberries, Goosc-berries, Iïasj)lierries. Currante and Urapes, yery cheap. Kemember these planta are stroiijj acclimated. Ragpberry Syrup, $2.00 per gal. Raspberry Shrnb, f 2.50 per gal. Genuine Grape wine from $1.00 to $1.35 per gal. Improved Plymouth Rocks per sittinii, $1.00. Extra Choice Plymouth Rocks per sittlnor, $2.00. Agentó of Ellwiinger & Burry, of Rochester, New York, for all kinds of Nursery stock. E. BAUR&SON,W. Huron St. lï-tf


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