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PSORIASIS And all Iteliing and Sealy Skin and Scalp Diseases Cured by Cuiicura. PSORIAS18, Eczema, Tetter. Ringworm, Llchen Pruritus, Scald Ueed, Milk Crust, Dandruff, liarbern' Bakert Grocer' and Washerwoman' Itch and every apecleB of itching, Burning, Scaly, Plm. ply Humors of the Skin and Scalp, with iosa of Malr are posliively cured by Cuticura, the grent Skin ('ure, and Cntlcura Soap, and exqnlslie Skin BeantinVr externally, and Cutlcura Kesolvent, the new Blood Purifler iniurnally, when physicians and all olher remedies fail. Psoriasis, or Scaly Skin. I. John J. Case, D. D. S., having practiced dentistry In thls county for thirty-flve years and belnc 'wellknown to thoupands hereabout, with a view to help any whn are iifilicted as I have been for the pait twelve years, testlfy that the Cutlcura Remedies cured me of Psoriasis, or Scalv Skin, in ciht days. aftrr he doctore with whom I had consultad gave me no help or encouragoment. Newton, S.J., JÜUN J. CASE, D. D. 8. Distressinc; Eruption. Your Cuticura Remedies performed a wonderfui oure Ijihi summer on one i our enstomers, an old gentleman of seventy yenre of age. who uff. nel with a fiarfnHy dlKtreswInc ertiptlon on hls herid Htul face, iu)d wno bad trieu all remediw and lo no puriMihc. Texarkaua, Ark. J. F. SMfTH & CO. More Wonderful Yet. H. E. Carpvnter, N.Y., arad of Psoriasis or Leprosa, oí twenty years' standing, by Cutiourtt Remeoles. The moft wonrtcrfnl cure on reconl. A dtlstpanful of scalus feil from him Jally. Physlcians and hig friendo thought he mast die. Care sworn to belore a Justice of the pi nee und UendcrHon's moit prominent cit:.ens. $2OO For Nothing. Wm. Gordon, H7 Arltnton Ave., Charlestown, Masa .writes: "HaTinir paid about $J00 to flrstclasfl doctors to cuiu my baby, without nuect-s", 1 tried the Cuticura Remedies, which completely cured, after oslng three packages." CUTICURA REMEDIES, Soldby alldrugïists. Prlce: Coticur, 50 Cts.; Rï8ot.VENT, SI; Soap, 25ct. Prepared by the Pottkr Duin and CucmcAL ('o., lioston, Mam. Seud for Pbamphlet. Send i..r "How to care (tkln Dlaesne" T5P A TTIIF'Y tne Complexión and Stin by JLjLJ niiriL' the CüTtcuRA Soap. CATARRH -_-5LS__ rpriE Great Balwamic Dla.rtSfe- . 3El A tillation of Witch Hazei, TKfi ''¦'¦¦¦ -TV American Plne Canada Fir, 'c-jV ¦ ))NO Marigold, Clover BloBiome )"? H; ' etc, called Man ford " WKiV Kadlcal Cure, fur the i_i "J5 immediatö relief and pers&b ttj nianent cure of every form f]} F of CaUnh, from a simple v- ¦ Cold 1d the Hiad to Loen of Hmt-ll, Tule and Hearing, f Coagh and Catarrha) Conumptisn. Completceatment, consistlng of ono bottie Karlical box Solvent and one improved Tnhaler, in one package, may now be had of all Dnigíflsti for $1.00. Ank for SANFORD'S RADICAL CURK. Complete Treatment with Inhaler, $1. "The only abnolute spectflc we know of."- Metí. Timrs. "The best we hve found In % lifetime of snfferlnir."- lier. Dr. Wéggin, Botton. "After a long struu'ïle with Cutai rh the Radical ('itkï has c.inii,-red."- Rev. S. W. Monroe LewMurg, Pa. I bave nut fnund a case that It did not relieve at once." - Audrtw Lee, Mandietter , Mato. roí ¦ r Drn( and i hem iul Co., Boston. a "7 MUST OIVE UP, I cannot boar thitt puin; 1 acbe all over,and nothing I try does me any good." Back-acne, weakneH-, l'terlne pfllns, Sorenees, Lamenefs, Hacking Coogk, Pleurisy and chett pain cured by thttt new, original HiKi elegantantidote to pain and inflammntlon tilt ClTKTllA ANTI-PAIN Pl.AHTEK. K-peclally adapted to Indien by reason of lts delicate, odor and gentil' medicinal action. At Drusgiat S&c.; flve fnr fl. Madlcd freo by Pottír Daiu akd ('uniiMUAi. Co., lioston, Mm


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