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pOYAl ífROYAL MtWiíJi POWDER Absolutely Pure. ThlBpowdernever varíes. A marvpl of purlty, strennth hiuI wholpsomeness. More econona leal than the orülnary kinds, and cannot be sold In competltlon willi the multltude of low test, short welght, alum or phosphate powders. Hold only ín cans. KofalBuklng Powder Co . 106 Wall st.. N. Y. SCOTT'S EMULSIÓN OF PDEE CÖD LIYER OIL And Hypophosphites of Lime & Soda Almost as Pafatableas Mük. Th Only prep.inition of ( :! I.IVER OIL that ran ln ukt'ii roathly u.i tolerated for a luiig tin bi drlirate t'i]i ... ¦!.- . 1M AS A KKVET'Y TO". (ONSrWPTIOX, S ItOKI l.lll S Arl-V.i tl; -.. A.VAKMIA. GKV KKAI. Dr.UILH ï, IIHiMS AM) TIIKOtT AFHTÏÏOVS, a ml all M -HMI flISOKIIKBS OF ( HUltül it i ni:irt.l;.';i. i-i ll n-snltn. l'n-scrfhfd and cmiortcl liy tho bus l'hyslci&aa In the couutnes of tlie world. FOR SALE BV ALL DRUGGISTS. 4,i k ÜNIVRRSAL fcüL m v..,jCc ¦Fl BATH rl 24 frhf uut, MitJ.rml ÏWV]&toi. tIl OW Bftthi Renerd. ? L Stnd for Circuí. E. J. KNOWLTON. Ann Arbor. Mich. A COMPLETE ARRAENOMKNT FOR Ph7sicia.11 and Families. Neaier and Cheaper AND MUKI coisrriQisriEisrT THAN A 8TATIONAKY BATH TITB, WITH NO EXPENSE OK BATH ROOM AND FIXTUHE8. For Coat. for Croup. For Neuralgia. For Rheumatism. Doctor Thomas' E cl ec trie OH. 13 " Spent Flfty Dollars In doctorins; for rheumatism, bcfore I tried Thomas' EcUctric OU. Used a 50-cent bottle of this medicine, and got out in ooe week. For burni and sprains it t excellent.' Ju. Durham. Last Pembroke, N. V. 64 V011 Can Depend On It. " For severe Toothache and Neuralgia of the head, I uscd Tktmas' EcUctric Oil. This U certainly the best thlng I ever knew for the relief of pain of any kind. The house is never without it. ' Mrs, A, M. Fiank. 177 Tupper Street, Buíalo, N. Y. 106 Sprak Klght l. l Have tried Tkomai' tcUetric OU for croup and colds, and fiad it the bett remedy I have ever used in my fatmly." Wra. Kay, 510 Plymouth Ave., üuflalu, N. Y. 30 Workrd Wonder. ct My dttgtitcr was very bad of! on account of a cold,and pain in her lungs. Dr. TMamms' Ec Itctric Oil cured ktr in tivtnty.fvur hcurt. One of the boys was cured of sore throat. This medicine has worked wonden in our íaaúJy." AU vah Pinckaey, Lakt Maiupac, N. Y. RTTFTURE. tEGAN'S IMPERIA!, TBC SS. Splnil Spring, graded froiu 1 to U pounds In preBsure. WORN DA Y AND MGHT, by au Infatit a week oíd, oran adult 80 yearu. I.a.licH TrBssp it perfectlon. Eoclone stamps for teatlmontals of cures, etc. EGAN IMPERIAL TRÜSS CO.. ANN AKIIiiK, MICH. BEAL ESTA1E AM) INSURANGE AGEN6Y. OP J. A. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AND NOTARY PUBLIC Real Estáte sold or rented and reut colleoted on reasonable terms. Niint but old and nrnt-clasH Insurance rómpanle represen ted- with Insurance capital of 110,000. U00. Kntes as low a any other lnuratice conipuoy and limsrs promptly pald. OtnVe In Nal tonal Bank Block, Main atreel, Ann Arbor, Mlch. ANN ABBOB SAVIN6S BANK, ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN, Transacts General Banking Business. CAPITAL, $SO,OOO. Organlzed ander tbe Ueneral Banking Law ! thlH StaU', the utockbolaori are lndividually llable for an additional amount equal to the stock heldliv tbem, therefoy creatina a Guurantee Kuud for thi: benefit of Depoattors of $100,000.00. Three per ceat. Intereet la allowed on all H&vlnga Deposita of one dollar and upwardf, accordtnïf to the rules of the Bank and interoot compiuudod seml-annaally. Moncy to Loan on imlncumberud real eatate and other good eecurlty. DIRECTORS: ('IIRI8TIAN MACK, Wm. I). HARRIMAN, W W. WINE.S. DAN1KL UIBCOCK. WILLIAM DKUBEL, WII.LAKU B. SM1TU. DAVID RIN8EY. ÜFFICERS: O. MACK, Pr. W. W. WINKa, !-Pra. J. ï BISCOCK.CwtiUr.


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